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Ultimate Guide on Shopify backup and Restore


If you’re an eCommerce store owner, you’re probably operating it via the Shopify platform. Yes, such is the reach of the world’s largest platform Shopify.  Users worldwide consider using the platform as it allows individuals and organizations to manage their businesses alike. Given the flexibility that it provides, the platform has been a go-to option for its versatility.  The...

Why is My Shopify Store not Working?


The eCommerce trend is soaring at an all-time high! The pandemic that started last year has changed the course of businesses, pushing the eCommerce industry to new heights.  Among a majority of other platforms, Shopify continues to dominate its position as the third-largest and arguably one of the best eCommerce platforms.  However, the numerous tasks that you need to tick off before...

What is the Shopify disaster recovery?


Shopify has disaster recovery backups of their whole platform – as well as every account on it – in case of a calamity. The backups are updated on a regular basis.  The aim of a disaster recovery backup is to restore the complete Shopify platform in the event that something occurs to their primary data centers, such as a natural disaster resulting in a flood or a malicious assault by...