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New Google AdWords Features Announced at SMX Advanced 2018


At the Search Marketing Expo Advanced, Google announced new Google AdWords features. These features include expansion of affiliate location extensions, competitive pricing insights, and updates on Google Shopping Actions program. Below are the new Google AdWords features announced at SMX Advanced 2018: EXPANSION OF AFFILIATE LOCATION EXTENSIONS TO YOUTUBE MOBILE FRIENDLY LOCAL CATALOG ADS ON...

AdWords Ad Suggestions – Pros & Cons of Google’s new AdWords Feature


Most of you must have already started seeing AdWords Ad Suggestions card in the Recommendations tab of Google’s new AdWords interface. If you aren’t, don’t worry. You shall see them soon. I want to discuss this new addition, AdWords ad suggestions, in-depth in this article. If you are wondering what is there to discuss, trust me, there is a lot. Let’s dive right in! HOW...

A Compilation of All AdWords Updates of 2017


Google AdWords, as we all know, is the face of Pay-Per-Click Marketing. Google owns almost 70% of the internet search volume. Consequently, Google’s 97% of the revenue is from advertising. What does this mean for Google? – Hint: AdWords Updates – This means that Google has to check and balance the performance of AdWords, day-in and day-out. Google especially has to keep the interests...

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