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Location Based Bid Adjustments for your Campaigns in Google AdWords


We have learned the basics of device level bid adjustments and how to set them up in the previous blog. We have also discussed how auctions in AdWords work. In this blog, we will see how location based bid adjustments can be set. But before we get into that, lets recap on what bid adjustments are first. What are Bid Adjustments? Bid adjustments allow you to set the frequency of your ads. You can...

How does AdWords auctions work?


We all are very familiar with auctions and AdWords auctions is very similar to them. A traditional auction is a public process of bidding for (buying and selling) goods/services. Instead of fixed prices, participants place bids. The highest bid is declared the winner and the product is sold off. A bid is a price the participants are willing to pay for a good/service on auction. Google AdWords...

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