Importance of Negative Keywords in Shopping Campaigns

Negative keywords in adwords

Negative keywords are essential for all Google Ads advertisers. They help regulate the campaigns for desired performance. We have discussed the importance of negative keywords in Search campaigns. We will learn the importance of negative keywords in Shopping campaigns in this blog.

Why should you use Negative Keywords in Shopping Campaigns?

We know that Search and Shopping campaigns are different. While search campaigns run on keywords, shopping campaigns run on product feed. Shopping campaigns deny advertisers of the advantage of selecting keywords which search campaigns hold.

Negative keywords, to an extent, give advertisers the control over their shopping campaigns. Hence, negative keywords are a must for shopping campaigns.


How do Shopping campaigns work?

Product feed/data feed is the heart of Shopping campaigns. Instead of keywords, Google uses the data from your feed to match products to user search queries. You submit your feed via Merchant Center.

How to Find Negative Keywords in Shopping campaigns?

The search term report in Google Ads is the first step to finding negative keywords. Make a list of search queries that aren’t related to your products. Use them as negative keywords.

A different approach to find negative keywords is from competitor research. Look at the shopping ads of your competitors. Make a note of search queries their ads are showing for and those for which their ads aren’t showing.

Use your competitor’s brand as negative keywords if you believe their products to be better than yours. Users searching for specific brands might not like going with alternatives.

How to use Negative keywords in Shopping campaigns?

Using negative keywords under exact match refrains your ads from showing up for search terms that are broad and generic.

Similarly, negative keywords under phrase match influence what searches your ads show up for.


How to Structure Shopping campaigns?

The structure of your shopping campaigns is the key to implement negative keywords strategy. If you have all the products in a single ad group, negative keywords can be a pain. You might lose all traffic, not only unnecessary traffic.

To avoid this situation, we recommend using single Product Ad Groups (SPAGs). Single product Ad Groups have numerous advantages; efficient negative keywords strategy is just one. SPAGs allow having negative keywords in shopping campaigns at the ad group level.


An active negative keyword strategy for shopping campaigns can help you create high ROI campaigns. On the one hand, you are saving your campaigns from irrelevant search terms. And on the other side, you are creating keyword-specific ad groups.

Creating SPAGs is a time-consuming task, but it is the best way to structure shopping campaigns.


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