How to become a Google Premier Partner?


Google Premier PartnersBefore we discuss Google Premier Partners status, let me give you a brief on what is Google Partners program and why Google took this initiative. This information is an abstract of my article “How do you become a Google Partner?”.

What is Google Partners program and what is the need?

Google Partners program is an initiative by Google to help AdWords users find the best of AdWords help. Individuals or companies with Google Partners badge are verified and certified by Google. Users can approach such individuals or companies without worrying about the risk of fraud or unexpected outcomes. Advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and individuals who manage their own  AdWords accounts or for clients are eligible for this program.


Who are Google Premier Partners?

Google Partners program was a success. Many individuals and agencies got on board the Google Partners program. However, due to the increasing numbers of partners, Google wanted to classify further. Thus Google Premier Partners got into place. Google Premier Partners are partners with added responsibilities. Premier Partners have bigger targets to achieve. Premier Partners have higher expectations to live up to. And not to mention the classified benefits that Google offers.

Why become a Premier Partner with Google?

To start with, Premier Partners get a direct access to Google. Premier Partners are granted with support and information that is exclusive. There is no way around to get the same. Google teams provide seamless assistance to Premier Partners, not just with the product, but at business and administration levels too. Premier Partners also have an edge over the competition. They have better advertising packages to offer to their clients.

Premier Partners is focused on helping Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) compete with larger organizations in their domain. And the perks offered by Google to Premier Partners surely put them toe-to-toe with others.


How to become a Premier Partner with Google?

Becoming a Google Partner is not much of a task. But, you have to break a sweat to earn the Premier Partner badge. Regular interactions with Google support team is just the start. Google is going to put you and your account through scrutiny. From the business model and aesthetics to end-customer satisfaction are taken into consideration.

To draw a line between Google Partners and Premier Partners, Google has provided this table that throws light both.

Google Partners vs Google Premier Partners

Google assesses the company’s performance based on the AdWords manager account linked to the company profile. Different criteria that Google considers to determine Premier Partner’s progress are:

  • Client revenue growth
  • Client retention
  • Overall revenue growth
  • Growth in number of advertisers

Spend requirements are that Partners need to fulfill are as follows:

  • AdWords manager account that’s at least 90 days old
  • Spend activity in at least 60 of the last 90 days
  • At least $10,000 USD (or local currency equivalent) in total Google ad spend during the last 90 calendar days

And to earn the Premier Partner badge, companies must demonstrate higher spending levels. These spend thresholds vary by country and market area.

What are the advantages of working with a Premier Partner?

AdNabu is a Premier Partner with Google. Company specializations include Search, Mobile, Display and Shopping advertising. With in-house tools for campaign creation, optimization, growth hacking,  and support, AdNabu regularly meets the requirements of Google and expectations of its customers.

There are numerous benefits of working with a Premier Partner, be it AdNabu or others. Besides access to industry experts in PPC marketing, quick response from Google support for client queries is reserved for Premier Partners. What this means is that you can rest while we fix problems (if any) with your AdWords accounts in a jiffy.

To sum it up, becoming a Premier Partner can be an overwhelming task. It is achievable with persistence and a steady performance. However, working with a Premier Partner also has the same benefits as becoming a partner. So take your time and choose your step accordingly.


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