Bulk edit products in Google Shopping Feed for Shopify

Setting up your online store can be rewarding yet challenging. Your learning curve will be rather steep and you have to make sure that you understand the back-end very well. 

Regardless of the size of the store, users may come across situations where they need additional help to sort out the issue at hand. 

Here is a great solution for all those users of Shopify who are having issues with bulk editing products on their online stores.

Shopify Google Shopping Feed

What is the “Bulk edit products” feature in Shopify?

Shopify lets you set up an online or e-commerce store with great ease but it is a very powerful tool with various functions that you need to get to know very well before launching your store. 

Shopify has multiple features and functions that you can use in order to optimize your online store and make it the best. Some of these features might be great but some of them might require support from other Apps. 

Sometimes, there may be instances where you need to edit the same attribute in multiple products. Shopify provides a “Bulk edit” function that allows you to make changes to multiple products. You can also use this function to make edits to collections, stock, and even your clientele.  

Shopify Google Shopping Feed

Limitations of Shopify’s Bulk Edit Feature

Although it is a great feature to have, it comes with its drawbacks including overwriting existing data, and reimporting entire product data instead of being able to change individual parameters. 

but the biggest one by far is being able to edit a maximum of 25 products at a time. This might work for a few, but for others with a larger store and array of products, it is a cumbersome task. 

Sometimes, you could come across a situation where, for example, you might need to add a disclaimer to all your products and it can be very tedious to do it a few products at a time. Many users have faced this issue and have tried to find a solution but to no avail.

What is all about the “Bulk Edit products in Google shopping Feed” feature by AdNabu?

AdNabu provides a wonderful relief with its “Bulk edit” feature, which allows users to change the attributes of more than 25 products at one time. 

This feature is easy to use and helps save a lot of time because users can make quick edits to a range of products and attributes including title, age, gender, description, etc. 

Once you have made the required changes, they will immediately reflect on your Google Merchant Center. This is necessary because the customers will be able to view the changes that have been made.

Shopify Google Shopping Feed

How can you use the Bulk Edit feature in the Google Shopping Feed App?

Once you have the Easy Google Shopping Feed App, it becomes very easy to change multiple attributes or characteristics of products. Instead of spending additional time editing products in small batches, you can choose multiple or even all your products. 

Depending on your requirement, you can select a part of the products and choose the feature that you would like to make edits to, including simply adding, deleting, or updating details about a range of products. This becomes more useful as your product line grows bigger along with your business.

What steps should be followed to Bulk edit the products for the google shopping feed?

Bulk editing products with the Easy Google Shopping Feed App is as easy as ever. There is no more waiting or spending time making simple edits to your product line. Make sure to follow the steps below.

1. Log in to your store then navigate to the Google shopping feed app and find the products that you need to make changes to. If there are multiple products, click on the option in the red circle below.

Selecting multiple products

2. Once you have done that, will choose the visible ten products but also give you an additional option to select all the products in your store. This option is circled in red below, click on that,

Select additional products in shopify
Shopify Google Shopping Feed

3. Click on ‘Edit products’ next to the checkbox you had ticked in the first step in order to go into the attributes and change them. 

Select Edit Products

4. Once you click on Edit products, you will see the screen below. 

Select Fields to edit

5. Here, you can choose any attribute and include any kind of changes that you’d like to implement. 

Select your field

6. In the example here, the user is changing the Age group so they click on the drop-down menu under ‘Value’ and select the appropriate age group.

Select Age Group

7. Once you are done making the required changes, make sure to click Submit and they will appear in almost no time. 

Click submit button

8. Remember to update your feed so that the changes are also published to your Merchant Center.

Click Update Feed
Click Update Feed

If you need further information, visit the help section of the AdNabu website here: How to bulk edit products in Google Shopping Feed for Shopify?

Shopify Google Shopping Feed


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