How to Setup Monthly or Weekly Budget in Google AdWords


Google AdWords by default allows daily budget to be set at the campaign level. But most business would want to set a maximum spend on a monthly/weekly basis. Although there is no straightforward solution to this, we can use automated rules to pause the campaigns if the cost increases beyond a threshold.

Monthly Budgets using Automated Rules

The following automated rule will run every day in the morning, check the cost and would pause the campaigns if it is more than the given threshold.

  1. Navigate to campaigns tabCampaigns Tab
  2. Select the campaign or multiple campaigns & click on automate > pause campaigns whenSelecting Campaigns
  3. In Requirements, select Performance > Cost
  4. Select greater than sign (>) & Enter the budget
  5. Select Frequency as Daily, 12 AM using data from Same MonthAutomated Rule Setting
  6. Save the automated rule

Weekly Budgets using Automated Rules

Follow the same steps as above & in step 5. Choose Same Week (from Sun) or Same Week (from Mon) instead of Same Month.

Potential problems

This is not a foolproof solution as the checks are done daily once. Situations may arise where in the morning check cost was not more then the budget alloted and by next day cost increased beyond the allocated budget.


Do you use something similar for monthly budgets?. Do let us know in the comments below

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