How to enable Callout Extensions in AdWords?


Callout extensions are one of the many AdWords extensions. Callout extensions allow advertisers to include callouts of their products in the search ads. Similar to extensions such as location, product, site links, call, etc., callout extensions improve your text ads. You can use callout extensions to show unique offers/add-on information to shoppers like free shipping, easy returns or 24×7 customer support.

Callout extensions ss

An ad with a live callout extension is shown in the screenshot above.

How to enable callout Extensions in AdWords?

Please note that callout extension can be set at account, campaign and ad group level. Hence, you need to plan out strategically as to at what level you want to use the callout extension. It is a good practice to provide general information at the account and campaign levels.  You can provide product-specific information at the ad group level. You can also use callout extensions in search network campaigns and search network with display-select campaigns. Once you have decided this, follow the steps listed below to enable callout extensions.  It is recommended that you do this with the assistance of a professional if you are new to AdWords.

  1. Log in to your AdWords account and click on “ad extensions” tab.
    Callout extensions 1
  2. Then click on “view” tab and select “callout extensions” from the drop-down menu.
    Callout extensions 2
  3. You can also adjust the level (account, campaign or ad group) of the extensions from the tabs on the right. I have selected “account extension” to add the callout extension at the account level. You can select campaign or ad group as per your need.
    Callout extensions 3
  4. After selecting callout extension’s level from the tabs on the right, click on “+ extensions.”
    Callout extensions 4
  5. You will see a page with the list of your existing callout extensions (blurred) and an option to add a new one. Click “+ new callout extension.”
    Callout extensions 5
  6. When adding a new callout extension, you will see a window with different fields. It looks like in the screenshot below. Specify the text of the extension, device preference, start/end dates, and you can also schedule callout extensions.
    Callout extensions 6
    Note: The time zone is the time of your account when you are scheduling callout extensions. The text can be up to 25 words. Hit “save” once you are done filling up all the fields.

What are the benefits of Callout Extensions?

  • Highlight your business offerings –  You can attract more visitors by promoting different unique features of your products ad business.
  • Customize the extensions – Callout extensions come with the flexibility to be added to the account, campaign, or ad group level. Hence, you can customize the texts with generic information (account/campaign level) or specific information (ad group level).
  • Easy callout text update – Whenever you want to include or exclude any information from callouts, you need not change the ad copy as a whole. Instead, you can just modify the callout extension text while keeping the ad copy unhindered.
  • Reports and optimization – AdWords shows you the details of clicks with callout extension and clicks without it. You can use this information to optimize your campaigns to garner better ROI.

How do Callout Extensions in AdWords work?

As mentioned above, you can add callouts at the account, campaign, or ad group level. You have to choose where to add them and then create the callout text. You can also schedule the callouts as to when you want them to appear.

It is a good practice to provide general information at the account and campaign levels. Information which applies to your business as a whole, (like “24/7 phone support”). You can provide accurate information at the ad group level, (like “men’s skates” or “40% off 2GO shorts”). Google doesn’t charge you extra include callouts. However, AdWords will charge you as usual for clicks on your ad.

Note: Callouts at an ad group level which is in a campaign that has callouts will use the ad group-level callouts. The system will override the callouts at the campaign level.

Conclusion –

Callout extensions provide generic as well as detailed information to users. The information can help you capture more leads while helping them make an informed decision. It is true for most advertisers that callout extensions have an impact on metrics like click-through rate and conversion rate. Callout extensions also add to the aesthetics of your ads, it makes them more professional and trustworthy. And, at AdNabu, we recommend our customers to use the callout extensions, especially, when the shopping season is just the corner.

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