Do you ever feel like you’re constantly struggling to get products approved on Google Shopping Shopify? Well, you’re not alone. Many online shoppers feel the same way because getting products approved can be a considerable challenge. But don’t worry – we’re here to help. 

How to Get Products Approved on Google shopping Shopify now 

Read on if you’re looking for a way to streamline your product approval process! This post will outline the solutions for account-level and product-level issues that will help you get products approved on Google Shopping Shopify faster and easier.

We’ll also provide tips and solutions on increasing your chances of being approved and discuss common mistakes customers make when trying to sell online. So read on to learn everything you need to know about getting products approved for sale online!

Requirements to get your products approved on Google Shopping Shopify

Get Products Approved on Google Shopping Shopify

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There are a few requirements that you need to meet for your products to be approved on Google Shopping Shopify:-

  • When selling items to a certain country, use the official language of that specific country. Use the official language for your website, the product data you apply, and the language you choose when registering your product data.
  • Tell your customers about your return and refund policy, the conditions at which you accept the return and refunds, the time frame in which you accept returns, how your user can apply for a return and refund policy, and when your user can request for refund.
  • Try to collect users’ personal information correctly and securely. Do not sell the personal information like contact numbers of your users, and neither upload your user’s personal pictures on your ads without their permission. 
  • Follow the relevant google shopping ads policies.
  • Verify and claim your website URL in Google Merchant Center.
  • Complete the website requirements by adding accurate contact information and doing the secure checkout process with the help of an SSL certificate in an HTTPS environment.

Common reasons for products getting disapproved on Google Shopping Shopify

There are a few reasons why products can get disapproved on Google Shopping. Still, the most common ones include Inaccurate product information, poor-quality images, Price Mismatch, incorrect product availability status, etc.

  1. Incorrect Product availability:

Suppose you submit your feed with the information that the product is in stock. While verifying it, Google discovers that it is unavailable on your website; Google will not approve your products. Therefore, Google will check for this state to make sure merchants follow this.

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Google needs to know that your products are available or are out of stock.

If your products are available for Pre-order, You should mention that your customers can pre-order this product in your Feed.

  1. Invalid images:

Suppose you visited a website and struggled to tell what kind of things were being sold because the graphics were so blurry. Would you desire the same thing for your client?

So is Google. Poor quality, inappropriate, and inaccurate images are always a no-no when building your product data feed, which will be why your product will be disapproved.

Images are an essential part of a Product page’s design, and if they need to be adequately formatted or sized, your store can look outdated and less professional. It is essential to be aware of the proper quality and image dimensions.

Try to take a photo of the product with white backgrounds to ensure that all images on your site are appropriate for display.

Invalid image error - Get Products Approved on Google Shopping Shopify

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Note: On shopify, your product or collection images can be of any size up to 4472 x 4472 pixels and file sizes up to 16MB.

  1. Incorrect price:

Suppose you are selling a woman’s watch that range between $30 to $60. In this process, you mistakenly type $600 as the product’s price in the Google Merchant Center when you update your feed.

Incorrect price - Get Products Approved on Google Shopping Shopify

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When the Google Shopping team reviews your products, they will notice that the price you entered is not the same as that of your shopify store. They will consider that an error and disapprove of that product.

  1. Incorrect landing page URL:

Suppose in Google Merchant Center you are clicking on some product link (URL), but by clicking on it, you need to go to the correct product landing page; instead, the page displays a 404 error or a bank page. 

In this case, the product will be simply disapproved because of the incorrect landing page URL.

  1. Problem with MPN or GTIN:

Suppose you have listed all of your products and want them to be promoted through google ads, but google doesn’t approve it and says, “you need to add GTIN or MPN.”

In this case, you need to fix the errors by entering the correct identifier value or understanding the impact of identifier-related errors. Otherwise, your product will be marked as disapproved by google.

  1. Missing Shipping and Tax information:

Suppose you forgot to add shipping and tax information for your products. In this case, you will receive an error message, and your product will be disapproved because google requires you to submit the exact shipping charges for your products; 

Indicate your state and the amount of taxes you owe if you are a United States citizen; in the (United States) US, different states have different tax rates.

  1. Prohibited/ Restricted Products:

You must know google doesn’t accept all harmful products into the network. Submitting them is against Shopping ads policies. The following list of dangerous products won’t appear in your Google Ads campaign due to shopping ads policies:

Restricted products - Get Products Approved on Google Shopping Shopify

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  • Dangerous Goods:

Google prohibits promoting some products that cause danger, injury, or damage because we want to keep people safe both online and offline.

Examples of potentially harmful content include nicotine products, recreational drugs (chemical or herbal), psychoactive substances, weapons, and equipment that makes it easier to use drugs. Other examples include firearms, ammunition, explosives, and tobacco products.

If you list any of these category products in your Feed, those products will be automatically disapproved by Google. If most of your products are in this category, then there is a high chance of your account being suspended.

  • Counterfeit Products:

A brand or logo that is substantially similar to or identical to the trademark or logo of another is present on counterfeit items. 

They mimic the brand characteristics of the product to pass for an actual offering from the brand owner. Google strictly forbids the marketing or sale of fake goods.

If you list any of these category products in your Feed, those products will be automatically disapproved by Google. If most of your products are in this category, then there is a high chance of your account being suspended.

This policy applies to both the website and your shopping advertising content.

Types of Issues involved in Product disapproval on Google Shopping Shopify

  1. Account-Level Issue

Account level issue refers to problems with the merchant center account related to your website. The merchant center account is reviewed regularly by Google. 

If it is found that your website was not in compliance with shopping ads policies, you will receive an account level issue, a warning email with the mentioned issues that you need to fix, and a timeframe in which to fix them.

Account level issues - Get Products Approved on Google Shopping Shopify

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  • Not having complete contact information on your Website.
  • If you are not using SSL certificates while doing payments and transactions. It comes under unsecured checkout.
  • Not including return and refund policies clearly on your website.
  1. Product-Level Issue

When it’s found that your product data needs to comply with the google merchant center product specification requirements, in that case, you will get a product-level issue & you’ll receive a warning email with the mentioned issues you need to fix and a timeframe in which to fix them.

Product level issues - Get Products Approved on Google Shopping Shopify

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Individual products submitted via data feeds, and the Content API for Shopping are regularly reviewed. Suppose the data you provide doesn’t match the product information on your website or doesn’t comply with the product data specification. In that case, these products will be disapproved and come under product-level issues.


  • If you have a product with an incorrect landing page URL and click on it, it leads to an error.
  • A user associating the same GTIN to two different products for a particular catalog will lead to a product-level issue.
  • Suppose you are not providing accurate shipping details to the products. This will create an error which will lead to a product-level issue.

How to fix the issues to get products approved on Google Shopping Shopify?

  1. Missing Value [gtin]


This error occurs when you do not enter the gtin value for your product.

The GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number) is an essential attribute that should be included in all your brands. It is a unique identification number that the manufacturer allocates.


You should only set the value of this attribute to no [no] or false [false] if you are positive that your product has no assigned unique product identifiers.

Missing value GTIN Error

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Products for which there is proof that a unique product identification exists but the identifier exists [identifier exists] property is wrongly set to no [no] or false [false] will not be accepted.

Note: The value for both conditions must be submitted in English.

  1. Invalid GTIN


This occurs when the entered value contains characters, is not numerical, has a numeric checksum, or has unmatched formatting with standard GTIN types.


To fix this, you must enter GTIN numbers as the manufacturer assigns them.

Suppose your product has a barcode. You can find the GTIN on the packaging.

  1. Insufficient Product Identifiers [GTIN,MPN,Brand]


This occurs when at least one of the needed two attributes is inaccurate or missing.


In the case of mass-produced products, you must give at least two-thirds of the attributes for product identifiers. This means either Brand+GTIN or Brand+MPN for products without GTIN.

It is recommended that all three attributes be submitted so that Google can fully get the details about your product and increase its visibility.

  1. Promotional tag on the image


This happens when the image has a promotional tag or texts overlaying it.


Use fresh and clear images without any promotional text on the product image. Once you have a fresh acceptable image, upload it to a new URL to get it approved faster by Google.

  1. Missing value [image_link]


The image link is missing for this product in the feed.


Download the report for the disapproved products and cross-check it with the product images. The image link attributes must include a valid image link. If the link is missing, add the new one.

  1. Violation of Shopping Ads Policy


There may be product attributes in your feed that Google algorithms believe violate its policies. The tricky part is that Google does not tell you which attribute violates their policies.

This is frequent in the case of cosmetics, medications, and other products that may fall into the restricted category.


First, Sign in to the Merchant Center account and check the affected products. Try to remove all the violating items from your product data feed. Now resubmit the product data by doing the manual changes and the last request for a manual review.

  1. Restricted products


This happens when you have a product that belongs to a restricted product category, as mentioned in google shopping guidelines.


Go to the restricted product list if you don’t find your products there. Directly contact Merchant Center Support through live chat to get an exact and detailed answer to your question.

  1. Unsecure Checkout


If you are not using SSL-encrypted (HTTPS) checkout pages, or if the pages do not have a valid SSL certificate, this error will appear.


For this, you need to buy an SSL certificate from your hosting provider to secure payments and transactions along with the user’s personal information.

Alternatively, you can use a free Let’s Encrypt certificate from your host provider account. 

  1. Missing Tax or Shipping


The No Tax warning typically appears when it is not enabled or set to default. If the shipping methods are not set to Active, there is no shipping error.


To fix the shipping issues, ensure it is set to Active and select the shipping method. Products that exceed the shipping restrictions must also be stated.

  1. Target location without Shipping or Tax details


Tax and shipping rates vary depending on different countries. Make sure you add the correct shipping & tax settings for that target location. 


You must provide or create separate tax and shipping rates for different locations to fix this. This is since both the United States and other nations require their tax rates and shipping procedures in the feed.

  1. Missing value [tax]


Missing value [tax] error comes when google cannot fetch tax value from the product feed in the google merchant center.


The taxes that you collect must be entered into the feed. If you have already done so, reload the feed to resolve the error or manually submit it using a new feed.

For a piece of detailed information on this error, go through the support article details.

  1. Missing value [shipping]


This can happen when an unspecific shipping method needs to be set to active.


 To fix this error, follow these steps.

  • Sign in to the Google Merchant Center account and check and correct the account level settings for the shipping services.
  • View the affected products if you are using product/item level settings to modify the shipping rules for specific products, and after that, correct the shipping cost for each item.
  • Once everything is done, resubmit the product data.
  1. Incorrect shipping cost


This happens when Incorrectly given shipping cost information can significantly alter the total. As a result, it is critical to offer accurate shipping charges, especially on a large scale, or risk account suspension.


Download the report for unapproved items and double-check that the shipping charges for all products are correct. By altering the properties in the data feed, you can also set shipping rates at the product level to provide more precise estimates.

It’s also a good idea to use the same currency that you indicated in your feed, even if you’re targeting different countries, to minimize discrepancies.

  1. Encoding problem (double UTF8 encoding)


This happens when the original feed file from the site or database utilized a different set of encodings, such as latin1/cp1251/ or others containing proprietary characters, special symbols, or diacritics, and was later encoded as UTF-8. An error occurs because such double encoding is not permitted.


To fix the problem stated in this Google Support thread, the original text should be encoded with UTF-8 and submitted to Google without any other encoding.

You may also improve it by eliminating any special symbols or characters, as well as any hidden white spaces, which would cause problems during encoding. To make things easy, start your feed in Google Sheets and save the descriptions in UTF-8 before re-uploading it to your feed.

  1. Unknown ‘Google product category’ value


The Unknown product category error indicates a failure to provide the relevant product category defined by the Google Product Taxonomy.


Sign in to the Google  Merchant Center account, check for the affected products, and specify each item with a valid google product category. After updating the product data, resubmit using update a feed, submit through the content API, or import product data from your shopify store.

  1. Missing value [color]


Color is an essential aspect of all clothing, including garments, jewelry, watches, belts, etc. Google also wants you to keep color names simple and select the dominant color when multiple options exist.


To fix it, sign in to the Google Merchant Center account. Go to the affected products and add the missing value: color [color] and provide the missing value for the attribute to resolve the issue. 

After you have updated product data, resubmit it using any of the following methods:-

  • update a feed.
  • Submit through content API.
  • Import content through the shopify store.
  1. Missing value [size]


This error occurs when you don’t enter the value in product size that doesn’t match the standardized sizes accepted by google.


To fix it, sign in to the Google Merchant Center account. Go to the affected products and add the missing value: size [size] and provide the missing value for the attribute to resolve the issue. 

After you have updated product data, resubmit it using any of the following methods:-

  • update a feed.
  • Submit through content API.
  • Import content through Shopify.
  1. Invalid value [price]


This error occurs when the price on the product feed is shown differently than on your website.


  • Download the report on disapproved items and check if the prices you entered match those on your website.
  • If everything is right, then the issue could be caused by currency switcher apps that translate your price to the currency of the country you’re selling in.
  • You might develop country-specific landing pages or domains/subdomains to deal with this issue.
  1. Missing value [description]


This happens when you have yet to write a description for your product or the length of the description needs to be longer.


The recommended shopping description should be 500 characters long. Optimizing descriptions using keywords to help with SEO is also strongly advised.

Descriptions should ideally concisely cover all of the information your prospect may be looking for. This also implies that the description should not be keyword-stuffed but rather strike a balance between what feeds the engine and captivates your customers’ interest.

  1.  Missing value [age group]


One of the most important attributes is age group, as many products are often created to meet a specific age range. If this attribute is not filled up for each product, the feed will have an error.


To fix it, sign in to the Google Merchant Center account. Go to the affected products and add the missing value: age group [age_group] and provide the missing value for the attribute to resolve the issue. 

After you have updated product data, resubmit it to google merchant center for approval.

  1. Missing value [gender]


Gender is a required characteristic for products in the clothes and accessories category.


To fix it, sign in to the Google Merchant Center account. Go to the affected products and add the missing value: gender [gender] and provide the missing value for the attribute to resolve the issue. 

After you have updated product data, resubmit it.


In conclusion, as you can see, getting products approved on Google Shopping Shopify is not a big deal. All it takes is some effort and consistency in your marketing strategy.

Most Shopify store owners wonder why they cannot get their products listed on Google Shopping, but with the strategies given above, it becomes easier to increase sales by leaps and bounds through this platform.

FAQs on How to Get Products Approved Google Shopping Shopify

How long does Google take to approve products?

Google may take about three working days to review items, images, landing pages, websites, etc., to verify the details against current shopping ad rules and policies if your products got a warning or were disapproved. In that case, the “Not Approved” status is removed as soon as the problem is fixed. The product is automatically re-reviewed 24 hours after you make the necessary changes to the posting and save it.

Why are my products not showing on Google Shopping?

There could be a few reasons your products are not showing up on Google Shopping. Firstly, There might be incorrect product information included in your product listings. Secondly, Optimize your listing for Google Shopping by using keywords that best match your product’s niche and target market. Lastly, ensure an excellent online presence by setting up website banners and creating powerful user reviews for buyers and sellers. 

How do I get my product approved on Google Shopping?

There are a few things that you will need to get your products approved for Google Shopping. The first is to create a Google Merchant Center account with a product listing page, which must be optimized for mobile and desktop devices. With that, It should have accurate information about the product, including price, color, material(s), size, product title, and product description. Lastly, The images used in the listing must be high quality and representative of what is included in the purchase.


Karthik Ramachandiran is the SEO Manager at AdNabu. He loves to help Shopify stores grow their business with Google Shopping & Google Ads, using advanced features like multi-currencies, multi-languages, and Metafields. Karthik has a lot of experience in SEO and Content Marketing. Also, he enjoys exploring new ways to make content more effective for both readers and search engines.