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A handy guide for google ads beginners. The basic concepts of google ads are explained with illustration & examples to help readers understand better.

How to create Dynamic Search Ads in AdWords?


Dynamic search ads (DSAs) are an incredible approach to reach the traffic we never could target otherwise. They catch different searches that for which we don’t have ads. These targets can lead a way to explore more opportunities. Dynamic search ads can boost the potential of your search campaigns. We will learn more about DSAs and how to set up DSA campaigns in this blog. What are Dynamic...

How to create Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns in AdWords?


You must have heard that Google Shopping is on the rise. More and more advertisers are detaining budgets to run shopping ads. But, is the shift from Search to Shopping profitable? Not always. However, you can make it productive. And I will explain the “how” in this blog. Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns are the “how” that can help bring in more customers to your website and...

A Guide To Google Ads Extensions


In this guide to Google Ads Extensions, here is all that you will learn: What are Google Ads Extensions?Automated Google Ads ExtensionsManual Google Ads ExtensionsBenefits of Google Ads ExtensionsGeneric Ad Extensions Best PracticesExtension-specific Best Practices Google Ads Extensions: Ad Extensions is a feature through which advertisers can show additional business information such as address...

How To Enable Sitelink Extensions in AdWords?


Sitelink extensions allow advertisers to add more links to their ads. These additional sitelinks can take people to specific pages on advertiser’s website, be it store hours, a particular product or more. When someone clicks or taps on these links, they skip right to what they want to know or buy. How to enable sitelink extensions in AdWords? Advertisers can enable sitelink extensions for ads by...

How To Enable Call Extensions in AdWords?


Call extensions are the easiest way to add your business phone number to your ads. Call extensions allow advertisers to include their business phone number in the search ads. People who are the viewing the ad can just tap on the call button to call you directly. Call extensions improve the customer engagement. How to enable call Extensions in AdWords? Advertisers can enable call extensions for...

How To Enable Location Extensions in Google Ads?


What are Location Extensions in Google Ads? Get your business located Location extensions allow advertisers to include their store address in their search ads. Advertisers can also add a map pin or the distance between the user and the store location. People can get further details about store locations around them with a click or tap the extension. Advertisers can also include a phone number or...

How To Enable App Extensions In AdWords?


App extensions are one of the many AdWords features. App extensions allow advertisers to include an option to download their apps in the search ads. How to enable App Extensions in AdWords? Advertisers can enable an app extension for ads by following these simple steps listed below. It is recommended that you do this with the assistance of a professional if you are new to AdWords. You can set an...

How To Enable Review Extensions In AdWords?


What’s the best way to get more customers? Our existing Customers saying good things about our business. Right? That is what Google feels too. And they have launched Review extensions. With review extensions, you can share those positive write-ups, awards, and third-party rankings with potential customers. You can add an additional line beneath your ads on Google Search. These good reviews are...

Keywords Research Guide – Find the Right Keywords for you Business


Keywords Research Guide by AdNabu When it comes to keywords research for Google AdWords, we often come across these standard questions like “What is the most effective and creative way to pick keywords for an ad group/campaign?” and “Which kind of match type should we use?” Whether you are a newbie or an AdWords expert, finding the right keywords for your PPC ad campaign can be time-consuming and...

Automatic item updates in Google Merchant Center


Product feed, website microdata, and automatic item updates Google Merchant store What bad could happen if your feed in merchant center and microdata on your website aren’t synchronized? Firstly, Google will disapprove your product listing ads (PLAs), but this isn’t all. You will be losing out on some potential impressions which could have lead to a conversion. And yes, this is bad. Even if your...

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