Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions are two legal documents a saas website must compulsorily create. They are important especially when one needs to get approval for payment integration from third party websites like stripe, braintree etc.

Payment Processing for Indian Merchants

Merchant Payment processing
Payments are done easy

After we created our SAAS product for Google AdWords, It was time for us to integrate with a payment processor. Our Initial shortlist included stripe and braintree but very soon we realized that Indian merchants are not supported by either of them. After some research, We finalized on 2checkout & Avangate. If you are a company in India trying to sell to the world, i heavily recommend 2checkout.

Process for Approval

Approval process for both avangate and 2checkout were similar. They both do a site audit and verify the business is genuine and that you have a privacy policy and terms of service. When we had just launched, we did not have both these documents ready. We had to prepare them and being a startup, we were looking at the cheapest way to prepare these legal documents. there were couple of options.

  1. Modify the WordPress TOS which is opensourced
  2. Hire a lawyer and create both these documents
  3. Buy both documents online

The Expensive Legal Documents

Legal documents

WordPress TOS was too complicated for us and pretty soon we realized that we are wasting time by editing their document. if there is one thing more dear to startups than money, it is time. We dropped the ambitious plan to create the legal documents by ourselves and decided to get professional help.

it turns out that legal fees are way too high even in India. I was quoted 50000 INR or 1000 Dollars for preparing both these documents. Definitely a big NO

After a couple of google searches, we found our savior in termsfeed. Their service was not free but was simple and quick. We ended up paying 35 dollars (14 for TOS & 24 for Privacy Policy) in total. Their service customizes your legal documents by asking a few questions about your business and their fees are dependent on it.

Open Sourcing our Legal Documents

After wasting a day or two in searching and finding a solution, it is obvious to us that many more startups might be looking for an easy way to get their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Feel free to use our open sourced Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy documents. Replace our company name (Nabu Marketing Private Limited) and Website URL ( in the following documents.

AdNabu Privacy Policy

AdNabu Terms and Conditions

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