How Mobile Apps are Changing The Fashion World

The world has become digital as a vast majority of the population are smartphone app users. These mobile apps have influenced almost every industry, which includes fashion. The industry is now technologically inspired, with shoppers using various mobile apps. These apps can not only let them buy their ideal luxury equipment but also know what’s and what’s not enthusiastic in the fashion industry. Various brands are now investing in mobile app development as they recognize it as a long term benefit.

The fashion world is immense and the trends change at a fast speed. The current trend in the modern market will lose its drive after some time. Fashion sells with the lifestyle of the person and the way they conduct themselves.

The approach of online e-Commerce apps has had an immense effect on the fashion world. The style and fashion lovers want to updated with the newest and hottest trends in the market. Customers love when they can browse and buy their fashion needs in a single app. Let’s see in detail how these apps change the fashion world.

1. Customer loyalty

One of the major influences that the mobile apps have on the fashion industry is that it boosts the support of the customers. Once the customers install and login to your app, they would always provide priority to your app whenever they wish to purchase something. Furthermore, the apps will understand the preferences of a customer and send them customized information based on that. The consumers will be pleased to have a personalized shopping experience.

These apps also let potential customers interact with your business anytime, anywhere. They can browse your latest fashion trends with just a tap and wish the ones to purchase. The more visible your brand is, the bigger is your customer base.

2. Apps are a necessity

The fashion industry is highly competitive. To be the leaders, a business owner needs to maintain speed with technological improvement. As a store owner or a designer, a mobile app is a must, even if it’s a leading business or a short scale one. This gives you the newest possibility to showcase your products to customers globally. As your store is online, your location does not matter much regarding the sales.

3. Getting the sizes right

One of the major concerns for the world of fashion, when a customer purchases products online, is getting the size of the product correctly. With innovative developers and red hot technologies, there has been a solution for this issue in the form of apps that can scan the whole body. This could reduce the frustration level of the customers who previously struggled with getting the sizes right. The lesser the customer frustration, the more the sales.

4. An advantage for the designers

Social media gives mobile apps the much-required push and support in gaining success. Social media has an equal impact on the fashion industry. These social networking platforms helps designers get connected and organizing, helping collaborate and communicate regarding the designs, improving their skills. You can also share the videos, pictures, and posts and have discussions on the latest fashion trends or your products on these platforms. This relieves the user in selecting their products with ease. Improved customer satisfaction always reflects in one thing; increase in sales.

5. Wider reach and lending a supportive hand

The reach that an eCommerce store can take is wide. While the app enables you to present your products to the audiences from a wide area, it also offers the opportunity to give the extended position of trading in used designer clothing. Individuals or organizations who are involved in charity works can approach the designers for such cut out pieces of dress materials. These materials are in good shape and can be wardrobe ready at a cheaper price. This helps them to help the needy at a lower cost.

6. Easiness in wardrobe selection

The world of fashion trends changes rapidly. The customers, at a certain point of time, will feel that their wardrobe is outdated and will be seeking the latest trends. The customer wants to have a fresh look with versatility. Therefore, these fashion apps will help them create an ideal and personalized wardrobe selection.

7. Assists in organizing the store

One of the key benefits of having an eCommerce app for your fashion store is it keeps your online store neat, well organized and maintained. If a customer enquires about a product which is not currently in stock, the app can notify the business owner regarding it. This helps in better store management and understanding what products you need to stock.

A Few Apps That Changed The Fashion World

1. StyleSnap

StyleSnap, the fashion equivalent for Shazam, is making waves in the world of clothing mobile app development. The fashion app is built on an AI-powered tool, developed and launched by Amazon, the renowned online retail store. StyleSnap allows customers to find their desired trends online by simply uploading a picture of the dress they are looking for.


ASOS is similar to StyleSnap. The app has been in the market for a longer period and has gained attention for uploading pictures and a reverse image search. ASOS is widely used by retail stores to let the consumers search for similar items they wish.

3. Masse

Products reviews play a huge role in building a brand image. A lot of consumers go through product reviews for shoes, bags, coats and other fashion apparels to know whether a brand provides value for the cost. Masse is the app for you if you want to go through suggestions and reviews from fellow community members to help you decide about purchasing from a particular apparel store or a brand.

4. ThredUp

Fashion brands love to customize the search for the customers. Additional filters can help consumers narrow down on their search criteria to get the desired results. ThredUP is an innovative app that helps a user to get high-end search results with various additional filters. The app also provides an interactive chatbot which adds to the rich user experience.

5. Tailor

Sometimes, buying a dress from the store won’t do the trick. A customized and more of a highly personalized wardrobe item is sometimes what a customer desires. What is better than to wear a stylish outfit designed by an expert just for you? That’s the concept behind Tailor. The app takes up all your wardrobe requirement and then match you with a professional stylist. The stylist then gives you personalized advice on getting your outfit.

6. Shop Spring

The very idea of a fashion mobile app is to keep you away from the hustle-bustle crowds at the physical stores, especially during holiday seasons, when it becomes too cumbersome to go shopping. With 800 brands under its bag, Shop Spring gives you the option to explore all the designers and brands available. You can get notifications whenever your favourite brand launches a new product to the market.


Today, mobile apps have proved to be a game-changer in the fashion industry, giving a positive outlook for the real world. Major credit goes to iOS and Android app developers. Nowadays, millions of app users are making their purchases from their smartphones. These apps are highly personalized, user-friendly, cost-saving and provide comfort to the customers, as well as the retailers. If you are a fashion store owner, you need an eCommerce mobile app.

Guest Post By Levi Vaguez

Levi Vaguez is the content writer at 2Base Technologies. Being a fashionista and a tech enthusiast, he loves exploring the ways how we could integrate technology into the world of fashion.

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By Ra Karthik

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