Google Merchant Feed configures the sale price for google shopping. Generally, our google feeds submit the price as the sale price and this works for all the customers as they use the ordinary and day-to-day price instead of the sale price. Google feed enables clients to search, view, and compare items. 

When a client search for a product on google, these goods will be seen. When your advertising shows with annotations of purchase prices, the selling stocks stand out, and potential buyers will see how much they save. If you are aware of the selling price of an item then you can easily enter the purchase price using the optional sale price attribute. 

sale price – Google Shopping Feed Specification Guide

Shopify Google Shopping Feed

Except for the selling date, you can continue to apply the original price using the price attribute. If the sale price and the original base price meet the required criteria, then both prices will be shown. The sale price will be shown as the current price in addition to the original price, which will be shown by means of a strike. Your ad will also display your sale price with a badge. 

Depending on where the advertisement appears, the specific colors used for annotations vary. Use this specification to format your sale price in google feed product information for Shopping ads.  Hence, to create successful ads for your products, you need to submit your product data to Google in the correct format.

Shopify Google Shopping Feed

Definition – sale price

Tell users how much you will charge your product during a sale by using the sale price feature. Your sale price shall be reflected as the current price in ads. When you follow the conditions with the initial pricing and purchase pricing, the original price will be shown along with the selling price to allow customers to see the difference. Mobile supports the ads that show the original price and sale price.

Required or Optional

Optional for each product – submit the new price using the sale price attribute, if your product is on sale. use submit the dates of your sale and the sale price_effective_date attribute.

Formatting guidelines for sale price

The below guidelines need to be followed to understand the data you are submitting for google feed software.

  • Type – Number plus currency (use ISO 4217)
  • Example – 15.00 USD
Shopify Google Shopping Feed

Minimum Requirements for sale price

Here are the criteria for your company to show ads. We will disapprove of your item if you do not meet this requirement and let you know on your Merchant Center Diagnostics page.

  1. Adhere to the requirements for the price attribute with some exceptions.
  2. The sale price does not have to be the most prominent price on the landing page. For example, the original price can still be in large font for instance, if you view price and sales prices.
  3. Clearly show both non-sale and sale prices on your landing pages.
  4. Using a sale price value that matches the selling price displayed on your landing page
  5. Adhere to the quality attribute specifications for some exceptions.
  6. On the home page, the purchase price must not be the most popular. The original price can still be in a larger font for instance, if you view price and sales prices.
  7. Clearly show the landing pages both non-sale and sales prices.
  8. Using a sale price value that corresponds to the selling price displayed on your landing page.
  9. Send the full pricing attribute to your offer, even if sales prices are provided (the cost when not for sale). If you are selling your product and do not apply a sale price attribute, enter the sale price as the price attribute value.
  10. Use a value that’s less than the value you submit for price
  11. Don’t provide more than 2 digits after a decimal.

 Best practices for sale price attribute

There are best practices that will allow you to improve your product data on performance beyond the basic requirements. These are listed below:

  1. Send in the currency of the target country a price that can be measured in your target country’s currency (according to ISO 4217).    For example, send USD 1.01 instead of USD 1.0012. If the currency of your destination country can not reflect your quality, then it will be rounded up in a value that you can.
  2. Send in the date range that the selling price applies to sell effective dates.
  3. Submit correct base prices to enable sale price annotations. The sale price will be automatically used if you apply the sale pricing attribute and do not apply the sale effective date attribute.
Shopify Google Shopping Feed

Examples for sale price attribute

Few examples are given below for better understanding

1. Variants 

If you are selling a product that is available in multiple colors and sizes then you must choose to put a few colors on sale.

ProductGoogle T-shirt
titleGoogle T-shirt – Green – Small
price10.99 USD
sale price9.99 USD
ProductGoogle T-shirt
titleGoogle T-shirt – Blue – Small
price8.99 USD
sale price5.99 USD
ProductGoogle T-shirt
titleGoogle T-shirt – Yellow – Small
price10.50 USD
sale price8.99 USD
Shopify Google Shopping Feed


Sales price annotations and trading promotions allow traders to emphasize on product sales in a variety of ways. Merchants can submit online promotional materials for their product ads as merchant promotions are an additional mechanism while selling prices are a product feed attribute. To customize your Google Merchant Center feed guide, if you are using this sales price for the actual advertised deals then you need to add the selling price as stated above. Please follow the above-listed guidelines.

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