Welcome to the first Google AdWords blog from AdNabu. Before we jump in to adwords best practices, tricks and tips, lets explore why AdNabu?.

Online Marketing is an exciting industry& has tons of solved and unsolved problems. We are a startup aiming to solve some of them. As a team with work experience in online marketing, deciding on Google AdWords as the initial problem to solve was a no-brainer. Let me explain a bit

Why Google AdWords?

More advertising dollars arespent in Google AdWords than any other online advertising medium. This cements the fact that advertisers find Google AdWords as a highly profitable channel and are ready to invest more in search based advertising than any other form of online advertising. But none of this makes creating and running a profitable search campaign easy. As a matter of fact, it is one of the hardestthings to do. There are tons of best practices which advertisers need to follow which will make their campaigns more efficient. But following these best practices manually is a pain. This is where AdNabu comes in. AdNabu will help advertisers create and manage search campaigns more efficiently than ever.

Google AdWords Blog
Google AdWords blog
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What can you expect from this AdWords Blog?

AdNabu’s software will do the heavy work of optimizing the campaigns and following the best practices. In this blog we will cover the rational behind many of those automatic best practices. We will also write about things that AdNabu cannot do automatically like : best practices for extensions and landing pages or how to write a good ad text. if there is a new feature released by AdWords which you can take advantage of, AdNabu will strive to get it in front of you as soon as we can.

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