How To Enable Review Extensions In AdWords?

The review extension

What’s the best way to get more customers? Our existing Customers saying good things about our business. Right? That is what Google feels too. And they have launched Review extensions. With review extensions, you can share those positive write-ups, awards, and third-party rankings with potential customers. You can add an additional line beneath your ads on Google Search. These good reviews are inevitably going to improve your clickthrough rates.

review extensions ss
An ad with a live review extension is shown in the screenshot above.


How to enable Review Extensions in AdWords?

Advertisers can enable Review Extensions for ads by following these simple steps listed below. It is recommended that you do this with the assistance of a professional if you are new to AdWords.

  1. Log in to your AdWords account and click on “Ads & Extensions”.
    review extensions 1
  2. Select “Extensions” and click on the “plus” (+) button.
    review extensions 2
  3. When you click on the “plus (+)” button, you will see a drop-down menu. Select “Review Extensions” from this menu.
    review extensions 3
  4. Choose whether you want the review extension to run on account or campaign or ad group level.
    review extensions 4
  5. You can either create a new review extension or use an existing one (if you have any).
    review extensions 5
  6. Enter the review text, source of the review and the URL of the review in the space below each headline.
    review extensions 6
  7. You can either paraphrase the review or post the exact quote. These are two formats available in which the review text appears on your ad.
    review extensions 7Note: Paraphrasing lets you add up to 67 characters whereas exact quote gives you only 65 characters. Google counts the quotation marks (“ ”) as 2 characters by default.
  8. You can schedule your Review Extension from the “advanced options” drop-down menu.
    review extensions 8
    Note: Review extensions appear only on desktops and on Google Search Network.


How to make the most of Review Extensions?

  • Review extensions have the potential to drive users to click on your ads. And not just that, they make your ad copies beautiful attracting more clicks.
  • It is best to use review extensions with your broad match keywords as it is challenging to generate keyword-specific reviews.
  • You can use review extensions along with radius targeting and location-based bidding to make the most out of it. You can target those people who are near your store, and your reviews can attract them to visit your shop.
  • Never use individual reviews as they can’t be verified by Google. Use those reviews that are from publications or organisations.
  • Don’t use reviews that are more than a year old. And never tweak any review, keep it same as the original review.

Note: As mentioned above, you can add Review Extension to the account, campaign, or ad group level. However, Review Extension at an ad group level which is in a campaign that has Review Extension will use the ad group-level Review Extensions. The Review Extension at the campaign level will be overridden. Similarly, Review Extension at campaign level will replace Review Extension at the account level.

Conclusion –

Review Extensions provide advertisers with an opportunity to showcase the quality of their business. Excellent user reviews attract more users to give this company a chance. Review Extensions improve the aesthetics of the ad copy while enhancing the possibility of getting clicks. At AdNabu, we recommend our customers to use the Review Extensions, especially, when the shopping season is just around the corner.

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