With Expanded Text Ads deadline past, it's time to get a preview of the Expanded Text Ad benefits.

Why should you switch to Expanded Text Ads right away?

Expanded Text Ads (ETA) are the latest ad type from Google, which advertisers can use in Google AdWords. Google started experimenting this type of ads in Q2, 2016 and has made this the new default type for search campaigns. As a result of this as well as google’s decision to discontinue old ads, you can no longer create or edit old text ads.

According to Cisco, mobile data traffic will increase 7-fold from 2016 to 2021. Due to this, major companies to increase their focus on mobile phones including Google. Google introduced ETA  or Expanded Text Ads so as to create a unified ad experience across all the devices. In addition, your ads will look great on mobile screens compared to old text ads.

Expanded Text Ads
Standard Text Ad vs Expanded Text Ad

What are some differences between old text ads and expanded text ads?

In each parameter, we have explained the difference with an example of a text ad of a hotel in the city of Chicago.

Expanded Text Ads
Standard Text Ad vs Expanded Text Ad

Benefits of Expanded text ads format:

  • Expanded Ads give more characters (with more headlines and description space) to communicate and explain your service/product to customers. This helps viewers to better understand your offerings and the underlying brand story.
  • Also, Expanded Ads are almost 1.5x larger than the current text ads. This means more space on the screen which leads to an increased visibility and high CTR.
  • Expanded Ads look great on all kind of screen sizes and will have an enhanced experience as the ads get optimized according to the screen size. With this feature, you need not worry about the way the ads look across various devices.To sum up, your ads will look great and you can communicate your offerings loud and clear using the new ETA.

Therefore, it’s now time to bid adieu to the old text ads and exploit the best of Expanded Text Ads.

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