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15 Mistakes to avoid when creating an AdWords campaigns for a Dentist


Being in a field of dentistry, it isn’t very easy to succeed in AdWords. You have to adhere to the best practices in AdWords for a dentist. Also, keep up with Google’s latest features as it keeps on changing from time to time. Here, we will be discussing common mistakes by dentists during their life cycle with AdWords: To begin, few of  the most common mistakes committed by a dentists are as...

AdWords Call Conversion tracking


AdWords Call conversion Tracking AdWords Call conversion tracking will help if you are allowing customers to make a business call directly through their smartphones or have mentioned your contact number on your website. If you are not sure if you need to track conversions, check out my previous blog why is it important to track conversions in AdWords. If you wish to learn how to track conversions...

Website Conversion Tracking for AdWords


Website Conversion Tracking for AdWords Now that your campaigns are ready to work its wonders, website conversion tracking is the last thing to the setup and also one of the most important things as it will help you analyze your campaign performance and optimize later. We recommend to never start your campaigns without setting up website conversion tracking. Depending on the business type...

Single Product Ad Groups: The Secret to Effective Shopping Campaigns


Single product ad groups is an advanced topic of Google Shopping campaigns. Lets start with the need for them first. Proper campaign structuring is a notoriously overlooked matter when it comes to Adwords campaigns in general. That is especially true for people who are new to Adwords or small business owners who just need to hit the ground running and don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs...

Bulk Update Old Standard Ads to Expanded Text Ads in Google AdWords


Many of you requested for a feature to bulk update old standard ads to expanded text ads. We heard you and we have come up with a tool which does exactly that! I will talk more about how to use this tool later. We have already talked about why it is important to upgrade to expanded text ads. You can no longer create or edit old standard ads in AdWords. Even if this was not the case, it is highly...

How much should you bid for your Call-Only Campaign in AdWords ?


How much should we bid for Call-Only Campaign? The shortest answer to this question is you should bid higher, a lot higher for your call-only campaign. Explanation: We are going calculate how much we need to bid for call-only ads. Let us assume that the text search campaigns are running at 10$ per conversion and the average conversion ratio is 10%. Then your text search campaigns are giving you...

What is a good strategy for call-only campaigns?


Good strategy for call-only campaigns? Strategy for call-only campaigns is very similar to any other search campaign. The first step is to create a very structured AdWords campaign with long tail keywords and negative keywords to avoid competition. At AdNabu, we recommended never to have call-only ads run with regular text ads. Call-only ads are usually much more valuable to businesses than a...

Why you should never run exact-only campaigns


Many AdWords strategists have been suggesting a strategy of running exact-only campaigns. In this strategy, you have search campaigns which have exclusively exact match keywords. I have strong reservations about this strategy. Not only these campaigns are costly, they also miss a tremendous amount of opportunity in AdWords. Let us take apart their arguments one by one. Exact-only Keywords offer...

Should You Ever Pause Keywords That Are Under Performing Or Not?


Often we are in the dilemma to pause keywords that are under performing or not. We face this scenario day in and day out. You have 100s of ad groups, most of them are converting at a good conversion ratio. But there are some ad groups which have a lower conversion ratio. What should you do in this case? We are assuming in this post that you have a good campaign structure with single keyword ad...

Why Is There a Difference Between Average CPC and Max CPC?


Why Is There a Difference Between Average CPC and Max CPC? Bidding in AdWords is extremely complex. Every time a user searches in Google, an auction takes place between many advertisers who are targeting the search term. How much each advertiser needs to pay depends both on the max CPC bid & the quality score. Let us now study Average CPC and Max CPC in detail. Max CPC Max CPC is the variable...

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