Bulk Update Old Standard Ads to Expanded Text Ads in Google AdWords

Bulk update old standard ads
Bulk update old standard ads

Many of you requested for a feature to bulk update old standard ads to expanded text ads. We heard you and we have come up with a tool which does exactly that! I will talk more about how to use this tool later.

We have already talked about why it is important to upgrade to expanded text ads. You can no longer create or edit old standard ads in AdWords. Even if this was not the case, it is highly recommended to update to expanded text ads due to the benefits the new ad format offrers. Most experiments showed an increase in CTR for expanded text ads as compared to old standard ads. This is universally a good thing which increases quality score and reduces cost.

If you are a new advertiser all your ads will be in expanded text ad format. You do not have to worry about updating your standard ads. But for a vast majority of advertisers who created campaigns much before last year, updating old standard ads is going to be a pain. You can always change ads manually but that is going to take a lot of time.


Lets explore a few scenarios on how to bulk update standard ads to expanded text ads.

Scenario 1 : Remove all ads and replace it with new expanded text ads

This is by far the easiest thing to do. You can remove all your ads (old standard ads as well as new expanded text ads) and replace them with new expanded text ads. This strategy however has some problematic downsides. You will also remove the new expanded text ads which might have had some good history. This strategy is only recommended if you do not have many expanded text ads in your campaign or if the ad history is not rich. Kindly follow this tutorial to bulk update all ads with expanded text ads.

PS : AdNabu’s expanded text ads software always had this feature.

Scenario 2 : Remove all old standard ads and replace it with new expanded text ads

The second strategy is much better. Here you will be removing all your standard ads and replace them with expanded text ads without touching other expanded text ads. This will preserve any history these new ads might have gained after their creation. The only downside to this strategy is that the new expanded text ads will be created in ad groups with both expanded text ads and old standard ads. Kindly follow this tutorial to bulk update old standard ads and replace them with expanded text ads.

Scenario 3 : Remove all old standard ads and replace it with new expanded text ads only if no expanded text ads are present in the ad group

This final complicated strategy might suit some advertisers. In this strategy you will be replacing standard text ads only if the ad groups contain no expanded text ads. Software will only replace old text ads if they are the only ad type in the ad group. This strategy however will not remove all old standard text ads as it will not touch the ad groups with expanded text ads. Follow this tutorial to selectively update old standard text ads to expanded text ads.


Let us know in the comments below which strategy you would like to follow and why?

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