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6 Things You Need to Know about Smart Shopping Campaigns


Advertisers (in America) are spending up to 80% of their Search Campaign budgets on Shopping Campaigns. This resulted in Google Shopping Ads crowding the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). And, just when we thought we would run out of positions for Shopping Ads, Google found new placements. Welcome, Smart Shopping Campaigns. Smart Shopping Campaigns are a combination of regular Shopping...

AdWords New Interface


<adwords new interface> Google first announced about AdWords new interface in 2016. Since then, the internet has been flooded with speculations and predictions which involved top industry leaders. News centers and PPC agencies used this buzz to churn out trending content, some true, some false. And in October 2017, Google formally made AdWords new interface available to all advertisers...

New Google Ads Features Announced at SMX Advanced 2018


At the Search Marketing Expo Advanced, Google announced new Google Ads features. These features include expansion of affiliate location extensions, competitive pricing insights, and updates on Google Shopping Actions program. Below are the new Google Ads features announced at SMX Advanced 2018: EXPANSION OF AFFILIATE LOCATION EXTENSIONS TO YOUTUBEMOBILE FRIENDLY LOCAL CATALOG ADS ON DISPLAY...

17 Best Shopify Apps in 2019 which you must try now!


We have compiled a list of highlights, pricing plans and also some relevant additional information about the best Shopify apps of 2019. First of all, Shopify is the world’s leading eCommerce promoter. Using Shopify, you can set up online businesses and manage them. And Shopify not only enables you to bring your offline stores online, but it also allows to optimize your products, advertise...

Why are Google Shopping Ads trending in 2018?


Five months into 2018 and we see Google Shopping Ads trending and are the favorite of business owners. Google Ads users in UK and USA are shifting up to 80% of their search campaigns budgets on shopping campaigns; which is only fair as 2018-Q1 reports suggest that shopping campaigns are generating about 85% of clicks. Google is “the” marketplace. Is your business trending in 2018? If...

Google Ads Suggestions – Pros & Cons of new Google Ads Feature


 Pros & Cons Most of you must have already started seeing Google Ads Suggestions card in the Recommendations tab of Google’s new Google Ads interface. If you aren’t, don’t worry. You shall see them soon. I want to discuss this new addition, Google Ads suggestions, in-depth in this article. Signup Now to Create & Optimize Your Google Ads Campaign If you are wondering...

Campaign Limited by Budget Status in AdWords


  Campaign Limited by Budget is a campaign status in AdWords. It indicates that your daily budget is lower than the AdWords recommendation. When campaigns are limited by budget, Google might not trigger ads from that campaign as often as they could. How to check Campaign Limited by Budget status? You can check Campaign Limited by Budget status in the status columns of campaign report table...

The Easiest Way to Create Dynamic Remarketing for Ecommerce Stores


Creating dynamic re-marketing campaigns In this blog, we shall discuss how advertisers can set up dynamic remarketing for eCommerce stores using AdNabu. Note: If you are still new to remarketing and dynamic remarketing, please read our dynamic remarketing campaigns blog before you proceed further. Prerequisites to set up Dynamic Remarketing for eCommerce stores using AdNabu: Google AdWords...

How to Edit Product Groups in AdWords?


Product groups in AdWords are a subset of an advertiser’s inventory of products. As the name suggests, product group is a group of products. In shopping campaigns, ad groups consist of product groups which are equivalent to keywords in search campaigns. And, all the products in a product group use the same bid. In this article, I have explained how to subdivide product groups, editing and...

All About Google Shopping Showcase Ads


Showcase Ads are a variety of Google Shopping Ads. They are elaborate, and they have collected information on similar products. Google shows showcase ads when users search for generic terms rather than particular products. Showcase ads are best to promote brands or new businesses and collection of products. Working and Advantages of Google shopping showcase adsBidding, creation and Adding Ad text...

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