ArchiveFebruary 2018

How to create Dynamic Search Ads in AdWords?


Dynamic search ads (DSAs) are an incredible approach to reach the traffic we never could target otherwise. They catch different searches that for which we don’t have ads. These targets can lead a way to explore more opportunities. Dynamic search ads can boost the potential of your search campaigns. We will learn more about DSAs and how to set up DSA campaigns in this blog. What are Dynamic...

How to create Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns in AdWords?


You must have heard that Google Shopping is on the rise. More and more advertisers are detaining budgets to run shopping ads. But, is the shift from Search to Shopping profitable? Not always. However, you can make it productive. And I will explain the “how” in this blog. Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns are the “how” that can help bring in more customers to your website and...

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