Etsy Tracking

Etsy sellers are not required to offer Etsy tracking to their customers By Etsy. As an Etsy buyer, it’s nice to have Etsy tracking.  But this can be an added cost in regards to shipping your package through a specific company, and therefore Etsy Shop owners do not have to add tracking information to their orders.

Etsy also has the option for tracking your shipments on its site using Etsy tracking!

Etsy is a marketplace where you may list and sell your handmade items to a wide range of customers from all around the world.

When you buy anything from an Etsy store, you can be sure that you’re impatient for it to arrive in the mail!

Customers appreciate knowing that their Etsy package is on its way, and it’s occasionally exciting to learn where it is in the world while you wait.

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Does Etsy Tracking is a necessity?

There are several types of shipping that do not include tracking information, such as USPS, FedEx, and other carriers. As a result, sellers are not required to track a package.

Most vendors and store owners, on the other hand, will disclose this information to their clients. While it’s lovely to know what’s going on with your delivery, your vendor isn’t required to provide that information.

Ask your vendor about Etsy tracking your shipment!

Etsy Tracking in 2021

Do Etsy Sellers Have to Offer Etsy Tracking?

Because Etsy sellers are not required to, nor are they obligated to, track your item, you may opt out of this service.

Etsy shop owners are not required to provide tracking information for their orders or shipments since this is an extra expense when sending your package through a specific courier.

However, it is worth remembering that Etsy store owners like to include tracking on their shipments since it is beneficial for both the client and their business in the long run.

Customers prefer to purchase from businesses that provide package tracking, and they like to know when their shipment will arrive.

Communication is essential, and so is client happiness!

Does Etsy Encourage Etsy Tracking for Packages?

Many eCommerce sites, on the other hand, encourage their online sellers to use Etsy tracking software.

It’s a good idea to keep this option in mind while selling on, despite the fact that it isn’t expressly encouraged.

This is for two excellent reasons:

  • Proof of Delivery
  • Customers and Communication

A good small business is founded on excellent products and happy customers, so be sure to take pride in your work!

#1: Communication and Happy Customers

It’s always great to know when your package is going to arrive at your home, as we previously stated.

Customers want to know where their package is after they have received it by using a tracking number. This makes the customer feel as if their money was not sent into the void with no results.

Customers are also more inclined to purchase from a store that offers package tracking, as this is an excellent feature to have when purchasing expensive, handcrafted items from a small business owner.

Customers like it when a package is late; tracking it allows them to keep track of it.

Though it can be difficult, USPS has a lot of resources for locating your mail or packages if they are delayed due to weather. Packages can get stuck in snowstorms or other severe conditions – so knowing that your item is resting somewhere in Wisconsin while the storm rages on might provide you some relief.

Customers are also concerned that the package hasn’t been sent yet, or worse, has been lost.

#2: Proof of Delivery

The worst thing a consumer can do is lie about the status of their purchase.

There are people who will state that they never received the items you delivered and demand a refund, even if this isn’t true. This is generally a technique that these individuals use to try and get either their money back, a benefit from the store owner, or a second item for free.

When something like this happens, Etsy will investigate the situation on behalf of the client and inquire with the shop whether they sent the package and whether it was the correct goods.

If the store doesn’t have a status tracker to prove that the goods were delivered, they may lose money or be required to send out another product for free even if everything was done correctly.

Etsy has a wonderful system in place to track your shipments. You can be certain that the shipping carrier you use was able to deliver the package on time and in good condition using Etsy tracking.

You may also use the sample data to disprove a consumer’s lies and prevent you from losing your hard-earned money.

There is a little extra cost for adding a tracking feature, but many merchants discover that it is well worth the expense in terms of shipping compared to having this problem later.

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Does Adding Etsy Tracking Cause More Work for Sellers?

Etsy tracking may be added to your outgoing shipments with little effort.

It’s quite simple to track a shipment since it goes on the standardized delivery label from carriers like FedEx or the United States Postal Service. The number is supplied to you after you agree to pay for tracking, and then you can give that information to the consumer.

Adding Etsy tracking information to your orders is straightforward: just follow these three easy steps.

  • Mark the order as Complete.
  • Choose the order you want to track
  • Click to edit that order and add tracking.
  • Choose a delivery date and send your buyer their tracking information via an email message.

After you’ve designated a shipment for tracking, the customer may check on it from anywhere by using the internet!

At that point, it’s entirely out of the seller’s hands, but you should always make sure your shipments were delivered and in good working order.

After all, that’s how you earn a five-star rating!

Does it Cost More to add Etsy Tracking to Your Package?

Depending on who you hire to ship your items, adding tracking information may cost extra.

For the USPS, a tracking number might cost as much as $0.90 per shipment.

Many vendors add the cost of shipping to the selling price, which is rolled into their regular delivery expenses. Then, your shipping label has a tracking number that you can use to track the package’s progress or pass along to the buyer.

FedEx, for example, will roll the fee into your total shipping charge without expressly stating how much it is. The cost can differ based on the size or weight of the items you send out.

Making a Profit after Etsy Tracking

The cost of transporting your items is included in the selling price on each Etsy store, which might slightly raise the retail price of each item.

You can increase the price of your item to eleven or even fifteen dollars if it costs around ten bucks but you want to make sure you include shipping and tracking charges. This will allow you to keep your earnings while also avoiding a financial loss on shipping and tracking expenses.

The nice thing about Etsy is that clients are aware of each product’s handcrafted, and lovingly transported worldwide – and they frequently pay whatever it takes for it.

Simply be sure that you’re being precise with clients and don’t charge them more than is necessary.

How are Customers Protected When There’s no Etsy Tracking?

Customers may not know where their item is or even if you’ve sent it yet when there’s no Etsy tracking displayed on a shipment.

This is a major concern for some people who invest their money. As a result, they believe there is no assurance that they will ever get that package. Alternatively, if they do receive it, when will it arrive? This makes the customer feel vulnerable since he or she has spent money on an item that will never materialize.

To minimize this, offers buyers the option of requesting refunds if their shipment does not arrive or contacting their shop owner to find out what is going on.

Customers are more likely to trust sellers who provide tracking numbers. It protects their interests, and even though the non-arrival of their package may be inconvenient or feel like a loss, customers can sleep well knowing that they can tell the merchant to try and correct the problem or ask for their money back.

The tracking function is commonly used by merchants to prevent a negative review or a request for cashback, but you don’t have to use Etsy tracking on everything – simply let your consumers know that you won’t be utilizing it.

Should You Not Use Etsy Tracking?

Etsy shop owners almost always utilize the tracking feature on their shipped products.

However, if you don’t want to include tracking on your items, you should consider the possibility that buyers will dislike it.

Many individuals these days expect a tracking number to be included with their purchase. If you don’t provide one, your consumers may not appreciate it.

Customers who are indifferent to the product’s arrival time may be patient enough for the package to arrive at their home, as opposed to those who are concerned.

Whatever option you select, be sure to communicate with your consumers openly and honestly – stating whether or not you provide Etsy tracking on your store. This will allow you to improve your stellar evaluations while also preventing someone from accusing you of deceptive them during the transaction.

Finally, if you’re not going to use Etsy’s tracking system, keep in mind that you may not always know whether the box was delivered on time and safely unless the buyer leaves a review with a photograph of the product.

Be careful and honest while you go about your day!

How to do Etsy tracking For your Etsy orders?

  • Etsy allows you to keep track of most purchases made on its website or mobile app.
  • Etsy sellers are not obligated to supply tracking data unless they have previously stated that they would.
  • If you don’t have an Etsy account, you may still get a notification with tracking data.

Once you’ve finally located the vintage necklace you were looking for on Etsy, it’s only natural that you want to complete your purchase right away.

Fortunately, both the Etsy website and mobile app enable you to keep track of purchases you make through your account. There are, however, a few restrictions.

First and foremost, Etsy sellers are not obligated to provide you with a tracking number unless it is stated otherwise. Etsy will always inform you when the order has been shipped, but you won’t be given a tracking number to track its progress. This means that if there’s a problem, you’ll need to speak with the vendor directly.

Second, you can’t use the website or app to track if you don’t have an Etsy account. Instead, keep an eye out for a shipment email.

How to use Etsy tracking to track your Etsy order via the website

1. Visit the Etsy website and sign in to your account by clicking the “Sign in” button in the top right corner.

2. Select “Purchases and Reviews” from the drop-down menu after logging in.

How to use Etsy Tracking to track your Etsy orders

3. Look for the “Track Package” option next to your purchased goods. If it isn’t there, but your item has been labeled as delivered, then the seller hasn’t given you tracking numbers.

How to track your Etsy orders using Etsy Tracking

How to use Etsy tracking to track your Etsy order via the Etsy app

1. Open the Etsy app and make sure you’re signed in.

2. Tap “You” in the bottom toolbar, then tap “Purchases & Reviews.”

How to track your Etsy orders in 2022

3. Look for the shipment status to the right of the shop’s name, then scroll down until you find what you’re looking for. If it’s accessible, touch “Track Package” to obtain tracking information. If there isn’t a “Track Package” option, the seller doesn’t offer a tracking number.

How to use Etsy Tracking to track your Etsy orders

How to track your Etsy order as a guest

If you’re a guest and didn’t create an account on Etsy, keep an eye out for notification of delivery.

Almost every time, the item will be sent when you contact the seller. If the vendor offers greater tracking information than what’s included in this email, it’ll also be present.

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Faq on Etsy Tracking

What is Etsy Tracking?

You’ll see Track Package under the shipping status if the seller attached tracking information. To view tracking updates from the delivery carrier, click Track Package.

You may also use the supplied tracking number to obtain a comprehensive picture of your parcel’s journey from the seller’s home/warehouse to your front door.

How to use Etsy tracking without an Etsy account?

If you don’t have an Etsy account, you will be sent a shipment notification once your purchase has been dispatched. You may respond to the email receipt you received when placing your order if you want to communicate with the seller.

Do Etsy sellers have to provide Etsy tracking?

Etsy sellers are not required to, and they are not obligated to, provide Etsy tracking on your item. This might be an extra charge for sending your goods through a certain carrier, therefore Etsy shop owners do not have to include tracking data with their purchases or shipments.

Conclusion on Etsy Tracking

To summarize everything above, you may always check the status of your shipment on the Etsy app or Etsy’s official website. You can simply see where the order has been delivered and how long it will take to reach your area if the seller offers Etsy Tracking information.


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