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How to stop Internal Competition within an AdWords Account?


Internal competition within an AdWords account is a very generic situation most PPC advertisers land in. Due to various reasons, ranging from lack of vital knowledge to negligence, advertisers fall prey to this vicious takeover. I’m not exaggerating when I say that internal competition is the worst competition. This is because you are competing against your own keywords. Either you fix it, or you...

A Guide to Modified Broad Match in AdWords


This is a detailed blog on Modified Broad Match in Google AdWords. But before that, we will revise all the different match types and how they contribute to campaigns. From our blog on match types in Google AdWords, we understand how AdWords triggers ads only when search queries by users match keywords defined by advertisers. We also discussed how search queries and keywords need not always be...

How to Implement A/B Testing in AdWords?


What is A/B Testing? A/B testing is an experiment where users are exposed to two variants of a web page/app. The data from user experience is collected and analyzed to learn which of the variations performs better for a given objective/goal. In other words, A/B testing is a means of analyzing two variants of any given entity to ascertain which one performs better. The given entity can be a simple...

A Guide to Broad Match in Google AdWords


This blog is dedicated to Broad Match in Google AdWords. However, we will start off with a brief revision of match types and their contribution to campaigns. From our blog on match types in Google AdWords, we understand that AdWords triggers an ad only when a user search query matches a keyword defined by an advertiser. We also discussed how a search query and a keyword need not always be...

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