How to configure monitoring using Pingdom and AdNabu


UPDATE : This feature is no longer available

The following is a step by step procedure on how to setup a monitoring check in Pingdom and configuring an alerting webhook.

Login to AdNabu

main_siteLogin if you already have an account.

Enable Campaign Monitoring

Once Logged in, you will be able to go to the monitoring dashboard. The dashboard will contain your adwords account details or in case of an MCC account all your accounts details. You can select which accounts you want to enable for monitoring. Once enabled you will be able to see the generated url along with the secret key which will serve as your alerting endpoint.

Signup in Pingdom

Signup in Pingdom or login if you previously have a pingdom account. In case you want to try out, you can signup free

free_signupOnce logged in you will be prompted to fill in some basic details.


Create an Alerting Webhook

On the left sidebar you will see a tab called Alerting. Click on it and then click Alerting Endpoints. You will be have the following view on your screen. You can directly navigate to this link to access this page.


On the right hand top corner you will see a button to Add New endpoint. Click on it.


Give a name to it and click on Add Contact Method.

contact_methodSelect the contact method as URL/WEBHOOK and paste the url as provided by the AdNabu details page. Please note the url is encoded and has to pasted as it is.

final_contact_boxClick on Save Settings.

final_endpoint_viewCreating a Check

Go to the left sidebar and click on Dashboard. On the top right hand corner you will find an option to Add New.

Give a name to your check and your site url.

new_checkScroll down to choose an alert policy. Select Extremely Critical. Currently the alert will be assigned to the user who created the check. Hover over the policy to find the Edit button on the right.

choose_alert_policyOn the edit page click on the small arrow and click edit.

edit_policyUnder Assign to remove the user and add the alerting endpoint.

assign_webhookClick on save and your settings are complete. You can open the check and confirm if your settings are all in place.


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