What can you sell on shopify

Looking at what can you sell on Shopify? If so, you’ll want to read this guide! In it, we discuss the different types of products and services that you can sell on Shopify and the best ways to market and sell your products.

We also offer tips on how to set up and manage your Shopify store so that you can maximize its potential. So if you’re ready to take your enterprise to the next level, read on!

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Can You Sell Anything on Shopify?

Can You Sell Anything on Shopify

While Shopify is a splendid platform for selling online, it’s not limited to just that. You can also sell anything that you want, and there are no restrictions on what type of product or service you could offer. This includes artwork, physical products, consulting services, and much more.

However, it is not the case. On Shopify, you can’t sell everything. To use the platform to build your online store, you must first follow the Shopify Acceptable Use Policy. Therefore, eCommerce businesses are barred from selling restricted products under this policy. Certain firearms and parts, items or services that promote self-harm, COVID-19 products that violate the rule for the sale of COVID-19-related products, and other restricted goods are among them. You can check the Shopify Acceptable Use Policy for more information about prohibited activities on Shopify.

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To start Shopify sales, simply create an account and sign in to your merchant account. Afterward, configure the settings for your store according to your needs (including shipping information), add products and prices, set up auctions or fixed-price listings (with fees included if applicable), and publish your content!

You can also use features like Google Ads ads or Facebook advertising to improve traffic flow into your store.

And last but certainly not least: stay updated on current market trends by following industry blogs and staying abreast of new developments within the digital space. By doing all of these things together – setting up a well-optimized shop plus thorough marketing planning – you’re guaranteed success in taking advantage of this lucrative business opportunity!

At Shopify, what are the most suitable products to sell?

There are many products that can be sold on Shopify. Still, some of the best include e-commerce platforms, digital content such as books and courses, physical products like clothing and accessories, and software applications.

When choosing which product to sell, it is essential to identify your target market and consider what they want or need. Once you know this information, you can create a sales funnel that will help drive buyers through the buying procedure from start to finish.

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This includes creating quality content that is easy to find and navigate, setting up an e-commerce effective marketing plan that targets potential customers directly (via social media channels or email campaigns), augmenting your inventory regularly with new items for sale, and offering fast shipping times. Hence, shoppers have nothing else holding them back from making a purchase.

If you take these steps diligently, selling on Shopify should be no problem!

Some Niche Ideas for an eCommerce Store- What can you sell on Shopify

Here are some of the niches that help to answer- what can you sell on Shopify?

Food Products

Food Products to sell on Shopify

Selling food items on your Shopify store is a great niche. Why do you ask this? The fact is that we all need to eat to survive.

Consequently, there will always be a requirement for food products with a high growth rate. The US market is valued at $8.4 billion, according to Grand View Research. In 2020, the packaged food market is expected to reach $996.56 billion. From 2021 to 2028, it is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.1%. Furthermore, at the same time, the internet distribution channel is expected to have an 8.5% CAGR.

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As a result, adding food items to your store to sell online would be a good choice. Here are a few item ideas:

  • Bakery Foods
  • Packaged snacks
  • Canned Fruits and Vegetables
  • Coffee and tea
  • Pickles
  • Keto food items
  • Meat products
  • Spices
  • Muffins, bread, cookies
  • Instant mixes
  • Snack Bars
  • Trail Mix
  • Chips

Business Products

Business Products to sell on Shopify

Companies’ products are business products since they help other companies operate. Therefore, B2B products are another name for these items.

There is a broad scope of possibilities for selling business products online. In 2023, 17% of American b2b sales will generate digitally.

Raw materials, processed fabrics & components, repair supplies, and other categories for commercial items are available.

The following two categories, however, are in high demand:

Office Products

– All office supplies related to work, such as paper clips, stamps, post-its, highlighters, and pens.

– You can also sell office supplies that help in boosting productivity, such as headphones and monitors.

– You can also include office decor like plants and lamps in your Shopify online store’s inventory.

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Laptop Stands

Laptop stands come in a mixture of shapes and sizes. They are used for a range of purposes by people. There are a few more things to mention, such as bringing laptop displays to eye level, improving typing ergonomics, and preventing overheating. It is an excellent strategy to boost laptop sales by selling them online.

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness Products to sell on Shopify

Being fit and healthy is becoming more popular. According to a study, in the USA, By 2017, the cardiovascular equipment market is projected to expand by more than 11%. This simply indicates that there is a high demand for health and fitness products.

There are a wide variety of health and fitness products that you can sell on Shopify. This includes supplements, gym gear, healthy food items, and more. The best aspect is that these products are easy to set up and have low start-up costs.

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The top-selling health and fitness products are listed below:

Jade Rollers

Jade roller is an ancient Chinese health and wellness tool used to massage and release tight muscles, improve circulation, detoxify the body, improve sleep, and reduce pain. Jade rollers of high quality are always in demand by customers. Selling them will, therefore, help you increase your sales.

Healthy Food Items

– Leafy green veggies such as kale, spinach, and lettuce

– Fruits such as apples, pears, bananas, oranges, and grapefruit

– Grains such as quinoa, oats, and barley

– legumes such as black beans, chickpeas, and lentils

– grains

– dairy products

– nuts and seeds

Massage Guns

Massage guns are used by health and fitness enthusiasts to cope with muscle aches, avoid injuries, and obtain fast pain relief. It’s wise to include massaging guns in your Shopify sales numbers. Massage guns are used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  1. To loosen up stiff muscles
  2. To relieve stress and tension
  3. To improve circulation
  4. To decrease pain

Yoga Mats

Thanks to the popularity of yoga. In the USA, yoga has grown in popularity recently, with over 36 million people practicing it. By itself, it is sufficient to make sales, especially for small businesses and online businesses. The mats are sold as hot cakes. They also come in a combination of colors and patterns that can appeal to many e-commerce customers.

Gym Gear

Gym Gear Products to sell on Shopify

The fitness club business in the USA generates $27.6 billion each year. So there is a massive demand for gym gear like:

  • Gym Towels
  • Grip Gloves
  • Water bottles
  • Smartwatches
  • Fitness trackers

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Maternity Products

Maternity Products to sell on Shopify

You should begin adding maternity products to your product folio if you struggle to sell or not to sell them. The market for maternity care in North America is expected to reach $3 billion by 2023, with a healthy compound annual increase.

Here are the top-selling maternity products:

  1. Nursing bras
  2. Nursing pads
  3. Nursing tanks
  4. Maternity dresses
  5. Maternity shirts
  6. Books for Pregnancy
  7. Maternity belts

Digital Products

Digital Products to sell on Shopify

According to Goldstein Market Intelligence, the North American consumer electronics market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 6.5% between 2017 and 2030. This sector, therefore, has a wealth of expansion chances.

This category contains two of the most well-known products:

Portable LED Projectors

Both home and office settings employ LED projectors. As a result, they’re an excellent addition to your Shopify product portfolio.


According to Mordor Intelligence, the smartwatch market in North America is expected to expand by a CAGR of 9.57% between 2018 and 2026. As a result, selling smartwatches may undoubtedly boost sales.


E-Cigarette Products to sell on Shopify

According to Grand View Research, the vape and e-cigarette industry in the USA will expand at a compound yearly pace of 27.3% from 2021 to 2028.

On Shopify, you can sell vape products.

You can’t use their native payment solution, Shopify Payments. However, you can use a third-party payment gateway. Since Shopify payments do not accept vape products and e-cigarettes, your store will be shut down quickly if you discover breaking the rules. You’ll need to locate a third-party payment gateway that merchants high-risk vapes or e-cigarettes.

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Travel Accessories

Travel  Products to sell on Shopify

For your Shopify store, travel accessories are a profitable niche. Travel-related goods were in high demand in the Pre Covid period. The handbag, luggage, and accessory store industry in the United States were worth about $15.8 billion in 2019, according to IBISWorld.

When the coronavirus pandemic ravaged the United States in 2020, demand for travel accessories fell dramatically. One of the pandemic’s most damaging sectors was tourism. Nevertheless, as the coronavirus situation improves, the demand for travel accessories is rising.

In 2021, the handbag, luggage, and accessory businesses were expected to increase by 9.2%, according to IBISWorld. In this market, two hot products on the market are:

Neck Pillows

Neck pillows help to alleviate stiffness and exhaustion while traveling by fully supporting the head of the person wearing them. They may also help treat obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. Neck pillows are popular since they provide such advantages.

Travel Belts

Money and value bale items are protected from prying eyes with travel money belts. As a result, travel belts are an essential piece of gear for travelers. You may provide your consumer with many alternatives to travel belts.

Passport Holder

Once travel started after COVID, there was also a huge demand for accessories like passport holders, travel wallets, etc., and it became a trending product. So this can be added to product ideas.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement Products to sell on Shopify

The total home improvement market is projected to expand by a significant 9.9% in 2021 and 5.7% in 2022, according to a Home Improvement Research Institute study. As a result, it’s a smart move to increase sales by selling home improvement items.

You have the choice of adding these items to your current product line or establishing a Shopify store to sell home improvement items exclusively. The following are the hottest online home renovation items:

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Air Purifiers

Indoor air quality may be higher than outdoor air quality on occasion. Selling air purifiers may gain more business as more individuals work at home.


There are various designs available for bookends. And not only to store their books but also to decorate their home, people purchase them. Do include bookends in your home improvement product line if you decide to sell them.

Indoor Plants

Indoor designs are popular since they provide a therapeutic effect when looking at indoor plants. Indoor gardening became more popular during the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in a surge in demand one-commerce platform for indoor plants.

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Products to sell on Shopify

Lockdowns have reignited people’s passion for homemade meals. Nowadays, more individuals are cooking their favorite foods in the kitchen. By 2021, Statista expects kitchen gadget sales in the United States to total $17.6 billion. By 2024, this figure is tossed for reaching $19.6 billion. This just indicates that you’ll have a large number of prospective customers for kitchen items.

Electric Kettles

In kitchen gadgets, an electric kettle is a hot new item. And the speed and convenience of boiling water are trendy among tea and coffee enthusiasts. For your eCommerce firm, sourcing a variety of electric kettles is simple, making it an excellent addition to your product offering.

Air Fryers

People are purchasing air fryers in the same way they purchase air-fried hotcakes. Air fryers may increase sales in your Shopify store because of commitments to calorie reduction and fast heating speed.

Car Accessories

Car Accessories Products to sell on Shopify

Car customization is something that most motorists enjoy. It is also possible to install accessories with ease. As a result, it’s no surprise that automotive part and car accessory sales in the United States are anticipated to increase by 21.4 percent in 2023.

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Here are some of the most popular car accessories sold online if you decide to sell them from your store:

Car seat covers, mobile holders, air fresheners, sun shields, cleaning supplies, tire inflators, etc.

Gaming Products

Gaming Products to sell on Shopify

The gaming industry is expanding at a healthy rate. For your eCommerce firm, selling gaming products might be a game-changer. Why would you want to do that?

In 2020, the gaming market in North America was expected to be worth $42.83 billion, according to Mordor Intelligence. By 2026, the market is expected to have grown to USD 83.73 billion, with a CAGR of 11.8% over the project period.

To sell online, here are a few of the most popular gaming products:

  1. Mouse and Keyboards
  2. Chairs
  3. Personal Computers
  4. Laptops
  5. Monitors
  6. Headphones

Camera Accessories

Camera Products to sell on Shopify

Adding camera accessories to your product portfolio can be beneficial if you already sell electronic items.

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For your online store, here are a few product suggestions:

  • Camera Replacement straps
  • Memory-card-wallets
  • Kits for camera cleaning
  • Camera microphones
  • Bags for the camera

Mobile Accessories

Mobile Products to sell on Shopify

A burgeoning market is mobile phone accessories. The United States is expected to see increased sales in the year 2015. By 2026, the market size of mobile phone accessories is projected to reach $75.62 billion, with a 13.6% growth year over year.

In this sector, the following are the most popular items:

  1. Screen guard covers
  2. Mobile back covers
  3. Mobile flip covers
  4. Mobile holders
  5. Headphones and buds
  6. USB and OTG cables
  7. Selfie stick

Sustainable Products

Sustainable Products to sell on Shopify

Consumers are adopting new habits to less impact the environment, which is becoming more common. In the United States, sustainable goods are projected to bring in between $142.3 and $150.1 billion. According to Statista, in 2021, the dollar will be worth $1.

In this market, the top-selling items are as follows:

  1. Wooden toothbrushes
  2. Wooden combs
  3. Steel and Copper water bottles
  4. Hand-made soaps
  5. Biodegradable packaging covers

Products Targeting Pet Owners

Products Targeting Pet Owners to sell on Shopify

In 2020, pets will cost Americans $103.6 billion., according to a survey from the American Pet Products Association (APPA). APPA also projected that Americans would spend $109.6 billion in 2021.

You will surely increase your online store sales by marketing to dog owners and cat owners or simply providing mixed pet supplies. This segment has a considerable growth possibility because 67% of US households have a pet.

The following are the most popular items in this category:

Pet Beds

Since it provides numerous benefits, almost all pet owners purchase a pet bed. Pets’ beds keep them comfortable and aid arthritic joints. Pet beds can also help you avoid calluses. It is an excellent idea to sell pet beds.

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Dog Seat Covers

People love to take their hairy friends out in their cars. And dog seat covers keep cars’ upholstery unassailable from dirt, scratches, dander, and spills. So, it is no wonder why a dog seat cover is trending in this category.

Pet Clothing

In this sector, this is a hot item. Moreover, since all pet owners are required to buy clothes for their animals, this market offers a lot of sales possibilities.

Toys of Kids

Kids Toys to sell on Shopify

Toy manufacturing in the United States is expanding at a healthy rate. In 2020, the toy industry in the United States was worth $33.7 billion. According to a report, toy manufacturing in the United States is expected to reach $34.2 billion by the year 2026.

In this category, some of the most popular products are:

  • Kitchen toys
  • Baby dragons
  • Barbie Dolls
  • Lego toys
  • Stack building blocks toys
  • Music playing toys
  • Outdoor playing toys
  • Rubik’s cubes


Jewelry Products to sell on Shopify

Sell jewelry if you’re still undecided about what to sell on Shopify. Why do you ask such a question? The most popular products are jewelry items. In this market, there are a wealth of growth prospects. Between 2020 and 2025, the diamond jewelry market in the United States is expected to increase from $42 billion to $60 billion.

In this category, there are two popular product ideas:

Personalized Earrings

The most popular jewelry product is perhaps customized earrings. Customers purchase customized earrings to match their various outfits, thanks to endless designs. This is why unique earrings are in high demand.

Charm Bracelets

Bracelets with charms are back in style. Charm bracelets will be bought by your loyal customer base and new customers. As a result, adding them to your product line is expected to boost sales.

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Health and Safety Products

Health and Safety Products to sell on Shopify

The United States of America According to Grand View Research, personal protective equipment for healthcare is launched to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.1% from 2020 to 2027.

The enduring pandemic has made people more aware of their health. So, the double-digit growth number looks realistic.

In this industry, here are a few product categories:

  1. Hand sanitizer and masks
  2. Office and home disinfectant
  3. Health supplements
  4. First aid kits

Hobby Products

According to IBISWorld, the enterprise’s market size is projected to rise by 3.2% in 2021. As a result, selling hobby items on Shopify may be a feasible option. The following hobby product ideas are trendy:

  1. DIY crafts
  2. Carving kits
  3. Gardening supplies
  4. Papercraft kits

Online Products

Online Products to sell on Shopify

Selling online goods across the globe is a massive benefit since there isn’t much paperwork involved. The online product market is expanding fast.

The worldwide digital content market is expected to reach about $397.39 billion by the end of 2026, and online content is one of numerous such products. In 2019, the digital content market was valued at $167.370 billion.

In this classification, here are a few of the most popular product ideas:


The high-profit margin of membership items attracts consumers. To use your digital goods, you may begin selling memberships. You might, for example, set up a paid subscription service to gain access to premium material from a library you’ve built.


You may begin renting out videos and films that you have made. Those who develop helpful digital tools may charge a fee for renting them out online.


You may sell your expertise through online coaching, video-on-demand, or step-by-step instructions by setting up a Shopify store.

Software applications, digital photos, digital art, podcasts, internet communities, and other popular online products are just a few examples.

On Shopify, how do you choose what to sell?

how do you choose what to sell on Shopify
  • Use Google Trends
  • Consider Seasonality
  • Think about Customer Need
  • Do Keyword Research
  • Look at Average Search Volume
  • For your online store, choose a particular industry or niche.
  • Do Competition and Market Research
  • Look at Google Ads
  • Sell Products Related to Your Passion
  • Consider In-Demand Products that Sell Online
  • Focus on the types of items prospective consumers will buy in the future.
  • Look at Market Size
  • Research Online Trend Publications
  • Browse Other Shops
  • Look at Third Party Supplier
  • Look for goods that match your current industry or niche market.

Is selling on Shopify worth it?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to whether or not selling on Shopify is worth it. This includes the size of your shop, how active your traffic is, and what kind of pricing you’re likely to incur.

However, one positive aspect of selling on Shopify is that many features and options open to allow you to customize your store for maximum efficiency.

Using ClickFunnels, you can easily create powerful marketing campaigns that will increase sales and reach new customers.

Ultimately, it’s essential to do your analysis before making any investment decisions. But if you’re determined to sell online, Shopify may be your perfect platform!

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Does Shopify give you products to sell?

While Shopify does not currently offer products to sell, this is something that they are actively working on.

Shopify does not sell products; however, it offers many apps that may be linked to your Shopify store to supply goods.

In the meantime, you can make your own Shopify product using their platform. This allows you to customize and configure your storefront exactly how you want it, making it effortless for buyers to find and buy what they’re looking for. Plus, building a solid online presence with robust marketing strategies can generate more revenue through sales of your products or services.

Shopify also offers an extensive range of features that make selling online easy and efficient. For example, merchants have access to shipping labels and payment processing options so that customers can easily purchase goods from their websites. Moreover, shoppers enjoy secure shopping experiences thanks to Shopify’s SSL encryption technology across all site pages.

On Shopify, How much does it cost to sell?

How much does it cost to sell on Shopify?

Shopify is one of the most widespread e-commerce platforms on the internet, and it offers a wide range of features that can make selling online easy. From setting up your store to marketing and shipping, Shopify makes it simple for you to start.

Hosting your shop on Shopify ranges from $9 to $299 per month, with a moderate price tag of around $29 per month.

Furthermore, no setup or monthly fees are associated with using this platform. However, in addition to hosting costs, you will also need to pay for advertising campaigns and charge commissions when items are sold.

The total amount you may pay each year depends on how much gear and resources you choose to invest in your business. However, as long as you know these expenses before starting, selling online shouldn’t be too costly!

Which is the best platform to sell -Etsy or Shopify?

Etsy or Shopify

Selling on Etsy or Shopify can be a great way to make money, but choosing a suitable medium for your business is essential.

Etsy has a wider variety of products and designs than Shopify, making it better suited for creative businesses such as fashion and jewelry. On the other hand, Shopify is more affordable and easier to use, which makes it better suited for businesses that sell physical products. Additionally, Etsy offers more opportunities for selling online courses and digital downloads.

Ultimately, the best decision depends on what you’re comfortable with and what kind of customer base you are targeting. It’s also essential to put some struggle into marketing your business so potential customers can easily find you.

Is Shopify better than Amazon?

Does Shopify better than Amazon?

This is a complicated question because many factors need to be considered, including pricing, customer service, and usability. Therefore, it is vital to do your research before deciding which platform will work best for you.

If you’re seeking an easy-to-use platform that allows you to create custom stores quickly and easily, then Shopify may be the better choice. This eCommerce platform offers features such as Shopify Plus, which enables businesses to add extra features like Custom Ads or Order Fulfillment by Amazon (OBA). Additionally, it has an ecosystem of apps and integrations that make it easier for businesses to connect with their customers in new ways.

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Do we need a business license to sell on Shopify?

While it is not required, most businesses recommend obtaining a business license from your local government. This will help to safeguard you and your customers from any potential legal issues that may arise. Additionally, it will allow you to comply with specific health and safety standards, sales tax laws, and wage requirements.

If you are doubtful whether or not a business license is necessary for your particular situation, feel free to reach out to an agency in your area that can offer guidance on the matter. In addition, make sure to keep records of all transactions so that any disputes can be quickly resolved.

Do I need inventory to sell on Shopify?

Technically, you do not need inventory to sell on Shopify. However, it can be helpful if your products are in high demand and have a limited supply. This way, customers will have a more effortless time finding and purchasing your items. Additionally, having inventory can help you to fulfill orders more quickly since you won’t have to wait for the product to arrive from the manufacturer.

With this approach, you don’t need any physical products at all! All that’s necessary is a website and some marketing skills. Then, when someone purchases from your store, Amazon will pick up the order and ship it directly to the customer’s door! If all of that sounds like too much work or too expensive for your budget, then using dropshipping may be a better option for you.

What are the most successful Shopify stores?

The most successful Shopify store is unique and tailored to meet the demands of its customers. Thus there is no one-size-fits-all explanation for this subject. However, some critical successful ways that Shopify stores include:

  • Using high-quality products that appeal to a broad range of consumers.
  • Providing excellent customer service.
  • Building an engaging online presence.

Additionally, creating an inventory frequently updated with new arrivals is critical for success on Shopify. This allows you to keep up with trends and provide your customers with always Fresh Fashion Selection!

Finally, optimizing your store traffic continuously through effective marketing campaigns targeting keywords relevant to your industry is essential. Doing this can expand conversion rates and drive more sales into your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sell anything on Shopify?

No, you cannot sell everything on Shopify. To build your online shop, you must comply with the Acceptable Use Policy to use the Shopify platform. This, on the other hand, prevents restricted item sales by eCommerce businesses.

What products can’t you sell on Shopify?

You can’t sell illegally obtained products (such as counterfeit or stolen items), pornography, adult material, weapons/firearms, tobacco products, and illegal drugs.

You may also be unable to sell certain types of food if they are made hazardous or unsanitary. This includes foods contaminated by pests, such as lice or roaches. Additionally, you cannot sell unsafe toys or children’s items that could cause physical injuries when used.

How fast can I expect to sell my products using Shopify?

Selling products on Shopify as a store owner can take a bit of time to get comfortable with. However, if you’re confident in your product and have put together an effective marketing strategy, you should be able to sell your products quickly. One of the best ways to speed up this process is by setting up automated shipping and sale information so that you are always aware of when sales occur. You can also optimize your prices for higher traffic areas or seasonal niches, increasing revenue opportunities.

Can I sell branded products on Shopify?

Yes! You can easily create and sell branded products on Shopify. Some of the popular include FuboTV, which sells sports-related gear and apparel. You must set up your shop’s branding and pricing to start. 

Can you make a living selling on Shopify?

Selling on Shopify can be a fantastic way to make a living, but it is not easy. To succeed, you need to create high-quality products that are selling well. You must also track your sales and stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends. Additionally, you will need to dedicate daily time to promoting and selling your products online. If you have these three things gathered out, then Selling on Shopify could be something that interests you!


In this blog, we aim to clear all your doubts about selling, what to sell, the most suitable products to sell, how to choose what to sell, how much it costs to sell, is selling worth on Shopify.Β 

However, if you are still confused, here’s a list of tips to help you decide which platform to sell your products: First, start with an idea and then try out different themes and designs until the right one clicks. For example, you can try a trendy beauty store or an e-commerce portal selling luxury products. If none of these ideas click, consider starting a successful business by renting a shop on Shopify! 

If you already have an existing online store but are struggling to generate sales click here for more tips on how to do it right.


Karthik Ramachandiran is the SEO Manager at AdNabu. He loves to help Shopify stores grow their business with Google Shopping & Google Ads, using advanced features like multi-currencies, multi-languages, and Metafields. Karthik has a lot of experience in SEO and Content Marketing. Also, he enjoys exploring new ways to make content more effective for both readers and search engines.