How To Enable Location Extensions in Google Ads?

What are Location Extensions in Google Ads?

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Location extensions allow advertisers to include their store address in their search ads. Advertisers can also add a map pin or the distance between the user and the store location. People can get further details about store locations around them with a click or tap the extension. Advertisers can also include a phone number or call button so that users can quickly call the business.

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This is an ad with live location extension.

How to enable Location Extensions in Google Ads?

Advertisers can enable Location Extensions for ads by following the simple steps listed below. It is recommended that you do this with the assistance of a professional if you are new to Google Ads.

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account and click on “ad & extensions”.
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  2. Select “Extensions” and click on the “plus” (+) button.”
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  3. When you click on the “plus (+)” button, you will see a drop-down menu. Select “Location Extensions” from this menu.”
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  4. Choose whether you want to use the existing Google My Business (GMB) account (Op. 1) or use a different one. To use a separate GMB account (Op. 2), you have to request access by entering the respective email address. Then click on “continue” on the bottom right.
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    Note: When your GMB account has the same email address as your Google Ads account, you can directly select (Op. 1) the account from the drop-down menu. Google My Business (GMB) locations are used as location extension. However, if you don’t have locations to sync yet, you can get started by adding locations to Google My Business.
  5. You can select which of the locations you want to use with your location extensions once they get synced from your GMB account. And hit “finish” in the right bottom.P.S.: I don’t have any locations to sync as I am using a demo account. It won’t be the case with you when you use your regular account.
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  6. Google verifies your phone number that you want to appear in your ads along with your business location. Learn how to get your phone number confirmed if you haven’t done that before.

How to make the most of Location Extensions?

  • Location extensions are highly helpful in increasing visitors to your brick-and-mortar store.
  • You can combine location extensions with geo (radius) targeting and location-based bid adjustments to show ads to those people who are near your store.
  • Location extensions are not just limited to increasing first-time visitors. You can use callout extensions to prompt users to avail in-store returns or in-store trials.
  • Including a location extension also helps boost the legitimacy of your ad copies as well as your business. It always helps users trust you when you give them a chance to visit your shop physically.

Where all do Location Extensions appear?

Location extensions can show business information in various formats—on mobile devices and on computers—on the Search Network, Display Network, and Google Maps.

  • Google Search Network: On the Search Network, ads with location extensions can appear as a standard text ad with your location and phone number. On mobile, a clickable “Call” button may show in place of your phone number.
  • Google Search Network Partner Sites, like Google Maps: If you choose to advertise on search partners, your ads with location extensions can appear on Google’s partner sites. Ads with location might show a map.
  • Google Display Network: Your location extensions may show on sites and apps on the Display Network when people are near or have demonstrated an interest in, your local area.
  • YouTube Video Ads: Your location extensions may show on YouTube TrueView in-stream and bumper ads when people are near or have demonstrated an interest in, your local area.

Note: Reviews from your Google My Business listings may appear in ads with location extensions enabled. Google complies reviews from Google My Business listings with a minimum of 5 reviews, and an average of 3.5 stars.


Location Extensions are beneficial for both advertisers and customers. Unless you don’t have a physical store, I don’t see a point not to use them. They cost you nothing. At AdNabu, we recommend our customers to use the Location Extension, especially, when the shopping season is just around the corner and you are expecting shoppers flocking into your store!

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