3 Ways to Grow Your eCommerce business with a Great Unboxing Experience

Unboxing simply means taking something out of a box. While it sounds like a simple thing, it has a significant impact on how the customer perceives your product and service. There are over a million YouTube videos on unboxing. In 2015, people watched 60 million hours of unboxing videos totaling 1.1 billion views, according to YouTube. Google reports that 62 percent of people who view unboxing videos are researching a particular product.

Some people may easily dismiss unboxing as just an online fad. However, the rapid growth of the eCommerce industry has tipped the scales towards consumer expectations. An exciting unboxing experience is a massive part of that. In 2020, a lackluster packaging approach to online retail makes for a very forgettable customer experience, which will also cause damage to your business when the sales plummet due to this reason.

It is essential for businesses now to incorporate custom packaging as a necessary component of their marketing strategy. Investing effort into packaging and enhancing the product presentation is not just about a brilliant unboxing video on YouTube, it has become a sophisticated post-purchase marketing strategy. Leaving your customers with a positive impression will increase their chances of returning, which will eventually drive up brand loyalty. 

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Did you know that 34% of eCommerce consumers believe that the packaging largely impacts their perception of the brand? By investing in customized packaging, you can achieve an excellent unboxing experience for your customer, and it is bound to give your brand a significant boost. So, it is definitely worth putting in the extra effort. 

By using a packaging service for your business, you can easily select which kind of custom packaging works best for your brand. This gives you the excellent opportunity to provide a personal and unique touch to your brand and take your customer experience up a notch with your packaging. You can customize the packaging according to your business standards and stand out among the rest. This will also make your company’s branding stronger and enhance customer experience and let your packaging tell your brand’s story. A completely win-win situation!

According to Yotpo, 37% of customers say that it takes at least five purchases to consider themselves ‘loyal’ to a brand. Now five purchases are a lot. One quick and easy way to eliminate this is by simply jumping to providing a fantastic unboxing experience to your customers. It gives every customer the feeling of being an influencer. Furthermore, they feel that their individual opinion is valued. This kind of consumer empowerment is the key to getting people to return again and again. It is even more effective than doing loyalty campaigns or online personalization to boost retention rates. 

Did you know that 63% of buyers are compelled to rebuy something based on the appearance of the packaging alone? This is game-changing. Packaging also happens to be one of the most underused marketing opportunities

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Building an unboxing experience for your company from scratch can be a daunting task. It is best if you break it down into separate categories, it simplifies the process by multifold and helps you incorporate it in your marketing strategy more effectively. Consider these three fool-proof tips on growing your eCommerce business with a great unboxing experience: 

1.  Custom Packaging 

As eCommerce businesses are growing at unprecedented rates around the world, the role of custom packaging is becoming increasingly important. 96% of Americans shop online, making online purchases for an average of five hours a week, and assigning 36% of their shopping budget for eCommerce purchases; many packages are delivered and opened every day.

Even as you read this, a package is being opened somewhere. A great way to enhance your online brand’s first physical point of contact with the customer is by giving them a unique experience when they receive and open your package.

You can do that by hiring a company that provides custom packaging. After all, there is nothing like an eye-catching box to build your customer’s excitement. It has both practical and aesthetic usage. It can keep the product safe and prevent any damage, especially if it’s a fragile item. Additionally, it can also add a “wow factor” when the customer unboxes it when it comes out of its custom package. It will give the buyer the feeling they have received a present when they open it. The curated look of the box is what makes it shareable and likable. That is what makes unboxing videos so popular and also explains consumer behavior when they react favorably towards them. 

There are a few other elements that can be added as part of a custom package that will work like magic when it comes to enhancing your customers’ unboxing experience. 

1. Paper or tissue

If the product comes wrapped in paper or tissues, it definitely does add to your customer’s excitement. It creates more anticipation as they unbox the product. A great way to introduce this to your packaging is to get your company’s trademark colors or logos printed on papers or tissues and then wrap your product in them before placing them in a package for your customer’s delight.

2. Fillers

Fillers like bubble wrap or air pillows may not look aesthetically pleasing, but they sure do have many benefits. They help prevent your product against any damages if it is fragile. This way, your product makes it to the customer in a very safe and secure way. This also reduces the chances of customers returning the product if it comes damaged and increases overall customer satisfaction with your brand.

3. Stickers

Stickers are a great cost-effective option to enhance the unboxing experience. If you have a limited budget, they are your best friend. Instead of getting custom printing done on a box, you can use stickers to impress your customers when they receive the product.

4. Promotional materials

Adding a promotional flyer with a code is a great way to utilize the unboxing experience and also creating customer retention. If your client has a good experience purchasing your product, there are high chances to return to your website for more.

2. Let the unboxing tell your brand’s story 

Brand storytelling is imperative to the success of your brand. There is a throat-cutting competition in the eCommerce industry, and what will make your brand stand out will be your branding and showing your company’s values to your customers. 

Through custom packaging, you can show off your company’s branding to your customers. When it comes to showing them the values, you can utilize the packaging space. For example, by using only sustainable materials for packaging, you get to show customers that you care about the environment. This way, you are reducing your carbon footprint and also strengthening customer loyalty.

64% of consumers say that shared values are the main reason that they have a trusted relationship with a brand, and that is what has made them frequent buyers of their product. As opposed to how many times they have interacted with the brand. Other than your products and services, your brand’s packaging also conveys the values of your organization. Make sure that your values resonate with your target audience so that they can share them with you. This will result in a stronger bond between your brand and your customers. 

By including free samples of your products in your packaging, you can give your customers a little whiff of what your other products are like. This also weaves into your brand’s story. This is an excellent opportunity to show your customer what your brand is made of. 

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3. Use Social Media 

By employing the customized sentiment approach, you can target various parts of your unboxing experience to your customer and develop a more personalized relationship with them.  Here are some ways you can do that: 

  1. Create a great unboxing experience by using custom packaging.  
  2. Encourage your customers to share unboxing moments on social media by creating a social media campaign with specific unique hashtags and share their unique moments while unboxing on your social media accounts. 
  3. You can also collaborate with social influencers to get greater traction. 

These unboxing videos made by your customers and influencers can be your marketing leverage and a tool for both customer acquisition and retention.


A great unboxing experience can help your business grow by multifold. It can increase customer retention, build brand loyalty, and also help in customer acquisition. Furthermore, it can also help your company develop a long-lasting relationship with its clients. 

Investing in custom packaging is a great place to start when it comes to creating a great unboxing experience. It is an invaluable tool for your marketing and branding efforts. It allows you to tell your brand’s story and express shared values with the customers. By employing various social media campaigns, you can engage your customers directly with your brand and give them a platform to share their unboxing experience, which will help your business grow.

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