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What I Learned by Analysing Long Tail Keywords in Google Ads for Different Industries


Long Tail Keywords have long been a source of intense discussion among PPC and SEO experts. One can find tons of online articles explaining various strategies to rank better in organic search as well as paid search. At AdNabu, We focus a lot on long tail keywords by creating extensive and well structured Ads search campaigns. We believe that having as much granular data as possible about keywords...

Open Sourcing Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions


Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions are two legal documents a saas website must compulsorily create. They are important especially when one needs to get approval for payment integration from third party websites like stripe, braintree etc. Payment Processing for Indian Merchants After we created our SAAS product for Google AdWords, It was time for us to integrate with a payment processor. Our...

How to Setup Monthly or Weekly Budget in Google AdWords


Google AdWords by default allows daily budget to be set at the campaign level. But most business would want to set a maximum spend on a monthly/weekly basis. Although there is no straightforward solution to this, we can use automated rules to pause the campaigns if the cost increases beyond a threshold. Monthly Budgets using Automated Rules The following automated rule will run every day in the...

How to find Statistical Significance in AdWords Reports


AdWords or any performance oriented marketing platform is all about numbers. All your actions are based on how historically campaigns, ad groups, keywords have performed. This data however can be quite deceiving if interpreted incorrectly. This article explains the common mistakes a marketer makes while dealing with data and more specifically lack of significant data. Statistically Significant...

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