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What is a Conversion in Google AdWords?


What is a conversion? Advertisers set clear targets for their potential customers. These objectives are aligned with the interests of their business. When a customer reaches that mark, advertisers count it as a conversion. A conversion, therefore, can be defined as a target/goal (directed towards a user) set by an advertiser that contribute to the success of the business. Conversions for...

What is Google Product Feed?


What exactly is Google Product Feed? Google Product Feed is information about all your products that you want to be listed on Google and partner sites. The feed has to be formatted for Google to crawl through easily and return one or more products as results for relevant search queries. The catch though is that you don’t get to choose keywords you want your Product Listing Ads/ Google Shopping...

How to set up Product Feed in Google Merchant Center?


Product feed and Google Merchant Center revision – Before we jump into setting up a Product Feed in Google Merchant Center, let’s quickly brush up on what product feed and Google merchant center are. Google merchant center is where an advertiser stores product feed and product feed is information of an advertiser’s products that contains details like product name, image, unique id...

What are Product Listing Ads (PLAs)?


A brief past of Product Listing Ads – Before we used Google Shopping Ads and Product Listing Ads interchangeably, Product Listing Ads aka PLAs were search ads with richer information. Richer information was in the form of product image, price, and merchant name, no additional ad text or keyword wasn’t required. When a search query was relevant to any of the products in the Merchant...

An introduction to Google Shopping


What is Google Shopping? Google Shopping in the early 2000s was popular by the names Google Product Search, Google Products, and Froogle. Froogle was a free product listing and price comparison service where users could discover various products from across the vendors, sort them and make a purchase. A new name was given to Froogle in 2012 and it is now called Google Shopping. It no longer is a...

How to setup Google Merchant Center?


What is Google Merchant Center? Google Merchant Center can be considered as a launchpad for Google Shopping Ads or Product Listing Ads. Merchant Center is where an advertiser stores product feed and then Google reads and lists whenever possible. A product feed is information of an advertiser’s products that contains details like product name, image, unique id, description and attributes in a...

AdWords Call Conversion tracking


AdWords Call conversion Tracking AdWords Call conversion tracking will help if you are allowing customers to make a business call directly through their smartphones or have mentioned your contact number on your website. If you are not sure if you need to track conversions, check out my previous blog why is it important to track conversions in AdWords. If you wish to learn how to track conversions...

Website Conversion Tracking for AdWords


Website Conversion Tracking for AdWords Now that your campaigns are ready to work its wonders, website conversion tracking is the last thing to the setup and also one of the most important things as it will help you analyze your campaign performance and optimize later. We recommend to never start your campaigns without setting up website conversion tracking. Depending on the business type...

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