How To Enable Call Extensions in AdWords?

Call extensions are the easiest way to add your business phone number to your ads. Call extensions allow advertisers to include their business phone number in the search ads. People who are the viewing the ad can just tap on the call button to call you directly. Call extensions improve the customer engagement.

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How to enable call Extensions in AdWords?

Advertisers can enable call extensions for ads by following the simple steps listed below. It is recommended that you do this with the assistance of a professional if you are new to AdWords. You can set call extension at account, campaign and ad group level. Follow the steps listed below to enable call extensions.

  1. Log in to your AdWords account and click on “ad & extensions.”
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  2. Select “Extensions” and click on the “plus” (+) button.
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  3. When you click on the “plus (+)” button, you will see a drop-down menu. Select “call extensions” from this menu.
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  4. Choose whether you want the call extension to run on account or campaign or ad group level. Call extensions 4
  5. You can either create a new call extension or use an existing one (if you have any).
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  6. Choose the registered country of your phone number and enter your phone number that you want to show on your ads.
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  7. You can turn on or turn off call reporting. Call reporting shows detailed information about the calls you’ve received. Find out when calls were made and accepted, the duration of calls, and the caller’s area code.
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  8. You can set your own conversion action to track calls from ads. Otherwise, a default conversion action (“Calls from ads”) will be added to your account when you get your first call.
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  9. You can schedule your call extensions from the “advanced options” drop-down menu.
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  10. Device preference lets you indicate AdWords what device you are majorly focusing on. Ads with a checked box for Mobile are given preference for mobile devices. Standard text ads and extensions are granted choice on desktops, laptop computers, and tablets.


How to make the most of Call Extensions?

  • Avoid using a call extension on keywords under broad or modified broad match type.
  • Use a call extension on keywords under phrase and exact match types. This is to ensure that the user is ready to make a phone call as their searches match your keywords.
  • Set up Ad Scheduling. This is to make sure that your ads with a call extension trigger only when you are available to take calls.
  • You can use call-only campaigns for better results as call-only campaigns are a part of mobile-only campaigns. Your ads will be shown only to users who are on mobile devices. Hence, leading to a better chance of conversion.
  • Set up call conversion tracking to monitor the performance of the ads with call extensions enabled.

It is important to remember that Google counts a call as a click. The cost of the call is the same as the standard cost-per-click.

How do call Extensions in AdWords work?

As mentioned above, you can add call extensions to the account, campaign, or ad group level. You have to choose where to add them and then create a new call extension. You can also schedule the call extensions as to when you want them to appear.

To help expand your reach, call extensions can run on certain types of Display Network campaigns. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Phones only: Display Network call extensions show only on high-end mobile phones (not on desktops, laptops or tablets).
  • Call reporting: Display Network call extensions aren’t compatible with the “call reporting” option or with Google forwarding numbers.
  • Invalid campaigns: Call extensions aren’t available for Display Network campaigns that use remarketing, or Display Network campaigns with the marketing objective of “Mobile app installs” or “Mobile app engagement.”

Note: A call extension at an ad group level which is in a campaign that has a call extension will use the ad group-level call extension. The call extension at the campaign level will be overridden. Similarly, a call extension at campaign level will neglect a call extension at an account level.


When do Call Extension disclaimers appear?

Advertisers can use call extensions with toll-free, standard, mobile, shared-cost or non-standard cost numbers. If you use a shared-cost or non-standard cost number with your call extension, your extension will include a disclaimer saying that additional charges may apply. Here’s more information about both types:

  • Shared cost phone numbers use a billing method where recipients of an international phone call partially pay the costs.
  • Most providers don’t include non-standard cost numbers in a typical phone plan. So your customers might have to pay additional charges.

Conclusion –

Call extensions provide advertisers with an opportunity to encourage users to make calls. This action helps in user engagement and leads to better chances of conversion. And at AdNabu, we recommend our customers to use the call extensions, especially, when the shopping season is just around the corner.

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