What is a Click in Google AdWords?

What is a Click?

We are familiar that Google AdWords is an online pay-per-click advertising service. Google charges an advertiser only when someone clicks on their advertisement, but not the basis of impressions or CTR of an ad.

In search and shopping campaigns an interaction with an ad is a click. A click is when the cursor of the mouse deliberately clicks on the displayed advertisement and causes a redirection to the landing page.

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An instance when the user doesn’t reach the landing page due to any reason is still considered as a hit.

What is an invalid click?

Google processes every hit to determine where it is genuine. Some reasons can lead a to invalidity.

  • A second (extra) hit like when a user double-clicks an ad consciously or unconsciously
  • Manual clicks on ads by individuals to increase profits of self or to increase ad cost of rivals
  • Google also considers Automated clicks using tools, robots or Softwares as illegitimate

When invalid clicks are identified, they are automatically excluded from an advertiser’s reports. They don’t count as clicks. Hence they aren’t charged for by Google.

Although Google charges only for click, AdNabu recommends advertisers to design ads that are appealing to maximize the CTR. CTR helps improve the Quality Score, and a high-quality score directly affects the bidding. We have a dedicated blog that explains how AdWords bidding works.

To learn more about AdWords basics, advanced concepts, and expert tips, visit our blog. For any other queries about AdWords or AdNabu, write to us, we will get back to you within a jiffy.

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