How To Enable Sitelink Extensions in AdWords?

 How to enable sitelinks?

Sitelink extensions allow advertisers to add more links to their ads. These additional sitelinks can take people to specific pages on advertiser’s website, be it store hours, a particular product or more. When someone clicks or taps on these links, they skip right to what they want to know or buy.

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This is an ad with a live Sitelink extension.


How to enable sitelink extensions in AdWords?

Advertisers can enable sitelink extensions for ads by following the simple steps listed below. It is recommended that you do this with the assistance of a professional if you are new to AdWords. You can set sitelinks at account, campaign and ad group level. Follow the steps listed below to enable site link extensions.

  1. Log in to your AdWords account and click on “ad & extensions”.
    sitelink extensions 1
  2. Select “Extensions” and click on the “plus” (+) button.sitelink extensions 2
  3. When you click on the “plus (+)” button, you will see a drop-down menu. Select “sitelink extensions” from this menu.
    sitelink extensions 3
  4. Choose whether you want the sitelink extensions to run on account or campaign or ad group level.
    sitelink extensions 4
  5. You can either create a new sitelink extension or use an existing one (if you have any).
    sitelink extensions 5
  6. Include a catchy text in the space below “sitelink text”. You can also include up to 70 characters of description.
    sitelink extensions 6
  7. Add the Final URL, i.e. the page you want to redirect users when they click on your sitelink text.
    sitelink extensions 7
  8. You can select specific devices and schedule your sitelinks from the “advanced options” drop-down menu.Note: Ads with a checked box for Mobile are given preference on mobile devices, while standard text ads and extensions are granted choice on desktops, laptop computers, and tablets.
    sitelink extensions 8
  9. “Sitelink URL options” lets you add a tracking template and custom parameters.Note: We have dedicated blogs to tracking templates and custom parameters.

How to make the most of sitelink extensions?

  • You can have your own text describing the link and the URL that redirects to specific pages on your website. You can use call-to-action texts or informative texts to persuade users to visit different pages.
  • Sitelinks best go with broad match keywords. This gives you a scope of wider audiences.
  • You can update the text or the URL anytime you want without actually having to redesign the ad copy. This also means that your data is intact. It doesn’t reset.
  • You can also schedule your sitelink extensions for specific dates of the month, days of the week, time of the day etc.


How do sitelink extensions in AdWords work?

As mentioned above, you can add sitelinks to the account, campaign, or ad group level. You have to choose where to add them and then create a new app extension. You can also schedule the sitelinks as to when you want them to appear.

In some cases, Google might supplement your sitelinks with descriptions that you’ve provided about those pages. Either you can add those details yourself when creating or editing sitelinks, or we can automatically use information within your account related to individual sitelinks—for example, from various ads in your account. By showing additional details with your sitelinks, your ads can be more relevant to potential customers.

Note: Sitelinks at an ad group level which is in a campaign that has sitelink extensions will use the ad group-level sitelink extensions. The sitelink extensions at the campaign level will be overridden. Similarly, sitelink extensions at campaign level will replace sitelink extensions at the account level.

Conclusion –

Sitelink extensions help users quickly navigate to different pages. Sitelinks also improve the clickthrough rate. Advertisers can capitalise these extensions to garner more traffic to their website. At AdNabu, we recommend our customers to use the sitelink extensions, especially when the shopping season is just the corner.


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