The Benefits of Custom Shipping Boxes

In recent years, Amazon is, perhaps, the best example that proves the benefits of using custom shipping boxes. With a significant global presence, custom boxes from Amazon are instantly recognizable and have created great value for the brand. While Amazon happens to be a giant in the e-Retail space, this kind of brand value is something which every up-coming eCommerce vendor looks to build.

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While there used to be a time when people thought that marketing was all about the product, today, the SMEs in this field say that it has evolved and gone beyond. No doubt, that ultimately product quality matters, and needs to provide great value. But, with the kind of changes in the social fabric, and global online sales skyrocketing, packaging has come to the forefront like never before.

Customers have no qualms in admitting that they care as much for the custom boxes the product comes in, as they do for the product within. Perhaps, we can attribute this change to the Internet and social media, and the Millennials. It is all about showing off out there, whether you ordered something for yourself, or were gifted something by someone. Social media has the power to make or break brands, and custom shipping boxes, form a great part of this revolution. Not only do these boxes travel to their destination physically, but they also travel virtually when their pictures are shared digitally. In short,  virtual marketing happens, and a brand is created!


Benefits of custom shipping boxes

1. Affordable Marketing

So, it goes without saying that custom shipping boxes can contribute to your branding in a big way; but, you need to have a strategy for that as well. Most people do prefer to share pictures and stories about their unboxing experiences. But, perhaps, you can guide them in the right direction as well. Create themes and contests around your custom boxes, and request people to share their stories, and reward them with some loyalty points, coupons, codes, or goodies. Keep your customers engaged, interested and loyal, and also make sure that you get some affordable marketing in the bargain, rather than spending huge amounts for the same. Customer retention as well as the attraction of word of mouth customers (through social media posts) is a huge benefit of custom shipping boxes, that cannot be ignored.

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2. Product safety

While on the one side, your marketing budgets can go down, custom shipping boxes can also ensure the safety of the product. It means that when the product is delivered to the customer, it is exactly as the customer would expect it to be, un-tampered and not damaged in any way. You could choose to build unique designs for various categories that ensure that the product inside is safe and sound, whatever it may be. Damaged and tapered boxes can steer away customers from your brand. Also, just imagine the negative publicity that a brand can attract, if the pictures of the damaged boxes get shared on the website or on social media! So, perhaps it is best to pay attention to custom boxes, to make sure that they are not only befitting the product, but also help build integrity and identity about your brand. 

3. Increased brand visibility

When you ship your product in a custom shipping box, between you and your customer, there are many other people who come across your brand. You can grab all those curious eyeballs and gain some extra attention, while increasing your brand visibility. A differently designed box with a brand logo, a slogan, a message, will certainly garner some positive attention toward your brand. Treat your custom shipping box as a blank canvas and play around with advertising. 

4. Stand apart from the competition

Successful retailers set themselves apart from their competitors through the magic of packaging – at least to some extent! While the product quality certainly matters, connecting emotionally with the buyer helps to turn a one-time customer into a loyal and returning customer. This is where custom shipping boxes come into play! 

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5. Heightened shopping experiences

When a product arrives in a custom shipping box, it shows that the merchant truly cares for you and is committed to creating a positive shopping experience. A custom shipping box might not cost you a fortune, but it helps create a long-lasting impression in the customer’s mind for years to come. And if your product is worth the penny, it is more likely that they will remember you when they need to order it the next time.

6. Help develop your professional image

Whether you operate from home or office, people hardly get to know your brand. But with a custom shipping box, you create an image of your brand in the minds of your customers. And they can recognize you whenever they receive a custom shipping box from you. 


7. Save cost for you

Don’t be surprised! As you will be using custom shipping boxes, you don’t need to purchase large regular sized boxes to send your product. Instead, you can order the exact dimension of boxes you need for your product. Plus, by not wasting more material, you can show your care for the environment too. 

8. Customer Delight

When most brands aim for customer satisfaction, the ones that survive in the competitive market are those that thrive on customer delight. One of the best ways of achieving customer delight is to make sure that they get what they ordered, as expected. If you can actually manage to surpass the expectations with your custom shipping boxes and create ‘Wow’ moments when your box gets delivered at their doorstep, then you have nailed it!

Perhaps, you can bring in some personalized messages, lovely custom tapes, unique shapes, easily reusable boxes, etc. to make that experience count. In such cases, they are bound to talk and show off, and you may not have to prod them to do so! Aim for customer delight with your unique custom boxes.

If you are wondering how, then check out Arka, and you will realize, you have found a packaging partner, who can meet your expectations, and in turn your customers’. Be it custom shipping boxes, mailers, cartons, tapes, stickers or tissue papers and more, Arka can help you with it all. And when you figure out that all this comes at reasonable pricing, with the promise of quick turnarounds, lowest minimums, easy designing options, and eco-friendly materials, you may just end up being delighted yourself. All of Arka’s products are proudly manufactured in the US. And they let you change a design anytime you want without paying anything extra. Most importantly, Arka understands you and your packaging needs like no other, and they listen to you and help you through the process.

The message

So, it can be said safely that custom shipping boxes are the way to go for eCommerce brands, as these can actually become their brand ambassadors! You can perhaps not afford those celebrity endorsements, or choose to forgo them, as what matters is the impact on the customers. Sometimes, all it takes to get the desired impact and build your brand is to ensure a solid, packaging strategy, that can go a long way, and stand the test of time, literally! So, next time you ship your product, consider using a custom shipping box. You will surely reap the benefits of it in the coming years.

Guest Post by Phil from Arka

Phil is the CEO and founder of Arka and has over a decade’s experience in packaging. YC and 500 startups alumnus, Phil worked at Boeing and Silicon Valley startups like iCracked before starting his own companies.


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