What is a good strategy for call-only campaigns?

Good strategy for call-only campaigns?

Strategy for call-only campaigns is very similar to any other search campaign. The first step is to create a very structured AdWords campaign with long tail keywords and negative keywords to avoid competition. At AdNabu, we recommended never to have call-only ads run with regular text ads. Call-only ads are usually much more valuable to businesses than a click. And we have to reflect this in the bidding. If you have text and call-only ads in the same ad group, you cannot bid higher just for call-only ads.

Once a campaign is created with call only ads, you should decide the worth of a call. There are two ways to do this.


Every call is worth the same

This situation is very similar to a text search campaign with no conversion tracking enabled. The objective of the campaign is to maximize the number of calls to the business (very similar to maximizing clicks). The bidding for all AdGroups will be similar as there is no data to prove a call from one AdGroup is better than another. This is inefficient and one should strive to have conversion tracking for call only campaigns also. There are many countries where call conversions are not available and in this case, there would be no other option than to optimize for maximum calls

There is a conversion after the call

This is the ideal situation where we analyze the calls. And we also have data showing which calls resulted in more conversions. Try to maximize conversions by bidding higher for high converting keywords and lower for low converting keywords. it is highly suggested to use a bid optimization software for this repetitive work.

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