Search Campaign Clickthrough Rate – What Can Be Considered Good?

Search Campaign Clickthrough Rate – What Can Be Considered Good?

A good CTR or Click Through Rate signifies a synergy between the ads and the keywords. Users are finding value & relevance in your ads and clicking them. But what is a good CTR in general? What is a good search campaign clickthrough rate? Can we quantify this number? Below are some necessary steps that one needs to take before deciding whether CTR is good or bad.

Network Type

Your campaigns, depending on the settings, can be opted into Google Search, Search Partners & Display Network. Since the CTRs vary heavily in these three networks, it is best recommended to isolate these values and see only the Google Search CTR.
To see the CTR by Network type, click on Segment button and select Network (with search partners). This would bring up row wise the values of different networks. Use only the Google Search CTR for comparison. the Segment option is available at Campaign, AdGroup, Keyword & Ad level tabs

Average Position

CTR also varies heavily with the average position of your ads. here is a small table to help you find whether your CTR is good or bad. please note, This is still a very indicative table and CTRs vary heavily from one industry to another.

Avg Position CTR Range
1-2 15% and above
2-3 10 – 15%
3-4 5 – 10%

If your average position is less than 4, The CTR will be in low digits and will not be significant to draw any conclusions. You should map the average position value with your average position for Google Search.

Impact of extensions

Many advertisers overlook the impact of extensions on CTR. I would warn you not to make the same mistake as your competitors. Please add the following extensions without fail for all your campaigns.

  • Callouts
  • site links
  • Structured Snippet Extension

PS: You can use our Google AdWords Audit Software to easily find missing extensions.

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