What is a Single Keyword Ad Group?

What is a Single Keyword Ad Group?

Single Keyword Ad Group or SKAG, in short, is literally what the name suggests, it is an AdWords best practice where each ad group is assigned just one keyword.

If you are already following this technique, awesome, you can skip to the advantages of SKAG blog. But for those who still are new to AdWords and need some insights on setting up ad groups efficiently, continue reading this blog.

There are three different approaches AdWords users follow when setting up ad groups, I labeled them Rookie, Intermediate, and Pro for easy understanding.

Rookie :

This is the easiest of the three, and sadly the worst. In this popular approach, users dump all the keywords under a single ad group. This approach does not have any huge advantages. This strategy but takes only minimal effort and time.

The disadvantages, however, are alarming. For starters, your ad group would be too clumsy. It is also very difficult to get any insights. This is because not all your keywords are performing well, but you wouldn’t know which of those that are poor. Similarly, your ad group would house a number of ads, but it is not possible to figure out which keyword triggered a specific ad. Hence, the performance of neither a keyword nor an ad can be understood. Only the average performance across the ad group can be gathered which is of no real significance.

Sounds scary, right? Yep. If you are still doing this, just don’t!

Intermediate :

In this approach, users segregate keywords based on their themes and add them to the relevant ad groups. Even though this sounds sensible, this doesn’t have many advantages either. True that it saves time, it is a refined approach, but the only advantage other than the ease of creation is the collection of data. Data available at ad group level in this approach is already an aggregate of keywords of a specific theme.

But again, no data pertaining to an individual keyword or an ad is available. It is true here too that not all the keywords under a theme are performing well.

You can keep using this approach if you are happy where you already are. If you are aiming at bettering your performance, I recommend you to go pro.

Pro :

This is where we meet Single Keyword Ad Group again. It is the best approach if you are looking for high returns on your investments into AdWords. I agree that no one would say no to high returns, but one has to understand that there is a scope beyond what they already know. This approach actually has the ability to improve click-through rates and also reduce the CPC. We have dedicated a blog where you can learn the advantages of SKAG.

Unfortunately, even SKAG has a couple of disadvantages, it asks for your time and when optimizing, procuring enough data is a task. But worry not, we have taken care of this for you. AdNabu’s SKAG Tool creates SKAGs automatically for you saving your time and then collects approximate data from similar keywords.

And the end?

I hope this blog has given you insights on Single Keyword Ad Group and other ad group creation techniques. Creating SKAG is the beginning of building a successful campaign. There is a little bit more work to do after SKAG which contributes towards the successful campaign. I would explain that in the next blog.

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