Steps to Increase the Conversion Rate of Shopping Campaigns


Most of us are well aware of the potential of Google Shopping campaigns. Shopping ad campaigns have the edge over Search ad campaigns for e-commerce stores and retailers whose products are visually attractive. But, can the shopping do better? Can retailers improve the conversion rate of shopping campaigns? The answer is yes. But first, we need to understand that click-through rate and conversion...

Basics of Tracking in AdWords


AdWords provides valuable insights into campaign performance such as ad impressions, clicks, clickthrough rates etc. However, AdWords tracking can help advertisers achieve a lot more. From information about what devices are best working for you to traffic segregation of different Google advertising networks, advertisers can access this information by including tracking settings under URL options...

How is the new Enhanced CPC going to change the bidding game?


A little about the basics of CPC and auctions – To understand enhanced CPC (cost-per-click), let’s recap the concept of cost-per-click and how auctions work. Cost-per-click is the bidding strategy in Google AdWords. Google, therefore, charges an advertiser only when a user clicks on their ad copy. The link in the ad copy redirects the user to the landing page. Google rules out the cost for...

How much should you bid for your Call-Only Campaign in AdWords ?


How much should we bid for Call-Only Campaign? The shortest answer to this question is you should bid higher, a lot higher for your call-only campaign. Explanation: We are going calculate how much we need to bid for call-only ads. Let us assume that the text search campaigns are running at 10$ per conversion and the average conversion ratio is 10%. Then your text search campaigns are giving you...

What is a good strategy for call-only campaigns?


Good strategy for call-only campaigns? Strategy for call-only campaigns is very similar to any other search campaign. The first step is to create a very structured AdWords campaign with long tail keywords and negative keywords to avoid competition. At AdNabu, we recommended never to have call-only ads run with regular text ads. Call-only ads are usually much more valuable to businesses than a...

Why you should never run AdWords Campaigns with Search Network & Display Select


If you are creating a new campaign via Google AdWords Interface, the default setting is Search Network with Display Select. This is however a very dangerous setting for campaign performance and is best avoided. It is a very well known fact that display network and search network will have drastically different conversion ratio. Hence it is important to have separate bids for the same keyword in...

Why Conversion Tracking is absolutely Important for AdWords Campaigns


In an AdWords campaign, understanding which keywords work and which does not is core to the success of the campaign. Most advertisers only have visibility till the click level. They know how many clicks they got and how much they were charged but does not know whether these clicks were of any significance to them. Conversion tracking helps to keep track of clicks which resulted in a conversion...

What I Learned by Analysing Long Tail Keywords in Google Ads for Different Industries


Long Tail Keywords have long been a source of intense discussion among PPC and SEO experts. One can find tons of online articles explaining various strategies to rank better in organic search as well as paid search. At AdNabu, We focus a lot on long tail keywords by creating extensive and well structured Ads search campaigns. We believe that having as much granular data as possible about keywords...

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