Running a Shopify ecommerce store can be a challenge, but it doesnt have to be. Thankfully, there are tons of apps available on the Shopify App Store that will help your business run more efficiently, and better yet, generate more sales! 

If you take a look at all the app store has to offer, you can pretty quickly get overwhelmed. There are thousands of apps to choose from! How do you make the right choice, which apps do you need, which ones are the best? Youve got those questions- and weve got the answers! 

Here are our picks for the essential Shopify apps you need for ecommerce success. Covering all the important elements of your store- from social media, to Google ads, cross-selling, referral programs, retargeting, checkouts, and more, heres what you should heavily consider downloading this year to make it your most successful one yet! 

1. Shoppable Instagram & UGC


Social media is a crucial component when it comes to an ecommerce brands digital marketing strategy. Regardless of what industry you are in, you can be sure that your target audience is on social media. In particular, Instagram has become the top platform for ecommerce brands. Instagram boasts over 1 billion monthly active users, and better than that, research shows that over 200 million users visit at least 1 brand profile per day. 

Instagram is a great place to show off your products, but dont let it stop there! For customers, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing an awesome item in an Instagram post and not being able to find it online for purchase. That is where a tool like Shoppable Instagram & UGC comes into play!

This Shopify app makes it easy for you to show off your products in your Instagram posts so that customers can easily buy what they like. It also allows you to legally curate content from your users to use for selling purposes as well.

User-generated content (or UGC) is an awesome tactic for social media, and with a tool like this, it can work wonders for your social media and for your sales. This tool will help you find all the best UGC and potential influencers that are sharing your brand. 

2. Fast Checkout In One Click


Whens the last time you did research on the top reasons why people abandon their carts? Its important to stay on top of these stats in order to regularly provide your customers with the best possible user experience.

A recent study reports that several top reasons why users abandon their carts are because of checkout related issues. 12% responded that a site needed too much information, and another 11% cited too complex of a checkout process. The takeaway here? Keep your checkout process simple!  

A tool like Fast Checkout can drastically help you improve your conversion rates. This tool allows you to enable fast checkouts in just one click! Convenient Buy Now buttons enable users to immediately purchase an item without having to add it to a cart, go to the cart page, proceed to checkout, and so on and so on. 

With this tool, users head straight to your checkout page with ease. You have plenty of customization options with this tool, allowing you to get the perfect setup that you want for your store. For example, you can choose to totally eliminate your add to cart button if you want, or you can choose to have a simple pop up appear when a user clicks buy now that allows them to either add the item to their cart in order to keep shopping or to head straight to checkout. 

The easier and quicker you make it for your customers to purchase your items, the happier they will be, and the more you will sell! 

3. Referral Candy 


Looking to scale your ecommerce business, but aren’t sure how! One awesome way is by enabling a referral program, and Referral Candy is an excellent Shopify tool that will help you set up the perfect program for your business.

Simply put- referral programs work. Customers love them and businesses love them because everyone wins. The key here is to set up a program that benefits everyone. Your existing customers and new customers should both get rewarded in the referral process. That way, both your new and existing customers get rewards, and you get the reward of more sales and more customers.

Ecommerce shoppers are increasingly wary of traditional advertising, and instead, they look to their family and friends for recommendations. Over 80% of people trust recommendations they get from someone they know. A referral program can help encourage your best customers to share your products with their circle of friends and family.

Trying to run a referral program on your own would be incredibly time-consuming. Instead, a tool like ReferralCandy will handle all of the hard work for you. Its a must for ecommerce brands looking to grow their sales and keep their customers happy. 

4. AdNabu Google Ads Conversion Tracking


If you run Google Ads (and you definitely should!) then you need our Google Ads Conversion Tracking tool that will help you accurately track your conversions and conversion value. Without our tool, you might easily get your conversion tracking wrong and end up with incorrect sales numbers.

Our tool makes it easy for you to track your sales coming from your Google Ads. We create your tracking pixel and install it on your checkout page to ensure everything is running smoothly. Without proper results, it is impossible to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, and you wont know what (if any) changes need to be made. 

Google ads are an effective way to increase sales for your ecommerce brand. They tend to convert on average 50% more than organic search results. Make sure you get your conversion tracking right- its the final piece of your ads puzzle that is crucial for measuring your success!  

5. Frequently Bought Together

If you arent cross-selling your products, you are missing out on a lot of potential sales. Amazon, the ecommerce giant, reports that nearly 35% of their profits come just from cross-selling and upselling. That is an insane figure! 

Cross-selling, in particular, remains one of the most effective sales tactics for ecommerce stores. Frequently Bought Together is a Shopify tool that will display related products on your product pages in order to increase your sales. Best of all, this tool utilizes AI to analyze your store and previous purchases in order to determine what the best product options are. This gives you the greatest chance of securing additional purchases!

This tactic is a must for any ecommerce store, and best of all is one of the easiest! Simply set it up and let the AI do its work to display your products. All you have to do is watch your sales increase! 

6. Product Reviews


Remember what we said earlier about the power of recommendations from other people! That doesn’t just apply to friends and family, it applies to other people as well. Reviews are crucial for ecommerce brands. Think about the last time you purchased a product online- did you first look at the reviews’ Chances are that you did. And you aren’t alone. We all do it!

You should know that online reviews influence the purchase decisions for nearly 95% of online shoppers. That should tell you how important they are for your business. To help you secure and display your reviews, you need a tool like This tool will help you with your entire review process, helping you to collect more reviews, and display them at crucial spots on your ecommerce website.

With this tool, you can display your reviews everywhere- including on Google, social media, and of course your website. It is a must-have tool for managing your reviews. Sure, you could always manually reach out to your customers asking for their review, but who has time for that’ Instead, this tool will do all the hard work for you.  

7. Aimtell


No matter how great your business is, people are eventually going to leave your website. While you could watch them leave, potentially never coming back to your website again, a much better option is to retarget them. Its reported that 90% or more of users dont make a purchase the first time they visit a website. Retarget them and bring them back!

Aimtell is a web push notification platform that allows you to easily retarget anyone who is a subscriber. It only takes one click for a user to become a subscriber, and a user doesnt have to provide any personal information! Its a great way to gain a following of users that you can then retarget with personalized web push campaigns that will drive them back to your website.

This is especially great when it comes to ecommerce brands and abandoned carts. Just like users will leave your website, many will also abandon their carts. The average abandoned cart rate hovers at around 70%, with some variation based on industry. Aimtell allows you to set up an automated campaign that will trigger and send to anyone who abandons their cart- even if they havent provided any contact info! As long as they are a subscriber, you can retarget them.

We recommend offering a discount code when you retarget your subscribers in order to provide them with an incentive to complete their order. This is a great way to boost your sales and keep your customers happy. 

8. Amazon FBA Shipping: ByteStand


Fulfilling orders is one of the most time-consuming processes ecommerce stores deal with. If you’re tired of storing, picking, packing, and shipping inventory, let Amazon do it for you. Bonus: You can sell your products on both Amazon and Shopify while having Amazon fulfill orders for both channels.

Plus, with the FBA Shipping app, you can automatically calculate shipping rates, send your Shopify orders to Amazon and email tracking info to your customers. With FBA Shipping, you never have to worry about shipping or customer updates again.

The app is embedded in the admin section of your Shopify store, and if you type fast, can be set up in less than one minute. It allows you to easily customize the shipping rates shown to your customers and the packing slips Amazon inserts into each order. So let Amazon fulfill your Shopify orders automatically you dont have to lift a finger.


So, there you have it! These essential Shopify apps will put you on the path towards greater ecommerce success in 2020 – and beyond! By covering all the various needs of your business, you are making sure you will succeed when it comes to everything from your Google ads, to your social media marketing, referral programs, retargeting efforts, and more. Imagine doing all of that on your own- theres no way! 

Instead, these apps will help make all of these efforts possible- making your ecommerce store more complete, offering your customers a better experience across all platforms. Keep your customers happy and theyll refer to their friends and keep coming back to themselves. You cant beat that! 

Author Bio: Briana Barkett is a content strategist for Aimtell, a digital marketing platform that enables users to re-engage desktop and mobile website visitors with highly targeted web push notifications.


Karthik Ramachandiran is the SEO Manager at AdNabu. He loves to help Shopify stores grow their business with Google Shopping & Google Ads, using advanced features like multi-currencies, multi-languages, and Metafields. Karthik has a lot of experience in SEO and Content Marketing. Also, he enjoys exploring new ways to make content more effective for both readers and search engines.