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The Easiest Way to Create Dynamic Remarketing for Ecommerce Stores


Creating dynamic re-marketing campaigns In this blog, we shall discuss how advertisers can set up dynamic remarketing for eCommerce stores using AdNabu. Note: If you are still new to remarketing and dynamic remarketing, please read our dynamic remarketing campaigns blog before you proceed further. Prerequisites to set up Dynamic Remarketing for eCommerce stores using AdNabu: Google AdWords...

How to create Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns in AdWords?


You must have heard that Google Shopping is on the rise. More and more advertisers are detaining budgets to run shopping ads. But, is the shift from Search to Shopping profitable? Not always. However, you can make it productive. And I will explain the “how” in this blog. Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns are the “how” that can help bring in more customers to your website and...

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