What is a Keyword in Google AdWords?

What is a Keyword?

Keywords are the building blocks of online Pay-Per-Click campaigns. AdWords has metrics like Ad placement, Location, Language etc to refine an Ad campaign. However, keywords are the driving factor behind targeting audience. This is because Google shows an Ad only when a user searches a query which then triggers a keyword. This blog focuses on helping everyone understand this concept better from AdWords point of view.

AdWords and other PPC services define keywords as either a simple word or a phrase (a set of words). Keywords enable an advertiser to reach a number of potential customers with ease.  For, many search queries can trigger one particular keyword.

Keyword 1
Keyword 1
Keyword 2
Keyword 2

Note: A search query is what a user types in a search box. It is not the same as a keyword.

All the keywords in AdWords consist of a set of words and a match type (broad match, modified broad match, phrase match & exact match). A match type helps an advertiser define how a keyword is related to a search query. AdWords sets match type to a broad match by default. More about match types is explained in our match types in AdWords blog.

Keywords come with a lot of different metrics. A click, click through rate, cost-per-click, quality score, conversion, conversion rate, cost-per-conversion etc are some of them.

It is also important to understand how keywords are selected. When a user enters a search query, Google runs an auction. And then Google allows the winners of this auction to show the ads.

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