Google Remarketing in 2022 – An Ultimate Guide by AdNabu

Google Remarketing (also known as retargeting) is the technology that allows your Google Ads to track potential consumers across the internet and subsequently display ads to them. When a visitor accesses your site, a little piece of code ( remarketing code) is added to their remarketing list. Your ad is served to visitors that click on the link. When they go to another website that uses the...

Google Ads Remarketing Guide for 2022 (and Beyond)

Google Ads Remarketing is a remarketing service that uses static photos, moving images, video, responsive advertising, and text advertisements. The targeting aspect of remarketing sets it apart from standard Display and Search advertising. Remarketing is a method for targeting individuals who have previously visited your website and saved their contact information, using cookies placed on their...

Conversion Tracking in 2022 – An Ultimate Guide by AdNabu

Conversion tracking in Google Ads accounts helps you figure out if your present efforts are yielding the results you want. This post goes through the most important advantages of tracking your campaign conversions, the value of conversion tracking to your business, and how to utilize its power for long-term growth. What is conversion tracking? Conversion tracking is the procedure by which a...

Etsy Black Friday Sale 2021: 35+ Best Deals and Offers to Grab

Etsy Black Friday 2021 is coming up and we want to make sure you don’t miss any of the best deals! We have compiled a list of 35 items that will be discounted on Etsy but only for those who come first. This article will explain what each item is and why it may be worth your time and money this year. One of the most popular shopping days in the United States is Black Friday. It’s not simply...

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