What is Parallel Tracking?

parallel tracking

Parallel tracking is a technique of loading a landing page URL and tracking URL of an ad separately. Tracking URL will load in the background. Thus, a load of time of landing page decreases. Hence, improving the user experience. There wouldn’t be any noticeable difference for computer users. However, users on mobile devices with slow internet connections will see web pages loading faster.


How does Parallel Tracking work?

Parallel tracking

Parallel tracking takes customers from an ad to the final URL directly without having to load the tracking pages. The tracking pages will be running in the background. Parallel Tracking helps lessen lost visits. Lost visits happen when customers don’t reach your landing page post clicking your ad. They have navigated away in the page-load process.

Advertisers can opt-in to use parallel tracking soon. But by the end of 2018, all accounts will use this method of tracking.

It would be best if you can opt-in and test the new method beforehand to rectify and improve the website and other details to avoid any compromises.

How to opt-in for Parallel Tracking?

  1. Sign in to AdWords account.
  2. From navigation menu, click on All campaigns.
  3. From the page menu, click on Settings.
  4. And Account Settings.
  5. Then Click Tracking.
  6. Turn on “Parallel tracking.”

To note:

If you are using third-party tracking service, please check the compatibility of your tracking template with your provider. Check with your tracking template provider to make sure your template is compatible with the new tracking method. In case your provider isn’t aware, make sure you ask them to update or switch the service provider to make the most of this method.

Tracking templates that are secure (https://) are only eligible to use parallel tracking.

Add a final URL tag (like{lpurl}) to your tracking template to reduce double counts of the webpage visitors.


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