63 Black Friday Marketing Ideas & Tips Shared by eCommerce Industry experts

The shopping monster of the year is around the corner, celebrating two blockbuster shopping days “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”.

Make the most of this frenzy jackpot shopping festival, as this is “the time” to max your sales and the impulsive shopaholics are on the edge of their seat to indulge in some insane shopping.

What is Black Friday?

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Black friday 2020

The most awaited shopping bonanza, Black Friday is the day that marks the commencing of the Christmas vacation right after American Thanksgiving.

During this shopping season, retailers closely promote their stores and drop the expenses inevitably to entice the clients to binge shop from their shops both on-line and offline.

Initially, the purchasing clock was a one-day event, however, these days the shopping game is massively extended to four days of purchasing madness. The festivity commences on Black Friday and winds up on Cyber Monday.

Retailers undertake all sorts of candy advertising techniques using marking down the costs and lure the customers to purchase more. It could be a 50% fashion sale or buy one get one free offer or a loopy 70%off on a particular line of products.

Retailers have complete freedom to curate and tailor their marketing strategy and provide any form of offers to entice their purchasers better.

What Was The Real Point of Black Friday?

Many stories exist narrating the history and origin of the retailer’s bonanza “Black Friday”. Currently, Black Friday is showcased as a business marketing strategy for retailers, but in reality, the shopping trend was begun by the consumers. 

In the early 1950s, huge traffic was observed on the day after Thanksgiving in Philadelphia. The main reason behind the later termed Black Friday was nowhere close to shopping. People there used to pen the profits in black and losses in red. A sudden and drastic change in business sales were observed where all the red accounts were replaced by black profits. Therefore the after days of thanksgiving are termed as Black Friday.

And the real motto of the big day is to enjoy the brimming profits and backlash the sad-looking loss numbers.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber monday 2020

Termed as the second biggest shopping day, Cyber Monday is the Monday following the American Thanksgiving weekend. This is an integral day in the calendars of online retailers, where they offer amazing discounts and sales similar to Black Friday Sales.

The online store owners offer exclusive website-only sales. Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday sales and is considered the beginning of the online holiday shopping season.

Some Quick Stats about BFCM Sales

Aforesaid, the shopping extravaganza is breaking the ceiling each surpassing year with brimming sales. 

Shopify reported that apparel and accessories made the most sales in 2019. To second that, Loyalty Lion witnessed a 58% increase in the number of awarded points compared to an average weekend.

1. Health and wellness

Across the fitness and well-being market, BFCM buyers redeemed a lot of extra points than they would for the duration of a regular weekend. This vertical noticed up to a 78% increase in the range of factors redeemed thru programs versus a regular weekend.

2. Beauty and cosmetics

After fashion, Shopify stated that the beauty market used to be the 2nd greatest in phrases of sales this BFCM. Results from some loyalty programs showed success for the fashion and cosmetics industry too.

The beauty manufacturers saw a good deal as an 83% increase in redeemed points and a 72% upward push in points awarded for the duration of the cut-price weekend compared to an everyday one.

On top of that, they also saw up to a 71% rise in loyalty software sign-ups. SaleCycle stated that in 2019 Black Friday online sales surpassed all preceding records, attaining $7.4 billion, up with the aid of $1.2 billion from 2018’s $6.2 billion records.

Why is Black Friday Marketing Important?

The stats mentioned above are huge! Every brick and mortar store or online portal cannot overlook these crazy numbers. This is a serious holiday business to prosper and invite abundance to your business.

Customers are all set for their frenzy shopping experience and it’s the perfect time to escalate your sale numbers to newer and far-reaching heights.

Black Friday Marketing Ideas shared by eCommerce Experts


1. What is your #1 tip to increase sales this Black Friday ?.

My number one tip is to think both long term and short term.

Long term: start a newsletter sign-up form one week prior to the event. Put a checkmark in there “I want to know about Black Friday each year it happens”. Whenever you do a promotion on Black Friday 2020, think if you’ll do something similar in 2021 and the years after.

Try to give promotions on a recurrent basis. Create a landing page for Black Friday with the same URL each year, for example, mysite.com/black-friday.

Short term: don’t announce the Black Friday event more than one week prior to the event, or you’ll risk reducing sales.

Also, even if you try to have each year the promotions of last year, try to come up with something new each year. Bring something else to the table.

2. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

For a small business the best ideas are, in my opinion: use the newsletter as a primary communication means, but also leverage other platforms you’re active on (social media, both free and paid, some SEO, partnership, PR).

You can even add an email signature one week prior to the event to all outgoing emails you send to customers.

Olivian Breda. Technical SEO, with 14 years of experience in Internet marketing. Expertise: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audits, User Experience (UX) audits, Web sites in WordPress (install, customize, maintain).

Sync With Connex

3. What is your #1 tip to increase sales this Black Friday ?.

The most important strategy for preparing successfully for Black Friday is to have your systems in place before you get large order volumes so that you can fulfill your orders on time, delight customers, and have repeat buyers in the new year. 

4. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

To increase sales, we recommend that you let buyers know about any deals that you have, and to follow up with them after Black Friday to turn them into year-round buyers. 

Dora Farkas, Ph.D., is the marketing manager for Sync with Connex. Sync with Connex, founded in 2010, automatically sync sales, inventory, customers, sales tax, and fees from e-commerce platforms with QuickBooks Online and Desktop.

With over 30 integrations and 100% US-based support, Sync with Connex has helped thousands of small business owners automate data entry into QuickBooks, grow their online sales, and expand to multi-channel sales.

SMB Digital Marketing

5. What is your #1 tip to increase sales this Black Friday ?.

Run hourly sales. If you’re offering a 50%-off sale on Black Friday, consider increasing your discount to 55% for an hour. You can do several such flash sales over the course of your BFCM sale. Use countdown timers and popups to make website visitors aware of your limited-time deals.

6. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

6 creative promotion ideas for Black Friday Cyber Monday

  1. Put together a mystery bundle. 
  2. Gamify your offers. 
  3. Break it down into daily deals. 
  4. Offer a free gift with a purchase. 
  5. Partner with influencers. 
  6. Donate to a cause.

Aliasgar Babat, CEO, and Founder – SMB Digital Marketing Solutions


7. What is your #1 tip to increase sales this Black Friday ?.

When Black Friday starts CPC/CPMs are going to be very high on any advertising platform whether it’s Google or Facebook ads.

So targeting a cold audience is going to cost a lot more money, and fewer sales, instead we can create remarketing ads on Google/Facebook.

it cost less to target a warm audience than a cold one, as a warm audience is more likely to buy from you.

Steps are simple –

  1. Before Black Friday (1-3 months before) collect remarketing audiences as the cost is less. (or possibly you collecting audience already)
  2. Once Black Friday is on run remarketing ads with offers

8. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

For small businesses – they can offer their services/products in a bundle & offer discounts on that.

Viren Negi is a Google/Facebook ads expert and the founder of advertising agency ADONWEBS. He loves helping business owners and growing their business to the next level.


9. What is your #1 tip to increase sales this Black Friday ?.

Don’t wait for Friday to announce your sale – create some buzz leading up to the day with an email campaign, followed by social media campaigns that are targeted at the right audience and timed correctly.

Incorporate a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency and to let customers know how many hours they have left to get on in those deals. 

10. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

My #1 Idea is to Promote discounts + free shipping! 

Consider giving loyal customers a higher discount, offering specific deals based on what your customers bought in the past or first-time buyer deals.  Combine your discount offer with free shipping. This is a big one, and customers love it. There’s nothing worse than finding a great deal but being deterred by the shipping costs.

Aleksandra Cugalj – Aleks is a customer success manager at Carson. When she’s not helping Shopify merchants to understand how to increase conversion rate and develop relationships with their customers through their website, you can find her online posting stories on Instagram about her dog, and medieval castles, or in a local gym. She believes that a kind word and a gentle smile is a step to success. 


11. What is your #1 tip to increase sales this Black Friday ?.

Create a sense of urgency. The key to closing a sale, especially online, is to encourage impulsive buying. There are various marketing tricks you can use to scale during Black Friday, such as adding countdown timers and or giving limited-time bargains.

Just to give you an example, if you are already offering a 40% off sale for Black Friday, the best to convert a visiting customer would be to run a cycle of offers during the sale with “Deals of the Hour”, with a whole 50% off discount on the product.

Also, make sure to extend your sale for the whole weekend, in order to catch as many customers as possible!

12. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

Preparation is the key to success, especially for small businesses. One of the most common mistakes made by SMEs is trying to buy products for Black Friday promotion at the last minute when suppliers are already super busy with their biggest customers or are already out of stock. 

For this reason, we suggest buying in advance stocks of the products you want to push during Black Friday, and also to prepare in advance some personalized packaging and coupon cards to use during the sales period. In this way, you will be sure that your customers will remember you even after the Black Friday sale and come back to your store to use the coupon cards.

ILARIA DE VIRGILIIS, Social Media Manager at Yakkyofy. She graduated in foreign languages and international relations. In the past, she has worked as a political communication consultant. She now deals with the management of Social Media at Yakkyofy.

ONjection Labs

13. What is your #1 tip to increase sales this Black Friday ?.

#1 tip would be to reward your customers with some amazing discounts. Retarget your customers on the basis of the number of orders placed on your website and offer them some never before discounts. You could give a segment of your audience the option of pre-ordering your Black Friday deal. 

14. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

My suggestion would be to start preparing early, start creating a buzz on social media as well as a combination of SMS, Push notification & Email notifications would be really helpful in order to get the message delivered and also try adding a countdown timer to create urgency among the buyers.

Sandeep Pati – A marketer at the fastest growing SAAS based automation solution Shipway, helping D2C brands deliver the best post-purchase experience.


15. What is your #1 tip to increase sales this Black Friday ?.

Promote your sales event ahead of Black Friday, advertising on the same day is no longer effective since most promotions start on Thanksgiving Day, and emails will get lost between the many your clients receive on that date. 

Run ads with a sneak peek of your upcoming sale, ask people to subscribe to be notified of the event, this way you can grow your email list and have and reach out to them before, during, and after Black Friday.

16. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

Maximize your discounts, this is exactly what Black Friday is about and you might only get one chance to present your offer to potential customers. You might even need to sell some products at loss or zero profit to promote your deals, use these as “doorbusters” and present upsell and cross-sell opportunities once they’re committed to ordering from your website.

Jimmy Rodriguez – COO & Co-founder @ 3dcart. focused on helping internet retailers succeed online by developing strategies, actionable plans, and customer experiences that grow and improve performance.


17. What is your #1 tip to increase sales this Black Friday ?.

When I think of Black Friday, only cheap iPhones come to my mind which means discounts. One good way to reach more customers during this time would be to run short campaigns of high discounts by getting a variety of products in bulk and throwing a limited time offer.

18. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

You can compete with giants like Amazon by stocking your best-selling products with your vendors in advance. For instance, at Printrove we’re printing and stocking items at our warehouse so as soon as your customer places an order, it is shipped the very next day and your customers receive the order within 2 to 3 days.

I’m Shrey and I head the Customer Success and Marketing Team at Printrove. I am obsessed with solving customer problems through technology and creativity.


19. What is your #1 tip to increase sales this Black Friday ?.

Use lead forms and landing pages to drive BFCM sales

This is a no-brainer. If you’re going to be marketing for BFCM, opt-in forms and landing pages are the best and most cost-effective way of advertising your deals.

The above image is a good example of an opt-in form. It succinctly summarizes in 3 points what the customer can expect by signing up (new products, hot deals, and limited offers). Then at the bottom of the form, the customer is incentivized to sign up for emails by offering them a free coupon. 

Similarly, you could attract visitors with all sorts of goodies like discounts, e-books, and exclusive Black Friday deals. The only point where this form falls short is the choice of color grey for body text. It’s too light to grab immediate attention, use darker bolder colors.

20. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

#1 Idea to do a  Black Friday campaign, the content needs to clearly state what kind of benefit the customer will get from signing up with your brand. That content should be backed up by a beautiful design of the opt-in form that stays true to the theme of Black Friday and cyber shopping. 

And while you are at it, why not truly captivate your readers by using lead magnets. Lead magnets solve a real problem for a customer and are quick to digest. Examples are e-books, checklists, cheat sheets, etc.

Rukham Khan is the Content Lead at MailMunch. He writes articles on email marketing and eCommerce to add value for small businesses. Outside of MailMunch, you can find him DJing and playing squash.


21. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

Due to the pandemic we’ve seen an acceleration of online shopping with a significant increase in first-time online buyers and we can only expect this trend to continue during the holiday season as consumers avoid crowded brick-and-mortar stores. Some large retailers like Target and Walmart are even opting to stay closed on Thanksgiving Day, ending a longstanding tradition of starting Black Friday shopping early.

Furthermore, new research projects that ecommerce holiday sales will surge 25%-35% for the 2020 season. In preparation for higher than normal traffic and order volumes this holiday season, my number one tip to merchants is to balance customer experience and fraud prevention in order to maximize revenue and avoid false declines.

During the holidays, or any major sale event, the percentage of good orders increases more than the percentage of fraud attacks, so merchants can loosen up their fraud score threshold a little.  If a merchant’s fraud controls are turned up too much, they can lose revenue and customers by turning away good orders. Based on our recent report with Sapio Research, 33% of consumers say they’ll never shop with a merchant again after their payment is declined and 25% are likely to say something negative on social media after their payment is declined. Aside from the obvious loss in revenue, false declines can result in loss in customer lifetime value, damaged brand reputation, and decreased accuracy in fraud detection.

Therefore, I recommend that merchants partner with an ecommerce fraud protection solution, like ClearSale, that combines machine learning and manual review to approve as many good orders as possible and that helps them deliver a seamless customer experience. 

22. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

One way that businesses can promote their Black Friday deals is by collaborating  with influencers that complement their brand. Influencer marketing has grown in popularity because it leads to more engagement than content published by brands themselves. 

This is because customers trust their peers and people they admire more than the companies  selling their products directly. Influencer marketing can be especially useful this time of the year, as consumers look for advice on what products/gifts to purchase.  

Brands should consider partnering with an influencer to promote their Black Friday deals on Instagram through creative campaigns like hosting an Instagram Live session where they unbox popular items and share discount codes, or posting a product review on their feed. This social media channel is by far the most popular influencer marketing platform among brands.

Rafael Lourenco is Executive Vice President and Partner at ClearSale, a card-not-present fraud prevention operation that helps retailers increase sales and eliminate chargebacks before they happen. The company’s proprietary technology and an in-house staff of seasoned analysts provide an end-to-end outsourced fraud detection solution for online retailers to achieve industry-high approval rates while virtually eliminating false positives. Follow on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @ClearSaleUS,  or  visit  https://www.clear.sale. 


23. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

According to Shopify, shoppers acquired during BFCM have a lower lifetime value (LTV) than shoppers acquired at any other time of the year. The key reason is BFCM shoppers either make fewer repeat purchases or never purchase from you again. That is why successful holiday strategies must be built around driving loyalty.

Here are 6 key moments in the post-purchase process you can utilize to improve customer retention. What you do after a sale goes through can make the difference between having a one-time customer or a retained shopper who comes back again and again.

24. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

Make good use of packaging inserts! Packaging inserts are extra items put into shipments that have been purchased by customers. From thank-you cards to small gifts to discount notices for future purchases, adding inserts is a great way to increase repeat purchases and ensure your customers keep coming back. This is because it surprises, satisfies customers, and builds goodwill since it is not requested or expected. Inserting your Black Friday deals in your packaging is an excellent strategy for small businesses on a low budget.

Vitor Botega is the Head of Partnerships of Arka with over a decade’s experience in digital marketing. Vitor has gathered an expertise in multiple industries working with SaaS, ecommerce, Agency, and several digital media platforms.


25. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

My advice for merchants for Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) is to start early and to lead with strategy, whatever your project may be.

In the world of data integration for scaling merchants, every year around Q4 we see a flood of merchants looking to integrate and automate their key data flows and sales channels so they can better take advantage of this high volume sales period. And every year, we have to inform merchants of the reality of their timelines: not only are we well into our established projects for the year already, but complex strategic implementations like VL’s data integration take planning, strategy, and most importantly — time. This applies to most, if not all, technology implementations in the e-retail landscape you can think of. Remember: Great strategies take time to actualize so it is always good to start planning as early as possible.

26. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

Efficiency and clean data are becoming so integral to the operations – both present and future – of merchants that we’d recommend SMEs strongly consider the applications they use to house their product data, including deals and promotions. Ideally, you want to be able to control these deals while also exposing them to as many customers as possible.

An effective way to do so is by controlling deals through all of your sales channels from a single, centralized application. With great data integration, all the above is possible. By connecting all their channels and applications together in regards to their unique business rules on the treatment of their data, merchants can much more efficiently and effectively disperse and control their deals. And merchants, don’t forget about re-engagement: integrating your marketing and advertising platforms into your broader tech stack means more effective retargeting opportunities down the road.

Jessica Thiele is the Director of Marketing for VL OMNI, an integration platform partner for real-time, agile, and scalable iPaaS data integration.

VL OMNI specializes in strategic ecommerce and multichannel data automation that allows growing omnichannel businesses to achieve scalability while fulfilling complex objectives like customer experience, diversified sales channels, and headless commerce. Empower your business’ growth with clarity and insights into your data processes with the VL OMNI Dashboard.


27. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

It is hard for me to choose one piece of advice and skip the rest. But my main input will be to have everything fast on mobile, the site has to load instantly and the message should be simple and visible, especially if you have promotions and discounts going on. 

Once this is set, make sure it is easy to navigate to the product pages and complete the purchase. I will suggest removing all the floating widgets on mobile and use separate pages for those functionalities. Use pop-ups only when the shopper is about to leave your website or after order completion.

28. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

Let’s say that you are a new small business owner and haven’t been running BFCM promos last year. For this case, please subscribe to the competitors’ newsletters in your niche and check how they are doing it, once you have the data, analyze those emails, check the sequence, the creatives they are using, a message they are sharing, what kind of offers and CTAs are being added. 

You can try to still catch up to this year’s BFCM and have a small cheat list for yourself, but remember to be fast. But this is a good beginning to have the needed data and use it for post BFCM campaigns since it doesn’t end with BFCM. 

To find other ideas, we’ve gathered the most effective 7 strategies for BFCM here: https://growave.io/blog/best-bfcm-strategies-for-your-shopify-store/

Timur Khudaiberdiev handles marketing and partnerships at Growave, an all-in-one marketing platform for small and medium-sized Shopify stores to empower your store with a loyalty program, photo reviews, wish lists, and more!


29. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

Create an irresistible offer that doesn’t degrade your products’ value, install trust with previous results, and eliminate fear with a money-back guarantee.

30. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

Segment your offers. Your existing customers are most likely to purchase from you again during Black Friday, so create a special offer for your most loyal customers. This can be an exceptional discount or an exclusive bundle. 

Maria Chanaoui, Marketing & Communications at Scalify.


31. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

This BlackFriday will be unique, since this has been an almost 100% digital year. In terms of eCommerce, this has shown that having a site with a great browsing, searching and purchasing experience can become a key factor when retaining customers and increasing sales. The goal of these tools is to surprise visitors with new and personalized experiences which are meant to trigger loyalty and sales opportunities.

32. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

My recommendation for small businesses this BlackFriday is that they promote their products through popular social networks, such as Tiktok, Instagram, etc, by capitalizing on the popularity on these channels. But, keeping in mind that they must make this communication creative and fun for visitors. This could be achieved using interactive challenges, contests, or even gamification experiences.

I believe that social media channels are more accessible and effective, in terms of marketing, for the small business, but I also think it is necessary to remind them that the landing that comes after the ad must follow the same creative design. If it doesn’t it might not have the desired effect.

RODRIGO GARCIA M, Impresee Marketing Officer, with more than 6 years of experience in eCommerce. Focused on helping and training medium and small-sized companies optimize their online stores so that they can sell more in the digital world.

SimTech Dev

33. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

My tip #1 for brand owners who want to increase their sales on Black Friday is to be closer to their customers and understand their needs. If your client does get what your business is about, you’ve got problems with showing off your brand. 

Do it urgently based on what your target audience is: young people buy differently, and they mostly are now in Central Asia. Well, COVID-19 has also made its adjustments. People just don’t buy in a way “Oh, what a discount! I definitely buy it even if I don’t need it right now”. That doesn’t work anymore. Instead, try to focus on providing value to your customers to meet their needs with your unique selling proposal.

Roman Ananev is a Startup & Product Manager at Simtech Development with strong skills in information security as a hobby. 

34. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

When you ask me about what is my idea #1 to promote Black Friday Deals, the first thing coming to my mind is that Black Friday is a chance to build a new community around your brand or expand the old one. This activity can include advertising your business to get more leads and promoting your business on social media: on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Anyway, Black Friday for SMBs is the time to grow and evolve with different audiences and new business activities. Think out of the box, surprise, search for new ways to engage your followers (find TikTok influencers, for example). The Year 2020 is the time of social marketing instead of direct sales.

Gayane Tamrazyan is a Content Lead at Simtech Development passionate about learning new things in eCommerce and spreading that knowledge around using the power of words.  


35. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

Our #1 tip for conquering this year’s BFCM season is to make sure you are retargeting abandoned carts. This can be accomplished in several ways, including via web push notification, email, or social ad. The thing to keep in mind is that during this time of year people are shopping around at tons of different websites. 

Users are likely adding your items to their cart and then shopping around to try to find a better deal. A great abandoned cart campaign will remind consumers of your brand and your product and will help you win the sale. Consider offering a discount code to convince them to shop with you instead of your competitors! 

36. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

Our #1 idea for promoting your best Black Friday deals is to utilize web push notifications! These messages deliver in real-time, something that is incredibly important while running short-term sales. Web push is also an affordable option for targeting users on both desktop and mobile devices. 

Even if you haven’t converted your Shopify store into a mobile app, you can be up and running with web push in as little as 10 minutes. For businesses of all sizes, web push notifications represent one of the best, most effective ways to engage and retarget your audience all year long, and especially during the busy holiday shopping season. 

Briana Barkett is a content marketing strategist at Aimtell, a web push notification platform. She enjoys writing about digital marketing and how brands can best expand their presence and boost their sales online through smart techniques, including web push notifications. 


37. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

Optimise Your Multi-Channel Funnel: Try to think outside the (present) box. Offering a ‘bundle’ is a fantastic way to sell multiple products at once to potential

customers. Everyone wants a bargain during the holiday season, so be sure to offer one to your customers! Whilst there are more users online than ever before, focus on

accelerating customers through the funnel for quick sales, you can do this by optimising your ratio of marketing funnel spending, while also increasing your ROAS.

Top tip: Give vouchers after the purchase with an expiry date to encourage extra purchases. Loyalty cards are also great for inspiring recurring purchases.

38. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

Festive Advertising: Be sure to place festive sale items at the forefront of your eCommerce store. Try to revamp your advertising catalogues to include holiday items for all marketing opportunities. Why not hop on the bandwagon and try a theme-based festive promotion, everyone loves a bit of holiday spirit!

Top tip: Host festive contests and giveaways as a quick and easy way to grab both potential and past customers attention

Cian is a Content Executive at Bionic. He is an experienced martech specialist, providing up-to-date and valuable content to all readers.


39. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

Our number #1 tip this year to increase sales for Black Friday is start them early. Don’t wait until the 27th to run your first sale and only run it for the day. As of November 1st we have already seen a lot of large brands advertising their Black Fridays deals and sales. By advertising your sales early you can assure your customers they will receive their orders before Christmas, since shipping has been a big issue this year many customers won’t want to wait until the 27th to do their holiday shopping.

Consider running different types of sales each weekend prior to Black Friday to test what resonates well with your customers. You can try Free Gift with purchase, Tiered discounting, BOGO deals, Product Bundles or just straight discounts. Then on Black Friday run the type of sale that seems to resonate best with your customers and be sure to engage with your VIP audiences as they are the ones most likely to purchase from you.

40. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

Try to use as many owned marketing channels as possible to promote your deals. This year with so much more shopping being done online very large brands are going to be spending more of their marketing budget on Facebook, Instagram and Google ads which will drive up the cost to advertise on those platforms all throughout November and December. 

Make sure you are engaging with your email subscribers frequently throughout November and also consider trying new owned marketing channels like messenger marketing and SMS marketing as they are a great channels that provide high ROIs

Brent Godkin from Onlygrowth Loves Helping ecommerce brand owners grow their brand by advising them how to increase conversions and implement proven growth strategies on Shopify.


41. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

My number 1 tip is to improve the speed of your Shopify site by optimizing your images. Analysis by Google shows that a 0.1 second improvement in load speed improves sales conversions by 8.4%. In other words, if your store is faster, more of your site visitors will go on to make a purchase. 

The good news is image optimization can be automated, so it’s quick, easy and inexpensive. And having optimized image files can knock 2 or 3 seconds off your load time. That means a huge boost to sales conversions, a boost that could be critical for success over Black Friday.

42. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

One great tip is to use your content marketing to generate Black Friday leads – just set up a Black Friday subscription page, and add links to it at the end of your blogs and newsletters. This way you can organically gain leads that you can then retarget over the Black Friday weekend – this approach is much more cost effective than paying for ads, which are super expensive in November and December. 

Make sure your blogs are SEO optimized, including meta descriptions and ALT texts that will help it rank well in search. In terms of topics, your blogs don’t need to be about Black Friday. Just write engaging and useful content that’s relevant to your audience and include a call to action inviting them to sign up for your Black Friday deals.

Eligijus is an SEO whizz who co-founded TinyIMG, intelligent image optimization, and SEO app for Shopify stores. 


43. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

My number one tip for increasing sales this Black Friday is omnichannel abandoned cart messages

So many Shopify stores invest too much into traffic over Black Friday, and don’t pay enough attention to conversion – turning that traffic into actual sales. 

Abandoned cart messages are perfect for this – you can target customers who have added an item to their cart, but just haven’t completed the purchase. All they need is a little reminder (and maybe an additional discount) to get them over the line.

But the key trick is make your abandoned cart messages omnichannel. This means you don’t just send a reminder on one channel, you send messages through multiple channels (like SMS, email and push notification) in a coordinated way. This diagram shows exactly how they work. The customer adds an item to their cart, but doesn’t complete the sale. After 30 minutes they receive an email and push notification reminding them. If they still haven’t completed the sale, they receive a follow up SMS message after 50 minutes.

Why is this approach so much better than just using one channel? Imagine it’s Black Friday and a shopper has added an item to their cart then left your store. So you send them an email, but how quickly will they see it? Or you send them a push notification, but maybe they’ve changed the notification settings on their phone. By using all 3 channels in a coordinated way, you maximise your chances of reaching that customer when it matters.

In short, omnichannel abandoned cart messages are great because:

– They’re super easy to set up, and then they run themselves.

– They’re highly effective at recovering lost sales.

– They offer excellent return on investment (typical SMS abandoned cart messages generate x31 ROI)

44. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

Promoting your sales is all about creating a sense of urgency and scarcity, especially as a small business fighting for the attention of your customers.

If you run a sale every 2 weeks offering a 20% discount, then running a sale on Black Friday offering a 25% discount isn’t going to have much impact. Why should your audience rush to get this deal now when they know another, similar deal will be along soon enough?

So you want your Black Friday deals to feel like this is their ONLY opportunity to get this amazing deal, and they have to ACT NOW. So, first up, you need to make sure you are offering something special on Black Friday. Maybe there’s a product you never discount, but just for Black Friday you offer a big reduction. Find a deal that will really stand out.

When a countdown timer is added to a discount push notification, shoppers immediately see on the product page how long they have left to use the discount code.

Then my top tip for promoting these deals is to use discount codes that include a countdown timer. So you send out a message – like push notification, email, or SMS – that includes a discount code. But the magic part is it also has a countdown timer that will pop up on your store. This is a great visual reminder that this deal won’t last forever, and a clever way to create that all-important sense of urgency.

Ieva Dauderyte heads up digital marketing at Firepush, a successful omnichannel marketing app, that helps Shopify stores drive sales, improve conversions, and increase customer lifetime value.


45. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

To increase sales, you’ll want to have all your channels filled with valuable content for your audience. Don’t bank on a few channels, hit them on all fronts! Be sure to diversify your marketing efforts so that you reach your audience wherever they are. You’ll also prevent fatigue from seeing your communications if your audience is seeing you in different contexts and locations. 

46. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

My #1 tip for promoting deals for small businesses is to use influencer marketing to reach your audience in an organic way. Find an influencer that has a lot of followers in common with your audience and that your audience is familiar with (you may even want to ask them who their favorite influencers are to follow). 

That way, instead of bombarding your followers with emails and paid ads, you’ll be reaching them in a way that feels natural and doesn’t feel like the normal routes for promotions. Also, be willing to treat your audience. You can partner with influencers to host giveaways and other promotions so that your followers are rewarded for their loyalty. 

Sarah Donawerth is the content manager for Carro. Carro is an all-in-one solution for brands, influencers, press, and content creators to partner with each other so that they can sell more, together. 


47. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

Our #1 Tip is Offer Hourly Deals.

Offer your customers great hourly deals. In hourly deals, you offer more discounts on a limited number of products for a specific period of time. You may be giving a 20% discount on all items for the entire month. But in the peak hours of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can change your usual offer and provide a fixed 50% discount on a specific product for one hour.

Hourly deals allow great flexibility when it comes to pricing your products. You can change it every hour, and it will help keep the customer’s interest and attention. Also, you will see more conversions as customers would checkout faster because of the fear of missing out on a great deal.

48. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

Our #1 Idea is to Build Anticipation through Social Media.

Leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can make a connection with customers using out of the box visuals and highlighting positive testimonials on social platforms. 

A week away from Black Friday, you can start offering giveaways and build the hype. Use social media to its best to get on that trending page. 

It is the ideal time to start investing in ads and introducing creative contests where you ask users to post or share using your custom hashtags.

And when the Black Friday/Cyber Monday hits, get ready with the email marketing campaign to drive immediate results.

Boni Satani is the Head of Marketing at Zestard Technologies – a Full-Service eCommerce Agency. He is passionate about SEO & uses his SEO acumen to help clients increase their Website Traffic & Sales. His work has appeared in Search Engine Journal, Business.com, FitSmallBusiness, YourStory, & many more well known Online Publications.


49. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

Simplify the purchase process by delivering personalized shopping experiences to each client. BFCM is all about one opportunity, clients would spend just a few minutes in your store so you should deliver a seamless experience in which they can find what is more relevant for them using the least time possible. Understanding customer preferences is key to achieving this season’s goals so don’t wait and give a design lift to your site to show in a simple way the products they are more likely to purchase.

50. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

Deliver the right message for the right client. Create a smart strategy showing special offers to each client depending on what they are more likely to buy to increase the chances of purchase. 

Of Course, you can show some good deals but the more accurate your recommendations are the bigger the purchase can be, so bet on those star products. Also, expand your deal’s lifetime. Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to sell a big amount of products so don’t keep it just for a day.

Maria Camila Amortegui – Senior Partner for Saas Products – Recommendly by EPICA


51. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

My number one tip to increase sales this Black Friday is to focus on your customer more than ever. People will be more price-sensitive this holiday season and more likely to comb for specific needed items, and the COVID-generated pandemic (believe it or not) is one of the main reasons.

Making sure your customers return to your e-shop this Black Friday and even after this period, will generate higher sales than struggling to acquire new customers at that time. Make them feel appreciated, offer honest discounts, keep your website up-and-running, make sure their online journey is flawless and after purchase, you don’t forget them.

Understanding your customers’ behavior is absolutely essential before, during and after this period, so you can analyze and act upon the findings you get, to be able to predict and deliver even better results in the future.

Customer-centricity is key for this Black Friday!

52. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

Best practices are always a good idea to follow, especially for small businesses. Put your marketing skills to the test and try out the best channels that fit this situation: email, social media and even content on your blog, all showcasing your offers.

Of course, the website must be up-to-date and ready to be overloaded with orders and visitors, so this should be the first step before the actual promotion takes off.

Diversifying your offers is a really effective way to show your visitors various Black Friday offers according to their journey path. Showing pop-ups or ribbons, a different design for certain places on your landing page, and a creative Thank You page and Add to Cart page could bring surprising results.

Passionate about marketing and the dynamism of technology, Andrada started by understanding the basic steps of content & copywriting and social media, SEO & PPC back in 2016. She is currently working as a digital marketing specialist for Omniconvert.

Combining this knowledge, she was able to create marketing strategies, to develop project management skills, to communicate and monitor marketing activities, from a simple idea to the completion of a project.

Her motto is: you always have something to learn and put into practice.

You’re never bored in marketing and there is always room for discovery. 


53. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

Research showed that around £1.5 billion was spent online in the UK last year, which was 3.6% more than in 2018. And in 2018, Amazon alone held a 26% share of the Black Friday market. So the opportunity is there for eCommerce business, but it’s a matter of preparing and executing well.

According to Richard Goss, Commercial Director at Rinkit, “It’s definitely worth speaking to your couriers about collecting on the Saturday and Sunday of the Black Friday weekend – they will do it and it helps them, you and your customers.” Also, it will fetch rich returns to create product bundles in advance and circulate them, and keep the products pre-packed – ready for dispatch on the big day.

If you segment your list in advance and target the customers based on their purchase history, you will not be spraying and praying, and you are assured of a more positive response.

Creating hype is critical too. This can be done through pre-sales emails via a drip-email campaign to your list, leading up to the Black Friday/Cyber from a week in advance. But make sure you add value – spamming them with discount offers is a big NO.

James Gurd, the Founder of Digital Juggler says, “Use affinity segments to cross-promote products/brands to people based on their previous purchase history. Use price levers to up-sell higher ticket items e.g. customers who have only ever bought items less than £100, promote discounted items that are £100 or more. And create special bundles where the customer gets a good discount, but you get a much higher average order value..”

This means that you need to utilize personalized and targeted campaigns and encourage sign-ups in response to price alerts.

Pro-tip: Have a strategy in place to deal with cart abandonment, because the customers are browsing around and can get distracted very easily.

It’s also a good idea to consider extending your deals until Christmas time.

Here are some more top tips:

  • Try gamification of your Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers.
  • Meet the challenge of keeping the momentum going by breaking it down into daily deals over a period of 4 to 7 days.
  • Promote your product by partnering with influencers.
  • Donate a portion of your event proceeds to charity, and let your prospects know it in the offer.

But all said and done, in order to really cope with the surge in demand, you need to make sure you have the number of resources needed to deal with it—and of course, execute your Black Friday/Cyber Monday marketing strategy.

Rohan Mendiratta helps marketers with building an engaged audience and increasing their sales via SendX: Email Marketing Software.


54. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

As everyone is aware about the COVID-19 presence and how badly it impacts not only one country but the whole world economy, and most of the people suffer. In addition, we believe this is also an opportunity for businesses (especially online stores) to grow and increase their businesses.

Also, Black Friday is known as a shopping day or as the start of the critical holiday shopping season. So, why not to provide an opportunity to shoppers to make a purchase that combines the good feelings of charitable giving.

So, the idea is, to promote the Black Friday Deals;

Here, the marketing team has the biggest role to promote Black Friday Deals. Marketing team needs to invest their efforts on to aware their targeted audience about the;

“On this Black Friday Shopping Sale, we (online store owners) will be giving a percentage (that needs to vary as per the business size) of each and every sale to the charity or will be invested in a way that helps needy people to survive in this challenging time.”

Here, also the marketing team needs to try to touch the shoppers’ emotional sense and encourage shoppers to be part of this wonderful step.

And, we believe most of the shoppers will be liking to help others while shopping.

Also, in 2016 Black Friday Sales, the Patagonia exceeded its Black Friday sales expectation of $2 million by 500 percent, to generate over $10 million, by just implementing the “Donations for Environment” in their marketing campaigns or promotions.

So, hopefully this step will be helpful for eCommerce stores to increase sales.

55. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

To promote the Black Friday Deals, every eCommerce store uses discounts or cashbacks. And, why not, because it attracts shoppers to make purchases.

But, here I need to do some extra sort of things. We believe packing is the first interaction that a shopper connects with before seeing the physical good. So, eCommerce stores can improve their packaging.

“E-Commerce businesses (or the management or marketing team) can change the normal packaging of delivered products into a specialized Black Friday Deals Promotion Packaging (this is the inner packaging) with the trademark of the business”.

In addition, business can also enable a scratch coupon to win some extra discounts or some other goodies on the next shopping (need to create t&c) on the Black Friday Deals Promotion Packaging that will be delivered to those who buy the product in the Black Friday Deals and scratch.

Once, consumer scratches the coupon that printed on the Black Friday Deals Promotion Packaging than he/she has to click a snap with the same packaging and scratched area, and share it on the social media platforms (famous ones) with tag the eCommerce business as well as with the use of 1 or 2 special hashtags (need to decide which hashtag you want to promote known as hashtag marketing, it could be anything related to the Black Friday Sale or the business).

This will help to build engagement on social media and also promote your personalized hashtags and can be trending.

Tech2Globe is a name that stands for reliability, efficiency, and trust. Established in 2014, Tech2Globe is one of the youngest and most promising Software development, Ecommerce & Data Management companies incorporating Globally. We not only have expertise in a specific field but have extensive experience in Digital Customer Service where we provide Catalog Management Services for E-Commerce, Data processing, Data Analytics, MIS Reporting, Excel Automation services, Data mining, web research, Data Conversion Services, indexing.


56. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

One of the most important things you need to do is starting early. There’s going to be a lot of noise during BFCM or a week before it, where everyone is going to be promoting their deals and discounts via ad campaigns, emails and more. So you should start promoting yours early, leading shoppers to a pre-BFCM sale page that captures their purchase intent before they’re too distracted by the other deals that you would have to compete with. 

So when people are just starting to build their intent list, you would be actually retargeting that audience. That does three things for you. One, it reduces your cost per customer acquisition. Two, you’re reaching out to those who already have shown an interest in your deals – it’s a qualified audience that is more likely to convert. Three, you’re not constantly battling to capture attention amidst other campaigns. 

57. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

Reach out to your existing customers first, and offer them an exclusive deal or early orders on your BFCM deal. They are more likely to convert on your new campaigns. And loyal customers also tend to have a higher average order value, so you can get them to buy more from you before and even during the sale. 

The second idea would be to also include SMS marketing into the cart recovery mix. There will be a lot of shoppers who will abandon purchases during BFCM. Since you’re going to be spending at least a few hundreds of dollars on campaigns to drive that traffic in, it’s important to make sure you convert them too. A text-based outreach to recover carts will get your message through faster, minus the noise. 

Vanhishikha Bhargava is the Head of Content and Partnerships at RevTap, an eCommerce analytics app that enables online stores to turn their marketing and store data into actionable customer and product segments, that help them make data-driven business decisions to increase sales. You can connect with her here

Ampify Me

58. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

Identifying things that can go bad and prepare in advance to deal with them.

For example, you know that slow pages are the number one issue that irate mobile users complain about (they even rank it higher than site crashes). Test your store speed before BF campaigns and optimize until you’re satisfied with results. Another example would be conversions on mobile devices. Even though your site is responsive, think about whether it will address the specific needs of mobile visitors on that day (one-click purchase, easy navigation…).

59. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

Personalize, personalize, personalize. Adjust your campaigns towards users preferences and offer them unique experiences tailored to their needs.

Crafting offers to a customer’s device is a good strategy to start with. By detecting the customer’s device type, your offer can dynamically adapt to reflect the value of items in their cart. For example, display a 20% off coupon for mobile checkout, it will encourage them to finish their purchase. Also, take advantage of customers already willing to spend by offering personalized bundles, or upsells.

Jana is Marketing Manager @AmpifyMe. Over the past 3 years, she helped over 15.000 merchants improve their mobile conversions with their apps available on the Shopify app store, AMP, and PWA by AmpifyMe.


60. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

Don’t put all your hopes on Black Friday alone. It sounds counterintuitive, but don’t limit yourself to one day or week. At this time, customer acquisition cost is sky-high and many brands make the mistake to spend too much competing for one-time conversions. We recommend going for your existing customers instead, reactivating them to buy gifts from you if they haven’t or again if they already have last year.

Use your product and marketing insights from previous years, plus customer data to craft campaigns bound for success. This will save you money while still driving holiday sales. Also, don’t let holiday shoppers disappear after 1 order. Once you’ve paid CAC, retain them, and turn them into loyal customers to get a better ROI on your holiday marketing spend.

61. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

Focus on getting orders from old customers through retargeting and reactivation campaigns (ads and email). Use your customer database, segment customers by tastes and shopping habits, and send them differently, tailored offers that will be more relevant to their needs. Lookalike audiences based on your best customers or highest spenders are also a way to get good ROI.

Murry Ivanoff is the CEO of Metrilo, an ecommerce analytics, CRM, and email platform that helps ecommerce brands grow thanks to data and customer retention.


62. What is your #1 tip to increase sales on this Black Friday ?.

Most Shopify brands have some kind of popup or other subscription forms on their website, but very few of them are optimized for mobile visitors. This is one of the most overlooked issues in ecommerce, and I have seen many established brands immediately realize how big of a deal it was, in terms of revenue, when they finally added a popup designed for converting smartphone users. In fact, our team has designed the Recart Welcome Popup specifically for this use case, and the response from our users has been phenomenal ever since the release of this feature.

63. What is your #1 idea to promote Black Friday Deals for Small business?

When it comes to promoting sales during Black Friday, I highly recommend anyone in the ecommerce space to try out Facebook sponsored messages. These are essentially private messages sent to broadcast to your Facebook audience that can be targeted the same way you would target any other Facebook ad.

And because these messages appear in the Messenger inbox, people actually read them: Most sponsored message campaigns I worked on had an open rate of 90% or more. We actually created a playbook for this year’s Black Friday that’s full of best practices and real-life usage examples from actual Shopify brands. Anyone interested in making more sales will find plenty of inspiration in the BFCM Playbook.

Ben Abraham is the Head of Content at Recart. His passion is helping merchants get the most out of Recart and realize the full potential of ecommerce stores.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Faqs

How do you market on Black Friday?

1. Entice your customers with jaw-dropping discounts, sales, and candy offers.
2. Promote the offers on your website and social media platforms.
3. Educate your potential customers about your store and offers provided by sending email campaigns.
4. Create a landing page exclusively for Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers.

What sells the most on Black Friday?

Apparels and Cosmetics Products

How can I sell more on Black Friday?

1. Add new products
2. Spend more on ads
3. Offer Free Gift with every purchase
4. Extend the sale till Cyber Monday

How much will be spent on Black Friday?

This Black Friday, the U.S consumer base plans to spend around $148.5 billion on shopping.

Why is it called Black Friday instead of white Friday?

In Philadelphia, the profit numbers were recorded in black ink and losses in red ink. Huge crowds of shoppers shopped on the Friday post-thanksgiving, hence the name Black Friday.

To Conclude

Start planning your marketing game for this Black Friday 2020. Make the most of this vulnerable shopping festival to boost sales on the year’s biggest shopping weekend. Implement the smart marketing tips and tricks that suit your business to multiply your conversion rates.

About the author

Ra Karthik

Ramachandiran Karthik is the Digital Marketing Manager at Adnabu. He loves to help Shopify stores grow their business with Google Shopping & Google Ads, using advanced features like multi-currencies, multi-languages, Metafields. Karthik has a lot of experience in digital marketing and enjoys exploring new ways to make advertising more effective for both advertisers and customers.

By Ra Karthik

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