how to add pricing table app to shopify

If you’re running a store that sells goods and services, you know pricing is essential to ensuring your shoppers get the best deal possible. However, adding a pricing table to your Shopify store can be daunting. Thankfully, we’ve got the solution for your question- how to add pricing table app to Shopify?!

Let’s go! This article will show you how to add a pricing table app to your Shopify store. Plus, we’ll deliver tips and tricks to ensure your pricing table is perfect.

Why is the pricing table app essential for Shopify stores?

The pricing table app is an essential part of any Shopify store because it helps to streamline the process of setting prices for products and services. You can quickly determine your costs for various items and scenarios by entering a few simple inputs. This saves time and makes price comparisons more accessible than ever before.

Furthermore, the pricing table provides customers with up-to-date information on current prices to make informed choices when shopping online. In addition, it allows you to track inventory levels to know when stock needs to be replenished or replaced.

Lastly, by creating customizations based on specific stores or categories, the pricing table app can become an invaluable tool for optimizing your sales funnel strategy.

Next, let’s see- how to add pricing table app to Shopify, the steps needed, etc.

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What are the steps needed to create a pricing table app on Shopify?

First, you will need to decide what type of pricing table app you want to create.

There are three main types: category tables, product tables, and sale items tables.

  • Category Tables allow customers to browse different categories and view the prices for each one.
  • Product Tables show a list of products in various stages of the buying process (pre-order, add to cart, etc.), with price information next to each product.
  • Sale Items Tables display all available sales items at once and allow customers to see which ones they have already purchased or are currently viewing on another page on your website.

After deciding on the type of pricing table app that you would like to create, you will need to choose a platform from the Shopify menu selection bar at the top left corner of your screen. This menu includes options for creating custom apps or using one of their pre-built templates.

For example, if you are using the Elfsight pricing table, the steps include-

App Installation-

Point 1: Set the app

Enter your user account or check in-

Insert a password into the email address field. You should simply enter if you already have an active user account.

Pick up the widget

Press Pricing Table to reach the description page when you view the list.

Setting design

Pick from one of the available templates or build your own. You may read a complete description of all features on the widget page.

how to add pricing table app to shopify using an App

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Get extension code

Finish this step by copying the code you want to display on your website.

Setup a Shopify website

Go to the admin dashboard.

To access your Shopify dashboard, log in.

Select the page

Select “Pages” from the list of options when you choose “Online Store.”

Switch the content to HTML

By clicking “Show HTML,” you may change the page’s content to HTML.

Insert the widget

Save your modifications by adding the widget code to its proper location.

The Pricing Table widget from Shopify has been installed!

Best Shopify Pricing Table Apps

App Name-1:- Elfsight Pricing Table

Elfsight - how to add pricing table app to shopify

Image source 

With the Elfsight Pricing Table, you can clearly and effectively display your hottest deals in pricing tables on Shopify. The pricing table could include your offers’ characteristics and pricing information. Its columns can be completely customized, allowing font size, button type, color, design, and style choices to be specified.

Features Highlights

  • Pricing tables should clearly and effectively display your offers.
  • Show off the features and pricing of all of your offers.
  • Customizable recommendation columns
  • Ready-to-use stylish design
  • Smart pricing range

Price: $4.99/month. 7-days of a free trial.

Rating: 4.2 / 5

App Name-2:- Price Plan by

how to add pricing table app to shopify

Image source’s Product + Packages Price Table is a valuable tool for online retailers that shows their goods and services in a simple table format. Using the highlight feature, you can highlight your most excellent goods to entice consumers to purchase them. With this program, you may quickly produce a price table and adjust it to match your shop design before displaying it in front of your consumers.

Now you can install this app and start a free plan. Mainly, you may allow subscriptions and memberships to make recurring payments to streamline their checkout procedure and increase sales and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, by proposing connected items with various price selections, this program may upsell and cross-sell your buyer, prompting them to make additional purchases.

Features Highlights

  • A highly customizable price table for products and packages
  • Different price options and display product bundles
  • Add a price table to any store page.
  • For subscribers and members, create recurring payments.
  • Any language may be used to write text.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.3 / 5

App Name-3:- Price comparison and affiliate by Arrow

Vishal Garg created Price Comparison By Arrow to assist affiliates in attracting visitors and increasing sales. This program would improve the shopping experience and boost store sales by turning your shop into a price comparison shop, allowing consumers to see various pricing choices for every item they view. You may also make money from affiliate marketing since this app enables you to set prices and items on partner or competitor stores and buy now or affiliate page links, in addition to sales obtained from clients on your own. Install it now, and you’ll see a boost in sales.

Features Highlights

  • For typical shops by adding prices to items.
  • Add Buy Now or affiliate links.
  • Competitive or partner stores may be imported or exported.
  • Compete or partner products may be imported or exported.
  • For every product, there is a display price comparison table.

Price: From $5.99/month. 2-days of a free trial.

Rating: 5 / 5

FAQ on how to add pricing table app to shopify

How do I add a Shopify pricing table?

Adding a pricing table to Shopify is easy enough. All you require to do is go to your “Settings” page, and under the “Sales & Orders” heading, find the “Pricing Tables” section.

How do I integrate an app with Shopify?

Integrating an app with Shopify can be demanding, but it’s not impossible. Understanding the different parts of your store and how they work together is significant. Once you have a good understanding, you can start by creating basic templates or building customizations based on your specific needs.

This requires excellent coordination between your e-commerce platform and mobile app development team. This requires excellent coordination between your e-commerce platform and mobile app development team. In some cases, it may require changes to coding or interface designs. If you’ve integrated the app into your shop, customers should experience faster response times!

How do you make a pricing table?

A pricing table is an essential tool for any business and can help to organize your costs. To create a pricing table, decide on your products or services. Next, identify the cost of each item or service. Finally, compute the total cost of all items by multiplying the number of units purchased.

Remember that this data might be organized in various ways, each with its advantages and disadvantages. You could use columns to list each type of product or service together with its corresponding price range, divided prices (for example), dollar amounts including tax but excluding ship/transport fees, etc., percentage discounts (off MSRP only?), seasonal variations, etc., subcategories within categories (for example F&B vs. B2B), image files (.png/.jpg) for simple illustrations purposes only – no HTML formatting, please!.

How do I add a pricing table to my website?

Adding a pricing table to your website is easy thanks to the free, WordPress-based Content Editor plugin. This plugin allows you to add tables that show different prices for various items on your website. Simply enter the data for each table, and you’re good to go!

This can be useful if you want customers to see how much money they are spending on each item or if you want them to be able to compare prices between different sellers. Additionally, this plugin provides users with advanced formatting capabilities like column sorting and conditional formatting. So, whether you just need a simple pricing table or more elaborate functionality, the Content Editor plugin is perfect for YOU!

Conclusion about how to add pricing table app to shopify

Now, you have all the information you need regarding how to add pricing table app. Just follow the basic steps mentioned above, and you will be able to launch a successful pricing table app. Remember that when creating new products on Shopify, customers expect an engaging and smooth browsing experience. Thus, create a compelling pricing table with formal design elements so that users can easily pick what they like and purchase it immediately!


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