Six eCommerce Email Marketing Tips to 5X Your Conversions

If you are an email marketer, you will agree to this – one of the best tools that every eCommerce can use in their marketing campaigns is email. 

With a greater reach at a lesser investment and an easy to set up process, emails can let you achieve an  ROI (Return on Investment) of 4,400%, which is unparalleled for any other digital marketing tool. 

This is enough of a reason to put more money into your email campaigns because the benefit you can gain from a heavily segmented email marketing setup is huge!

The stats back this up too: close to 81% of SMBs (Small and Medium Business) depend on emails as their primary channel for customer acquisition online. 

But as effective as email marketing is, it is impossible to garner good results by only sending out great emails. You have got to keep the right plan of action in mind too. 

After all, sending excellent emails to a wrong prospect at the wrong time can be a lost opportunity for you and spews a bad name for your brand. However, pull the same tactic on the right customer, and you have won over a new lead for your business! 

And we are here to help you do that. Check out these six email marketing tips that can boost your conversions by 5x and make your business soar high with new raving fans! 

Tip #1 – Create a Plan!

When was the last time something fantastic worked out for you without you planning it? We know what you will say – nothing! 

So, why keep your email campaign (something you’ve invested your money and effort in) on fate? 

Just like every other marketing campaign, you need to sit and phase out an email plan that can help fetch maximum revenue for your business.  

Detailing out the campaigns well beforehand gives you time to figure out what the end goal is. And once the motive is clear, crafting an email marketing campaign that can convince a customer to go forth and click becomes a smooth job. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie in the world of email marketing or a veteran, each of your campaigns must have these core areas outlined if you want to achieve effective results – 

  • The purpose of the email campaign: Since we are concentrating on conversions, ensure that your email can provide a nudge to a customer to proceed to the next action step and convert from a lead to a customer.  
  • The target audience: You have got to answer “who am I targeting” before you click on send! This can help you craft an email that is enticing enough to gauge the attention of your audience and help them move to your sales funnel faster. 
  • The expected outcome: What do you expect out of this campaign? Are you looking for more traffic to the site? Or do you expect a certain number of sales? 

It is crucial to keep a clear goal so that you can put the next plans in place after achieving the desired results. 

Tip #2 – Segment Your Audience 

Segmented emails have a 100.95% higher click rate as opposed to unsegmented emails. That’s the power of segmentation. 

As an eCommerce company, you may have multiple buyer personas in different stages of the buying cycle. There is no “one-size-fits-all” in email marketing, so segment your leads constantly.

Individual buyers are always changing, and blasting the same email to all of them won’t do you any favors. In fact, as many as  1/3rd of customers pointed out relevance to be one of the main reasons they even subscribed to company emails. 

This only reflects one thing: customers need relevant messaging, and you can only do that once you segment your email list. 

Once you start separating your audience according to their user behavior, targeting them with relevant email becomes super easy. 

For example, you will know that a good discount on a product is a great incentive to lure a repeat customer when they are looking to buy again. It just gives them that little nudge to visit your site and boost your business in the process.

Tip #3 – Personalize Your Communication 

We know that by now, you have a fair idea that email marketing cannot be used as a standardized solution. To drive your strategy to success, you need to get into your customers’ shoes (and walk a mile)!  

Customers hate being a part of the crowd, and rightly so. Hence, to formulate a successful email marketing campaign, make sure it is personalized. 

Personalized emails can bring you 6x transactional rates, and they work well in helping you develop that personal touch with your customer. But how to do it effectively? 

One of the most constructive ways to personalize your campaign is to leverage segmentation. Utilizing the information you have about your customers and segmenting them in groups based on their interests and demographics can be an excellent way to present them with information that they will need or care about. 

There are so many different ways you can personalize an email.  The most common one is to use their names as a greeting. However, you can delve even deeper and find even more common connections.

If they shop a particular type of product from you, for example, you can send them blogs and sneak peeks of upcoming products in that category. It will delight them to no end and make them feel like they are interacting with a person rather than just a brand. 

Ultimately, it is all about keeping the customer on-board and enjoying their repeated business, so keep trying out different ways to personalize each email. You will notice an upward trend in the number of conversions for your eCommerce site.

Tip #4 – Make Your Emails Mobile Optimized 

It is no secret that the world is moving towards mobile. Purchases on eCommerce via mobiles are touted to hit $3.56 trillion in 2021. That is a massive number and a huge chunk to take from if you’re an eCommerce company. Mobile accounts for up to 46% of email opens as well, with that number looking only to grow.

The same way you ensure your website is mobile optimized, you need to run emails that are mobile-friendly as well. People should be able to absorb all the content you put in your emails, and it needs to convey the message within that small rectangular space. Because if your emails are not mobile-optimized, you are losing a lump of prospective customers from your bucket. And, that’s A LOT OF potential revenue lost!

Creating Mobile-Optimized Emails:

The above example is a great way to go about creating mobile-optimized emails. The text is short and sweet, while it also conveys how the iPod Touch is an excellent gift for your loved one. 

They also have a great Call to Action (CTA) that pushes the customer to go and explore their other features leading to conversion.

Some tips to keep in mind while crafting mobile-friendly emails include –

  • Shorter subject lines (5 to 7 words)
  • Shorter CTAs (2 to 4 words)
  • Choose images that convey a message by themselves (Refer to the heart-shaped example above)
  • Make sure there is a clear pre-header text that nudges the customer to open and explore your email

Tip #5 – Automation is the Way to Go!

A good email marketing campaign is one where the sender does the least amount of work. Confused? Don’t be, because we are talking about automation! 

While the critical aspect of crafting the content and the strategy still fall in your hand, you need to automate your email sending process.

That is where a good email service provider comes in. Your email service provider will do the hard work of automating your emails for you. 

Once you segment the list as per your buyer’s persona, you can start sending out emails in bulk. By choosing the email list, you can send an email blast that goes into their inboxes at the click of just one button. The email service provider saves you much time and gives you efficient results of the email campaign.

If you have good email service providers such as Constant Contact, or Active Campaign, automating your entire campaign becomes hassle-free. However, if you don’t want to bank on just one tool yet, it’s always wise to try all alternative ESPs to test out different templates for the same list and see which one responds better.

This experimental option makes it simpler to choose a tool that helps create emails that convert better while being easy to access. We suggest you go ahead and choose strong templates with proven track records of conversion, allowing you to plug and play as you please. 

Tip #6 – Measure the Success of Your Email Campaign 

Nothing tastes better than success. More so in email campaigns, because they set a precedent for your next ones! 

You need to constantly review each email campaign’s performance so that you can build upon the positives and learn from the negatives of each one.

Goal Setting 

In the planning stage, set your goals expected from an email campaign, and once deployed, see if the emails were of any good. If the campaign worked, it means you can continue sending the same type of communication, and depending on your metrics: higher clicks, or higher sales conversions, you can measure the success of a campaign. 

Keep experimenting when it comes to emails because there is no sure-shot formula for success. 

The more you do, the better are your chances of finding a path that gets maximum returns for you. Good email campaigns always begin with hits and misses, but once they begin to pick up, you will start seeing a massive boost in conversions.

Closing Notes

Emails are one of the best ways to reach out to your eCommerce audience, and you need to ensure that you also choose the right tools. Many companies only know about MailChimp to be their go-to tool because of their popularity in this segment, but there is a catch – their pricings can burn a deep hole in the pocket for a business like yours. 

This is why it is important to look for alternate email service providers that can fetch you great returns for your email campaign. 

Make sure you always take insights from each campaign and use them for the next one and keep segmenting your audience until they begin to respond positively to your emails. That way, you will have repeat customers and also understand how to work with new customers whenever they shop online. 

While we have only explored the simple and the most effective tips that can boost your conversions, the possibilities of converting your leads through emails are practically endless!

Keep segmenting, crafting good content, and keeping your communication aligned to your core segment’s needs and preferences. As long as you are keeping all factors in sync with your audience’s wants – you are on the right track. 

In the long run, your campaigns will soon fetch you good traffic of visitors ready to become subscribers of your brand. That’s the value of email marketing, and the sooner you understand this, the faster you will be able to reap its benefits.

All the best!

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​This blog is written by Rohan Mendiratta. He is a bearded marketer who helps small businesses and marketers engage with their audience more affordably via SendX: Email Marketing Software. Say hi to him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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