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Why Is There a Difference Between Average CPC and Max CPC?


Why Is There a Difference Between Average CPC and Max CPC? Bidding in AdWords is extremely complex. Every time a user searches in Google, an auction takes place between many advertisers who are targeting the search term. How much each advertiser needs to pay depends both on the max CPC bid & the quality score. Let us now study Average CPC and Max CPC in detail. Max CPC Max CPC is the variable...

How Often Should You Change Keywords Bids or AdGroups?


A good marketer or marketing software would constantly change keywords bids and of ad groups based on past performance of these campaigns to achieve marketing objectives. There are 2 phases with different strategies for bid changes. Experimenting before you change keywords bids – In this phase, you are trying out a new campaign and you hardly know the conversion ratio. Your objective here...

Is it True That Cost-Per-Conversion Increases Exponentially As Conversions Increase?


Is it True That Cost-Per-Conversion Increases Exponentially As Conversions Increase? As an advertiser lets say you are targeting all relevant keywords from your account and now want to increase your number of conversions per month. The question here is that if it is true that cost-per-conversion increases? And what would the cost come to be? Most, however, fall into a linear growth model for the...

Why you should never bid for a Position in AdWords Search?


Many advertisers want their bids to be adjusted so as to achieve a certain position. The position could be 1, 2, 3 or any number. There are many fundamental problems with this approach to campaigns. Worry about your conversions not position. One should make changes to bids by only looking at the conversion ratio of keywords. The average position will be nothing but a result of this change...

Search Campaign Clickthrough Rate – What Can Be Considered Good?


Search Campaign Clickthrough Rate – What Can Be Considered Good? A good CTR or Click Through Rate signifies a synergy between the ads and the keywords. Users are finding value & relevance in your ads and clicking them. But what is a good CTR in general? What is a good search campaign clickthrough rate? Can we quantify this number? Below are some necessary steps that one needs to take...

Weekly Spend is What You Should Track in AdWords, Here is Why!


AdWords Weekly Spend Allocation – In Google AdWords, the budget has to be defined on a daily basis. Your campaigns will stop running after you exhaust the set amount and will again start running the next day. But here is the catch, the number of potential impressions vary with the day for almost all keywords. It is very common to see impressions peak on Monday & Tuesday and then reduce...

Controlling Campaign Budgets Is A Bad Idea. Instead, Concentrate On Bids.


Controlling your campaign budgets is a dangerously inefficient strategy. I have seen campaigns exhausting budgets even before noon and not triggering ads after that time. There is definitely room for improvement and savings and I will show you how. In the following 2 example scenarios, We will be spending less amount of money but will be generating an equal number of clicks. Scenario 1:  When...

Why you should never run AdWords Campaigns with Search Network & Display Select


If you are creating a new campaign via Google AdWords Interface, the default setting is Search Network with Display Select. This is however a very dangerous setting for campaign performance and is best avoided. It is a very well known fact that display network and search network will have drastically different conversion ratio. Hence it is important to have separate bids for the same keyword in...

Why adding just long tail keywords to account alone is not enough?


Long tail keywords are an important part of any successful AdWords campaign. I previously discussed why you should add long tail keywords to your AdWords account in separate Ad Groups. However, simply adding them to the account would not ensure that ads are always triggered by long tail keywords and not by short tail keywords. Let’s look at the following example. Account structure For sake...

Why it is important to use Long Tail Keywords?


Longtail keywords are searches which are very specific in nature and tend to be long (think 4 words and more). Usually, long tail keywords work at a better conversion ratio than the short tail ones although the scale from one long tail keyword will be low (number of clicks and conversions). One can target these keywords by adding them to the account as an individual keyword or as a phrase or...

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