How to create a shopping app like Amazon or even better?

Currently, the way that every business is carried out is way different from how people used to approach in the earlier days. Most business is connected with one of the online means, and people also like these aspects.  Having a website, a social media presence, etc. are highly welcomed by the people these days. So, this introduced the trend of the mobile e-commerce shop. In 2019, the global online sales have reached $3.5 trillion, and this was 18.5% greater when compared to that of 2017. The same trend is expected to continue, and the rate is expected to rise to 6.5 trillion by 2023.

Almost no customers are willing to carry the bags and move to shopping malls or supermarkets. They just love to take their mobile and place an order over the necessary things. Everyone loves collecting their required things at the doorsteps. Understanding this, several businessmen are now interested to have online shopping apps where they offer the online marketplace for their audience. For instance, Amazon is one of the leading eCommerce platforms that occupy the top place in the people’s heart. Are you the one on the list who wants to create an eCommerce app similar to Amazon?  Here is a guide for you!

Learn about Amazon

If you set the Amazon e-commerce app as an example, you should learn more about the app. Do some research over the origin and the entire success story of the app.  It is one of the more popular international shopping apps.  In this platform, you can find a number of things like electronics, online retail, digital content, computing service, and several other local services like deliveries and everyday needs.

In 2018, Amazon became the leading e-retailer in the US, and it was amassing more than $232 billion through the sales. Most of the revenue was from the sales over the electronics and other similar products. Within every short period, the company becomes popular worldwide. Apart from the desktop platform, the brand expanded to the mobile app as well.  Now, this is the second most popular application all around the world.

Then, along with the online platform for shopping things they also started to offer the video subscription services titled Amazon Prime. The subscribers received several special guarantees, deliveries, and offers with the product with Amazon. With the products, they also had an opportunity to watch the movies and exclusive series as well. This offering does not end here. They offered free access to music streaming as well.

Prime members have been found to spend $1400 on an average in the year through the e-Commerce platform and this is more than double when compared to the annual expenses of the non-prime members of the platform.  As per the survey, books and electronics are the most popular categories that people were more interested in and this is followed by personal care products and e-books.

Steps in designing the eCommerce app like Amazon

Step 1: Have enough market research

This is the most obvious step where usually all the software development companies will start working in identifying the needs and requirements of the audience. So, you need to decide about the types of goods that you are planning to sell, the range of products and services with the type of commodities like digital or physical should be given importance. Once you decide on the product that you are going to sell and whom you are serving, start doing some research in the market. Take a thorough look at the service and apps selling a similar type of service.

This will usually allow knowing the necessary features in the niche. For instance, Amazon is the industry that is leading in terms of both the sales and the customer satisfaction index, which is one of the reasons for succeeding in the industry. Also, Amazon features powerful search engine features, and it will also offer numerous lists and categories to help customers with their decision-making ability.

Step 2: Decide over the necessary features

It is now time to determine the scope of the entire project. Here, do not just rely on Amazon, but try to offer an outstanding shopping experience for the users. As e-commerce is becoming a highly trafficked industry, you need to launch the app with all the necessary features. Some crucial features include,

Customer log-in: Allow the customer to browse the shop by registering tons of information like name, mail, Facebook, and several others.

Product search: Add lots of filters and high-quality indexing and quick-moving inside the app. ensure user-friendly activities in all the stages.

User reviews: As per the research, the reviews help in boosting the sales of up to 18%. So, allocate separate space for reviews and ensure you reply to all the reviews.

Smooth checkout: The user of the online shopping apps will be eager to fill their carts with the items they prefer. As per the survey, 87% of the carts get abandoned on the mobiles. So, ensure you offer to add a cart option and smooth check out. Through several technical means, you can also follow the customers who have added their things to the cart and do not place an order for it. This is one of the ecommerce marketing as well.

Reliable and safe payment option: These days, most people prefer online means of payment that include credit card, debit card, or any other e-wallets. This area should be highly authenticated and 100% secure.

Shipping options: one of the success factors for Amazon is the network of the warehouse, and it helps for fast delivery. Most users now are looking for fast shipping. There are lots of shipping APIs, and you can easily integrate the e-commerce app to offer the fast and low cost of shipping. This will make the overall process easier and show the exact cost of shipping on the screen.

Step 3: Have a professional design

Having a great design is a powerful tool for gaining the attention of the audience. More people decide to place an order over the things just by getting attracted by the design. When it is MVP, the basic template will be enough.  Only the professional design will help in increasing the popularity of the app and the brand recognition. Try to design the logo clear for the viewers, and the potential customers will be attracted by the logo.  Ensure you are appropriate with the goal.  Users remember 80% of the information that they see and 20% of the information that they read. So, have a clear plan for the images and make it outstanding.

  • Use the right white background
  • Display the photos in the right way to capture the attention of the audience
  • Have high-quality pictures making it suitable from all the angels
  • Ensure you enable the zooming options to have the images seamlessly  

You can also use some short videos to showcase the products, which is the strategy to gain the attention of the audience. Do not forget to allow the customers to access the color, size, etc. of the audience.

Step 4: Choose the right platform

Android is more popular in several places, but the trend of iOS also grows tremendously.  From the standpoint of the developer, iOS development is more convenient, and it will take less time as you have to optimize only for the latest version of Apple and OS. When it is Android, you need to optimize for the huge variety of devices and screen resolution that will prolong the development process. When you are concerned over time and money, it is better to move for the Android devices. 

The platform’s domination is much faster in markets like China, India, etc. Else, you can try to have a presence on both platforms. Technologies like React Native will allow the developer to reuse 95% of the code between iOS and Android that will result in looks, behaves, and performs like other native counterparts.  By building the cross-platform app, you can also decrease the time to market and save huge time and money on the development. However, it all depends on the people you are targeting and the nature of your e-commerce business.

Step 5: Note the product growth and support

When you have successfully launched the app, it is not the time to improve the product.  This stage will include having the feedback of the, doing some additional research, and deciding the further features to be implemented in the cycle of updates of the app.  Among the various aspects, speed is one of the most important things in the app’s home screen, product page, and the checking out process.

Organize the top-notch customer support, and it is vital when it comes to the e-commerce app.  Ensure you are always available for communication. You can also include some technical factors like Chatbots for a fast response for the audience. AI technology will allow you to grow the business and have an attraction from the audience.

Next, it is all about the promotion of the app. a lot of online shopping apps will fail as they underestimate the importance of earlier marketing, and they make the business more secret. So, follow all the possible ways to bring the brand awareness of the app and reach to the audience.


Once you find the niche and targeted audience, these steps will help you with the outstanding online store app.  You just need to follow these steps and work for the development of the app appropriately. It is not so easy to find the best place in the huge competition. Make enough research and stay updated with the technology for a better outcome.

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