How to Add Shopify Products to Google Shopping

How to Add Shopify Products to Google Shopping ?

Google Shopping is a great way to increase online traffic and sales. If you don’t sell your products through Google Shopping, your customers may be unable to find them. This article will show you how to add Shopify products to Google Shopping. If you follow this blog, you will know everything about it and can add shopify products without hassle. Let’s get started!

Shopify Google Shopping Feed

Google Shopping: What and How Does It Work?

Google Shopping is a shopping platform that allows users to search and compare prices for products. Shoppers can find and research products from online stores all over the web using Google’s search technology, directing you to where you can make purchases. 

What is Google Shopping?

Google uses its massive data collection to identify the best deals on products, so Customers can save money while still getting the exact product they’re looking for. Soon after starting a search, you’ll see images of related products and links to more details, including the online stores where you can buy them. 

How does it work?

Google Shopping lets shoppers view product information from merchants regularly updated by online store owners. It receives product information feeds from a merchant. The fact that this product information is direct from the merchant allows us to display the most recent prices, offers, and product availability.

What should you do before running Google Shopping Ads?

A lot goes into effective Google Shopping Ads and some things you can do before running them to get the most out of your campaigns. 

1. You must have a Google account or open a new one if you don’t already have one.

2. Then, set up an account in the Google Merchant Center.

3. You should connect your Google Merchant Center and Google account.

4. You should create a feed from which you can upload your product data to Google Merchant Center. Can update a feed after it has been registered without registering it again. Every new Feed must complete this step.

You can start setting up the shopping campaign for your online store once these steps are completed.

Google Merchant Center: What is it? Is it free?

The Google Merchant Center is a platform that enables you to upload your store products to Google. It enables millions of people to discover, explore, and purchase your products. It offers you various methods to get the right products to customers, thanks to its family of features and detailed reporting tool. Yes, Google Merchant Center is completely free.

What is Google Merchant center?

To use Google Shopping, you must create an account with Google Merchant Center and add your Shopify store to the Merchant Centre. After that, you must upload your product data to the merchant center. Once this has been done, it’s pretty straightforward to add Shopify products to your online store using the following methods: the Manual way or the Automatic way by using AdNabu’s Nabu for the Google Shopping feed App.

How to add Shopify Products to Google Merchant Center:

The steps below should be followed to manually add every product from a store to Google Merchant Center:

1. Open the Shopify admin panel, and on the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll see the Products tab.

2. Choose the All Product section under the products tab by clicking on the products tab. You can also select which products to include in your product feed.

How to add Shopify Products to Google Merchant Center

3. You can export products using available options (current page, export products, and selected products).

4. After adding all the desired products to your product feed, click the Export button.

5. A pop-up notification will appear, asking you to select the products and file types you want to export. Select the file format that best meets your requirements, then click the “Export Products” button in green.

Export Shopify products as CSV

6. We know that Google Merchant Center does not support CSV files. So, it must convert into.txt or.XML format.

You can open the File and upload it to Google Merchant Center after the export is finished.

Three Methods of adding Products to Google Merchant Center

Method 1: Uploading Products one by one:

The first way is to upload your products into Google Merchant Center. You can use this method if you have very few products. Follow the instructions below to add each of your products one at a time:

1. Go to Google Merchant Center and sign in; then, you will get a Merchant Center Dashboard and click the Products menu bar from the left-hand side of that panel, as you can see in the image below:

Add Products one by one in GMC

2. On the Products page, you will see the All Products option. Click it.

3. After Clicking the All product option, choose Add Product Menu. You can find Add Products One by One Option and Click it.

4. In the Add Product One by One window, you need to provide the following information for each product:

Country of Sale & Destinations, Product identifiers, Product data, Price and availability, Detailed product description, Shipping, tax, and returns, and Additional Product data.

  • Select the country name (like United States, Australia, Germany, France) and language under the tab “Country of sale and destinations” based on where Google products and properties can use your data feed items.
Select Country of sale and Language in GMC
  • Afterward, add the product identifier ID to the Product identifiers Section (GTIN, UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN).
Set Product identifiers like GTIN, UPC,MPN in GMC
  • Just providing your product identifier successfully, complete the fields in the product data section with the following data: Product Title, Description, Brand, ID or SKU, Landing Page link, mobile link, and image.
Enter Proper product title, description and other necessary details
  • After entering all the necessary information about the product, add details about the shipping rates, Availability, and Quantity to sell on Google.
Enter Price and Availability of the product  in GMC
  • You can specify whether your product is brand-new, refurbished, or used in the Detailed product description Field. Moreover, have any clothing or alternative products?
Enter some more detailed description of the product in GMC
  • Enter the shipping cost and the destination country in the Shipping, Tax, Returns Section. Furthermore, add any applicable taxes to your products.
Setup Shipping, Tax and returns in GMC

5. After that, click on the Save button, and Google will start to upload your products into Merchant Center.

Method 2: Bulk Upload using File:

The second method is preferable if you have a large number of products. This method allows you to upload your products all at once into Google Merchant Center. This method is the easiest way to add your products to Google Merchant Center as it takes less time. 

1. Navigate the admin panel of Google Merchant Center and tap the Products button on the left side of the screen.

Choose upload a product file option in GMC

2. Choose the All Product section under the products menu bar.

3. Select the upload a product file option under the All Products Menu bar. You can now find the Upload a File Tab and the country of sale and destinations.

4. In the “Country of sale and destinations” tab, choose the language and name of the country from which Google’s products and services can access the data in your data feed.

5. Choose your product file from the list by clicking the Upload a File button. Please be aware that files up to 4 GB in size must be in one of the following accepted file types:.tsv,.xml, or.txt. 

Select Country of sale and Language in GMC

6. Select the Add Product File button.

Method 3: Upload Product using Feeds:

The third method is to add your products to Google Shopping using Feeds. And you can accomplish this by 

Taking the following actions: 

1. log in to your Google Merchant Center account and click on the Feed option from the lefthand side of the Merchant center panel.

Choose Feeds option in GMC

2. Select the (+) icon to select the primary feeds button, as seen in the image.

Click plus icon under Primary feeds section in GMC

3. After that, it is automatically directed to the page with the basic information. It would help if you filled in the required fields, including Country Name, Language, and Destinations, where Google products can show the items in your data feed, and then click the Continue Tab.

Select Country of sale and language in GMC

4. After selecting the Continue Option, you can select how to set up your Feed, connect your data to Merchant Center, and enter the Feed’s name.

Enter your Feed name and way to create your feed in GMC

5. After filling out all the information, select the add feed tab. All done! You successfully uploaded Your product data to Google Merchant Center.

How to add Products to Google Merchant Center Automatically using the Nabu for Google Shopping Feed:

The AdNabu’s Nabu for Google shopping feed app is great for automating the tasks of adding all products to Google Merchant Center. It can be used to automatically download and import the product feed from your online store into Google Merchant Center. You can use the app to add all of your products to an existing Google Merchant Center feed. The Google Shopping Feed app from AdNabu makes this process simple. When you add all your products to Google Merchant Center, you can easily manage various factors like pricing, shipping time, and last stock availability.

How to add Shopify Products to Google Merchant Center using Nabu for Google Shopping Feed App.

1. Log in to the Nabu for Google Shopping Feed app using your Google Account.

2. Link your Shopify store to Google Merchant Center after logging in. If you don’t have a Google merchant center account, create one.

3. Then, link your Google Account with your Google Merchant Center Account.

4. Select the add products tab in the Nabu for Google Shopping Feed app.

5. Modify the product attributes from your Shopify panel. Once the changes have been made, choose Update Feed.

6. After choosing the update feed button, the Shopify store for Google merchant center’s product feed will be downloaded by the Nabu for Google shopping feed app using the Shopify API.

Shopify Google Shopping Feed

FAQ on How to Add Shopify Products to Google Shopping:

1. Does Google Shopping work with Shopify?

Yes, Google Shopping can use to find products from the Shopify store. And You easily sync, submit, and optimize their products.

2. How do I add my products to Google Shopping?

You can add your products manually to google shopping in Google Merchant Center, or you can use Nabu for Google Shopping Feed App, which automates the process. 

3. Why don’t my products show up on Google Shopping?

If you have a product that doesn’t exist in Google Shopping, or the product needs to be linked to your store, it won’t appear on the results page. You can take the following actions to make sure your products show up as expected:

 . Ensure your products are correctly tagged with relevant keywords and categories.

 . Ensure each product has accurate details like price, availability, and description.

 . Verify that all images and descriptions match what’s displayed on your shopify store.

4 . How long does Google Shopping take to update?

When updating or adding new products to an existing feed, By going to Products > All products, you can view the information that has been updated after 30 minutes. Google Ads will simultaneously display the updated product data. However, in a few exceptional circumstances outside of our control, it might take up to 24 hours.

5. Is Google Shopping worth it?

Yes, It is worth it. Google Shopping provides a fantastic platform for merchants or Shopify store owners, opening up many possibilities for expanding sales to their online stores.

6. Can you run Shopping ads without Google Merchant Center?

In general, No. Google Shopping ads work best when they are integrated with Google Merchant Cente. You must create a Google Merchant Center account if you still need to get a Google Merchant Center account. 


Well, that’s all for now!

How to Add Shopify Products to Google Shopping is easy with this step. Remember to follow these steps, and you can manage this task seamlessly. Start adding some new shopify products and see how it goes! Ready to try?

If you have any queries related to adding Shopify products to Google Shopping or do not understand any of the steps, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out at


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