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Website Conversion Tracking for AdWords


Website Conversion Tracking for AdWords Now that your campaigns are ready to work its wonders, website conversion tracking is the last thing to the setup and also one of the most important things as it will help you analyze your campaign performance and optimize later. We recommend to never start your campaigns without setting up website conversion tracking. Depending on the business type...

AdWords webinar on Google AdWords with Leadsquared


PPC marketing is an ocean in itself, be it a professional marketer or a rookie, everyone has a plethora of questions, answers, and opinions. To help fellow PPC marketers find their ground, AdNabu went live answering questions on an AdWords¬†webinar hosted by Leadsquared titled Google AdWords Tutorial –¬† A Comprehensive FAQ for PPC Marketers. Around 100 odd PPC marketing related questions...

Bulk Update Old Standard Ads to Expanded Text Ads in Google AdWords


Many of you requested for a feature to bulk update old standard ads to expanded text ads. We heard you and we have come up with a tool which does exactly that! I will talk more about how to use this tool later. We have already talked about why it is important to upgrade to expanded text ads. You can no longer create or edit old standard ads in AdWords. Even if this was not the case, it is highly...

How to configure monitoring using Pingdom and AdNabu


UPDATE : This feature is no longer available The following is a step by step procedure on how to setup a monitoring check in Pingdom and configuring an alerting webhook. Login to AdNabu Login if you already have an account. Enable Campaign Monitoring Once Logged in, you will be able to go to the monitoring dashboard. The dashboard will contain your adwords account details or in case of an MCC...

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