What is a Landing Page? What are the different types of Landing Pages?


To understand the idea of a landing page better, let’s first see what it is not. Online pages, including a website’s home page, are simply called web pages. Users will not be able to find highly relevant information with respect to their query in normal pages. These pages are more generic in nature and allow visitors to explore the website and discover content on their own.

What is a Landing Page?

First of all, a landing page, (final URL in Google AdWords), is the page that people reach when they click on your ad. The advertisement can be on search results page, a banner on a partner website, as a part of an email you sent out. These ads get a viewer curious and drive them to the landing page. A landing page is an augmentation to your ad. It offers more information about the ad to the visitor and persuades to convert into a customer by taking a specific action.

For an instance, picture your business as an airport, then your landing page is the runway. You don’t want to put up stalls and start selling your products right on the runway. do you? The intention of a runway is to fly passengers in and out of an airport. We wait till a passenger gets to the comfort of the airport to pitch them with products. Similarly, providing better insights to the customers about your product/service is the aim of your page.

The objectives of landing pages can be broadly classified into two –

  1. To redirect customers to your relevant product page (there you sell)
    click-through landing pages are those pages that have information about a particular product or products and have a link which redirects to the product page.

    Click-through Landing Page
    Click-through Landing Page

    E-commerce businesses use click-through landing pages to provide information about a product and related offers because this can drive the visitor to the shopping cart to make a purchase. For a Saas company, these type of pages helps by pushing the visitor to register for a free trial or to schedule a demo of the product.

  2. To capture essential customer information (contact details, which can be used later to sell)
    Pages that collect customer information and in return they have free giveaway resources in the form of ebooks, white papers, promotional vouchers, free trials etc are called lead generation landing pages.

    Lead Generation Landing Page
    Lead Generation Landing Page

    Services providers like lawyers, plumbers, carpenters, electricians etc use lead generation landing pages very widely. Extensions like click-to-call improve the value of before-mentioned pages since this enhances the chance of conversion.

What is a good Landing Page?

A good landing page essentially needs to be a standalone page with minimal redirection links. The text on your page should be a match or a continuation of the text your ad and CTA. Each campaign you are running and each product/service/offer should ideally have a landing page. These are just a couple of practices amongst many which are crucial when designing an effective landing page. If you are keen on learning more effective practices, go through this optimization guide.

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