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Bulk Update Old Standard Ads to Expanded Text Ads in Google AdWords


Many of you requested for a feature to bulk update old standard ads to expanded text ads. We heard you and we have come up with a tool which does exactly that! I will talk more about how to use this tool later. We have already talked about why it is important to upgrade to expanded text ads. You can no longer create or edit old standard ads in AdWords. Even if this was not the case, it is highly...

With Expanded Text Ads deadline past, it's time to get a preview of the Expanded Text Ad benefits.


Why should you switch to Expanded Text Ads right away? Expanded Text Ads (ETA) are the latest ad type from Google, which advertisers can use in Google AdWords. Google started experimenting this type of ads in Q2, 2016 and has made this the new default type for search campaigns. As a result of this as well as google’s decision to discontinue¬†old ads, you can no longer create or edit old text...

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